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An International Super Late Model Tour with events in New England & Canada

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Top Photo by Chris Roy
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Top Three at ADW Builders 150
L to R: Scott Mulkern, 3rd,
Winner Ben Rowe, and
Cassius Clark, 2nd.

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Mark Lucas
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PASS MODS Top Three:
Dana Grover, 2d:

Mark Lucas Winner;
Wayne Allard, 3rd.
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NEALS Winner:
Derek Ramstrom
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All Star Truck Winner:
Chris Correll
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Official Finish - IBG-PASS ADW Builders 150
  # Driver Hometown Time Trials Lap Time Trials
1 00 Ben Rowe Turner, ME 14.044 3
2 8 Cassius Clark Farmington, ME 14.074 5
3 84 Scott Mulkern Falmouth, ME 14.256 14
4 83 Donnie Whitten Wells, ME 14.087 6
5 54 Johnny Clark Hallowell, ME 14.015 2
6 97 Walt Hammond Canaan, NH 14.122 7
7 24 Mike Rowe Turner, ME 13.985 1
8 33 Richie Dearborn Hollis, ME 14.366 20
9 54g GeGe Gravel Groton, MA 14.156 8
10 75 Gary Smith Bangor, ME 14.455 21
11 91 Patrick Laperle St. Denis, Que 14.271 15
12 17a Scott Alexander Bangor, ME 14.584 22
13 28 Matt Eaton Little Deer Isle, ME 14.734 24
14 7 J. R. Baril Andover, MA 14.049 4
15 17 Travis Benjamin Morrill, ME 14.176 10
16 14 Rick Martin Westport 14.278 16
17 53 Alan Wilson Hebron, ME 14.238 13
18 08 Donnie Lashua Canaan, NH - -
19 02 Eric Hudson Goffston, NH 14.325 18
20 35 Garry Johnson Hollis, ME 14.359 19
21 73 Chris Ross Malta, NY 14.319 17
22 29d Dave Dion Hudson, NH 14.229 12
23 47 Corey Williams Boothbay, ME 14.172 9
24 12 Liane Lombardi Manchester, CT 14.962 25
25 81 Michael Ruttkamp Wilton, CT 14.618 23
26 29 Scott Chubbuck Wiscasset, ME 14.177 11

Ben Rowe and Cassius Clark at It Again

(Naples, ME  May 29, 2005)     Just for the record, it did rain at Canaan Fair Speedway from 3:15 to 3:31 yesterday afternoon during practice for last night's IBG-PASS ADW Builders 150, but that
was it.

Mike Rowe and Cassius Clark brought the field to the green flag, and Mike jumped out to the lead as Cassius settled in line behind Ben Rowe who followed his dad through from third, and the Rowe v. Rowe race was on. However, Travis Benjamin in the Irving Oil #17 found the outside to his liking and quickly was challenging Ben for second when he slid off the backstretch into the dirt and brought out the first yellow on lap nine.

On the restart it was Mike on the inside and Ben on the outside as the two went side-by- side until Ben pulled ahead on lap 11 as Cassius drifted high in turn one and was freight trained back to 13th. Johnny Clark and Donnie Whitten were making their presence felt, and Scott Mulkern in the #84 and Corey William's # 47 were coming as well.

On a lap 19 restart after a couple of quick yellows for a single car spin and a tangle between the #08 of Donnie Lashua and Matt Eaton's beautiful #28, Mike got the jump on the outside and beat Ben to turn one with Mulkern now up to third. Mike pulled out to a five car-length lead. But the battle for second was on behind Mike as Whitten's #83, Mulkern, Ben, and Johnny Clark were under a blanket until lap 35 when Whitten pulled ahead into second. But it was a short visit as the #84 of Mulkern took over two laps later, and Patrick Laperle and Cassius Clark were making their way into the fray.

On lap 67, the #29 of Dave Dion went off to the pits. It was a tough day for Dave as the #29 (what other number did anyone expect) had the third link break early in the day, and the crew scrambled to make the feature. It was like the good old days, as someone in the press box said, with the Dion Brothers, Diana, Beverly, and Billy and his son in the pits for a pro stock race in New England.

Mike Rowe started to back up to the field as a plug wire was burned and he was down to seven cylinders, and Scott Mulkern took the lead.

On lap 73, Corey Williams tangled with a lapped car in turn three and was finished for the night after another strong top five run. On the restart, it was Mulkern holding Ben off, but on lap 80 Ben made a move to the inside and took the lead. On lap 85, Patrick Laperle, who had made his way to third, wiggled in turn one with Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, and Donnie Whitten going by as Patrick fell to sixth.

A backstretch tangle on lap 106 between the #33 of Richie Dearborn, the #35 of Garry Johnson, and the #53 of Alan Wilson brought out the fifth yellow. On the restart it was Ben, Mulkern, Cassius, and Johnny Clark. On lap 111, Mulkern drove it hard into turn one and drifted up enough to give Cassius room on the bottom to slip into second, and it looked like it was going to be a repeat of the Thompson race two weeks ago when Ben and Cassius went at it for over 20 laps before Cassius pulled ahead at the end.

In the meantime, the #7 of J. R Baril and the #97 of Walt Hammond were making their first appearance in the top ten along with Ge Ge Gravel's #54G and Richie Dearborn's #33.

