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L to R: Johnny Clark, 2nd place Meltdown race finisher; Mike Rowe, 2006 PASS South Champion
and 3rd place finisher in the Meltdown with PASS Official Paul Johnson;
and Cassius Clark, the Meltdown Race Champion.

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1. Cassius Clark – Farmington, ME
2. Johnny Clark – Farmingdale, ME
3. Mike Rowe – Turner, ME
4. Patrick Leperle – St. Denis, Quebec
5. Rick Martin – Westport, MA
6. Ben Rowe – Turner, ME
7. Travis Kittleson – Merritt Island, FL
8. Jason Hogan – Cleveland, GA
9. Scott Hantz – Angola, IN
10. Dan McKeage – Gorham, ME
11. Brian Campbell – Grand Rapids, MI
12. Corey Williams – Boothbay Harbor, ME
13. Ryan Seig – Tucker, GA
14. Tom McCann, Jr. – Ocala, FL
15. Chris Bowers – Washington, NC
16. Alan Tardiff – Lyman, ME
17. Clay Jones – Goldsboro, NC
18. Brian Scott – Mooresville, NC
19. Kyle Busch – Las Vegas, NV
20. Chris Kennison – Oxford, ME
21. Dean Clattenburg – Kannapolis, NC
22. Travis Benjamin – Belfast, ME
23. Trevor Sanborn – Parsonsfield, ME
24. Justin Wakefield – Woodstock, GA
25. Jeremie Whorff – Topsham, ME
26. Chris Dunn – Raleigh, NC
27. Tim Nooner – Salisbury, NC
28. Ryan Lawler – Colleyville, TX
29. Richie Dearborn – Hollis, ME
30. Preston Peltier – Concord, NC
31. Stan Meserve – Mooresville, NC
32. J.C. Umscheid – Fort Worth, TX
33. Boris Jurkovic – Joliet, IL

Caution Flags: 11
Lead Changes: 21 among 7 drivers
Lap Leaders: Ben Rowe 1-3, Corey Williams 4-6, Ben Rowe 7-25, Mike Rowe 26-44, Ben Rowe 45-47, Mike Rowe 48, Travis Kittleson 49-53, Mike Rowe 54, Kittleson 55-61, Mike Rowe 62-70, Kittleson 71-80, Mike Rowe 81-86, Kittleson 87-90, Mike Rowe 91-121, Cassius Clark 122-176, Brian Campbell 177-179, Ben Rowe 180-194, Johnny Clark 195-208, Travis Kittleson 209-233, Johnny Clark 234-248, Cassius Clark 249-250
Fast Qualifier: Cassius Clark, 15.110
Heat Winners: Kyle Busch, Johnny Clark,

Clay Jones, Brian Campbell, Dean Clattenberg
Dash Winner: Mike Rowe

1. Matt Hirschman – Northampton, PA
2. Eric Beers – Northampton, PA
3. James Civali – Meriden, CT
4. Burt Myers – Walnut Cove, NC
5. Rusty Smith – Oxford, NY
6. Junior Miller – Pine Hall, NC
7. Alex Hoag – Bath, NY
8. Kory Rabenold – Slatington, PA
9. Chuck Hossfeld – Ransomville, NY
10. Darrell Krentz – Huntersville, NC
11. Tyler Haydt – Kunkletown, PA
12. Louie Mechalides – Tyngsboro, MA
13. Todd Owen – Somers, CT
14. J. Wes Swartout – Stroudsburg, PA
15. Dean Gulick – Whitehouse Station, NJ
16. Andy Seuss – Hampstead, NH
17. Jim Storace – Kingston, NH
18. Bobby Grigas, III – Marshfield, MA
19. Earl Paules – Kunkletown, PA
20. Chris Pasteryak – Lisbon, CT
21. Tom Rodgers, Jr. – Patchogue, NY
22. Jason Myers – Walnut Cove, NC
23. George Brunnhoelzl, III – Mooresville, NC
24. Ben Rowe – Turner, ME
25. Harold Goden – Winston-Salem, NC

Caution Flags: 8
Lead Changes: 1 among 2 drivers
Lap Leaders: Burt Myers 1-103, Matt Hirschman 104-250
Fast Time: Chuck Hossfeld, 14.512
Heat Winners: Eric Beers, Todd Owen
Dash Winner: Burt Myers