On lap 123, Baril and Laperle tangled on the backstretch with both cars being sent to the back, and on the restart it was Ben in the #00 pulling ahead of Cassius on lap 124 with Mulkern third, Johnny Clark fourth, and Whitten fifth. Clark tried the outside around Mulkern and after several laps Johnny moved ahead only to tangle with Mulkern in turn one sending Johnny high and back to fifth.

At ten to go, it was Ben, Cassius, Mulkern, Whitten, Johnny Clark, Walt Hammond, Mike Rowe, Dearborn, and Ge Ge Gravel. Cassius couldn't get any closer then three feet from Ben's bumper over the last laps, and at the finish it was Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Scott Mulkern, Donnie Whitten, Johnny Clark, Walt Hammond, Mike Rowe, Richie Dearborn, Ge Ge Gravel, Patrick Laperle, Scott Alexander, Matt Eaton, and J. R. Baril all on the lead lap.

In the PASS Modified 30-lap feature, it was Steve Bennett Jr. in the 12B and Bret Mank in the #55 off the front row until the #14 of Katie Hagar, the #07 Greg Venoite, and the brand new #5 of Chris Staples tangled in turn four with Staples getting into the wall in his first outing of the season.

On lap 4, defending PASS Modified champion Mark Lucas in the #9 took the lead followed by Chad Dow in the #72, Richie Morse in the #34, Jason Taylor in the #8, the #07 of Venoite, and the #99 of Dana Grover. They settled in and ran to lap 27 with Morse and Taylor side-by-side for almost 20 laps when Hagar's #14 and the #15 of Wayne Allard tangled bringing out the yellow. On the restart, the #8 of Taylor and the #34 of Morse tangled at the start-finish linen with both cars hard into the wall. The #72 of Dow went to the pits after running second for most of the day and rejoined the back of the field.

On the restart, it was Lucas on the inside and the #99 of Grover on the outside. Lucas drifted up in turn one, but Grover gave him room and at the finish it was Lucas, Grover, Wayne Allard back up to third, Bennett fourth, and Dow back to finish fifth.

PASS MODS ORDER OF FINISH: 9 - 99 - 15 - 12 - 72 - 14 - 34 - 8 - 07 - 55 - 5.


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(Naples, ME—May 26, 2005) It’s Memorial Day Weekend Madness for PASS fans with two big shows and the first ever PASS race by “Dy-no-mite” Dave Dion.

The New England fans’ favorite driver and many, many time pro stock winner from Hudson, NH will be making his way to Canaan Fair Speedway on Saturday night May 28th for the IBG-PASS ADW Builders 150. Dave will be driving Mike Rowe’s car for the night, and Mike will be in his usual ride, the SP2 #24.

It’s not a two car race, however, as Dave will have to deal with Mike’s son, Benn Rowe, Thompson winner Cassius Clark, the reigning PASS champion Johnny Clark, Tracy Gordon, and local favorites Walt Hammond and Donnie Lashua in 150 green-flag laps of pro stock action.

Then it’s the Canaan Cyclones, Mini-Stocks, and Amateurs in action. But that’s not all. The Allison Legacy Series cars and the All Star Trucks series will also be joining the madness. The pit gates open at 9 a.m. and the grandstands at 4 p.m. in time for time trials and racing will follow immediately, and don’t forget to look for the $5.00 off discount coupons for this race at stores in the Canaan area.  www.canaanfairspeedway.com

Then it’s on to Bangor and Speedway 95 for the second half of the Madness with the Community Pharmacies 150 at 1 p.m. on Monday Memorial Day May 30th for 150 green-flag laps of IBG-PASS Super Late Model/Pro Stock action. Plus the PASS Modifieds, the Limiteds in a Coca Cola 50 lap feature, Super Streets, Strickly Streets, Sport Fours, and the Allison Legacy Series. Pit gates will open at 8 a.m. and the grandstands will open at 11 a.m. For Speedway 95 information call 207-945-9595 or go to www.speedway95racing.com

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(Naples, ME – May 22, 2005) Tom Mayberry, President of the Pro All Stars Series (PASS), announced today that ADW Builders of Canaan, NH will be the title sponsor of the ADW Builders PASS 150 at Canaan Fair Speedway on Saturday May 28th with the action starting at 6 PM.

ADW will be bringing a big group of customers, suppliers, families, and friends for an evening of fast and furious racing by the PASS Super Late Model/Pro Stocks in 150 green-flag laps of action, the PASS Modifieds, and New England Allison Legacy Series, the AllStar Trucks, and the local Canaan Fair Speedway Cyclones, Minis, and Youth Divisions. Don’t forget to look for the $5.00 discount coupon at local area stores.

ADW Builders is a fast growing developer and builder of quality custom homes throughout central New Hampshire with headquarters in Canaan.

The ADW Builders is the first half of the big “Memorial Day Madness Doubleheader Weekend,” with the second half on Monday the 30th for the Community Pharmacies 150 at 1 p.m. at Speedway 95 in Bangor, ME. It’s Canaan on Saturday and Speedway 95 on Monday for 300 laps of green-flag PASS action on the holiday weekend.

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Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497

email: passracing@adelphia.net