1. Trevor Farbo
2. Zach Stroupe
3. Corey LaJoie
4. Dennis Thomson
5. Scott Hitchens
6. Ken Nicholson
7. Malcolm McMaster
8. Devon Haun

9. Benny Mingo
10. Steve Verboke
11. Kenny Forbes
12. Jason Treschl
13. Shane Roberts
14. Justin Morton
15. Trevor Cauble
16. Dean McIntyre
17. Tripp Massengill
18. Greg Chesney
19. Nick Profitt
Mike Rowe Wins PASS South Championship
December 5, 2006 (Naples, ME)    In April PASS North Super Late Model Series regulars Mike Rowe, Scott Mulkern, Cassius Clark, Travis Benjamin, and Corey Williams made the long trip from Maine to legendary Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, NC for the Easter Bunny 150, the first race in the newly formed PASS South Super Late Model Series. All of them wanted to participate in the new series to test themselves against the best in the south at one of the legendary short tracks in the country.

At the end of the day, Mike Rowe of Turner, ME became the first winner in the new series and beat some of the best drivers in the south. In Victory Lane Mike said how honored he was to win at Hickory and see his name along side those of Junior Johnson, Ralph Earnhardt, Ned Jarrett, Harry Gant, Jack Ingram, Tommy, Andy, and Marty Houston, Dennis Setzer, and many more.

But that was only the beginning for Mike and the #24 team. But what do you do now that you’re leading the points in the South Series and you’re about to start the North Season? The races are from 700 to 1546 miles apart. The schedule gods smiled on Mike and the #24 team, and they were able to got to Southern National Speedway in Kenly, NC for the Southern Sizzler on May 21st. Mike finished third behind Freddie Query and was still in the points lead. You can’t walk away when you are leading the points, so it was off to Florence, SC on June 10th for the South Carolina Clash. Mike didn’t help the dilemma much because he finished third again behind Freddie Query and the winner Charlie Bradberry.

You get the drift. Mike was running between the North and the South Series, but not in a frequent flyer program but more often than not behind the wheel pulling the 53’ race car hauler. And to his credit and the credit of the entire #24 team they made all the races in both series. He won again at Tri-County in Hudson, NC on July 4th, finished third at Lanier National in Braselton, GA on Aug 5th, and was second at Hickory on August 27th. With seven races in the books, Mike was never out of the top five, but young Ryan Lawler of Colleyville, TX was right on his tail.

With only the Mason-Dixon Meltdown on Thanksgiving weekend at South Boston Speedway in South Boston, VA left to run and a slim 12 point lead over second-place runner Lawler, the entire PASS South season and the championship came down to the 250 lapper at South Boston on Saturday November 25th. Mike finished first in the Dash with Lawler lurking one row back, and that’s how they started the 250 lap feature.

A great rookie season came to an end for Lawler when he got caught up in a big wreck on the frontstretch ending his chances for the top prize. Mike, however, was not home free as he had brake problems in the late stages of the race, but the veteran was able to nurse the #24 home in third behind the Meltdown winner Cassius Clark of Farmington, ME and Johnny Clark of Hallowell, ME to claim the first PASS South Super Late Model Series championship.

Mike, being the racer’s racer, didn’t forget his roots and slack off in the 12-race PASS North Super Late Model Series. Mike parlayed four thirds and nine top tens into a second-place finish only 31 points behind the 2006 PASS North Champion Johnny Clark of Hallowell, ME.

A championship in the PASS South Super Late Models and a second place in PASS North Super Late Models is not a bad season for one of a group of teams that went south on an April weekend to race at a historic track and test themselves against some of the best teams in the south and have some fun before the season started in the north.
Cassius Clark and Matt Hirschman Are Inaugural
Mason-Dixon Meltdown Champions

CONCORD, NC (November 25, 2006) – Cassius Clark drove over 15 hours to make it from Farmington, Maine to South Boston, Virginia on his Thanksgiving weekend. When the weekend ends and Clark and the team of his number-eight Super Late Model head back to their hometown, they will be doing so with a lot more money than they left town with. The young PASS North regular scored a hard-fought victory in Saturday night’s Mason-Dixon Meltdown 250-lap Super Late Model feature event, earning him a $12,500 payday and the satisfaction of besting some of the best Super Late Model drivers from around the country. Clark worked his way by fellow Maine native Johnny Clark with just two laps remaining and contact ensued down the length of the frontstretch, but Cassius was able to hold strong for the victory.

The third-place finish of Turner, Maine’s Mike Rowe earned him the 2006 PASS South championship. Rowe came into the event 12 points ahead of Ryan Lawler, but Lawler was a victim of an early crash during Saturday’s Meltdown event and finished 28th, dashing his hopes of a title. Canadian Patrick Leperle and Massachusetts native Rick Martin rounded out the top-five, while Ben Rowe completed a Northern sweep of the top finishing positions. Travis Kittleson was the highest-finishing Southern competitor in seventh.

Late in the Tour-Type Modified portion of Meltdown weekend, the $12,500 winner’s purse seemed to be heading to someone who lives on the street in Northampton, Pennsylvania – the only question was to whom it would go to. Neighbors Matt Hirschman and Eric Beers battled over the final laps, but the young Hirschman was able to get the best of the veteran Beers to become the first-ever Mason-Dixon Meltdown Tour-Type Modified champion. James Civali crossed beneath the checkered flag third, while Burt Myers and Rusty Smith rounded out the top-five.

Saturday's feature events kicked off with Trevor Farbo taking the unofficial victory in a thrilling Pro Challenge Series feature, collecting a $1,500 payday with a wild move off turn-four past Zach Stroupe on the final lap. Stroupe looked to have the win locked up, but Farbo stuck a nose beneath Stroupe off the final turn. The two made contact down the frontstretch with Farbo taking the advantage at the start-finish line. Stroupe hung on to finish second, while Corey LaJoie, Dennis Thomson and Scott Hitchens rounded out the top-five.
Cassius Clark Wins PASS South “Mason-Dixon Meltdown” Event
Young Maine Native Battles Back from Penalty to Take $12,500 Payday

Cassius Clark came out of turn four at South Boston Speedway on the final lap of Saturday’s inaugural Mason-Dixon Meltdown PASS South Super Late Model feature knowing he would be going back home to Maine with a strong finish. After dispatching Johnny Clark in a hard-fought battle, Cassius crossed beneath the checkered flag knowing he had a good run. Once he had a chance to look at the turn-two scoreboard on his cool-down lap, it hit him just how well he had done.
The young driver from Farmington, Maine, had taken the biggest victory of his career and a paycheck worth more than $12,500.

“I actually didn’t even know I was racing for the win,” said Cassius. “I was kind of wondering why (Johnny Clark) was blocking me so bad. Then I came across the line and I wanted to see who was leading the thing, so I got on the radio and said, ‘Did I just win the race?’ and everyone was cheering.

“I was just going for it. I just wanted to get everything I could get and didn’t think about the win.”

Cassius took the lead after a fierce battle with (unrelated) Johnny Clark in the closing laps. Cassius set fast time in qualifying on Friday afternoon, so everyone knew that he was going to be a force throughout the weekend. Cassius started third after the Dash and was among
the lead group throughout the race. On lap 194, however, Clark was sent to the rear of the field after making contact with the race leader, Michigan’s Brian Campbell. From there, he charged back up to the lead group, eventually engaging in and winning a heated battle with Johnny Clark for what was, even if Cassius did not know it at the time, the lead on lap 248.

“I just figured Ben (Rowe, who was up front most of the day but fell several laps down during the day and had just gotten back on the lead lap when the checkered flag flew) was way out in front. “I thought Johnny was blocking me because he knew I was faster. When I got by him there, he was chopping me down the backstretch, so I just gave him a little shot to let him know I was there. The next time I got a good run off two and got under him going down the backstretch. Then we just pulled away.”

Both Cassius and Johnny Clark are familiar with racing one another, as they have done it for the past several seasons on the PASS North tour. After securing the 2006 PASS North championship earlier in the year, Johnny was neither disappointed nor upset by the result of the race. Instead, he knew that he had been beaten fair and square by a good friend.

“If someone’s got to beat me, I want it to be Cassius,” said Johnny Clark. “He did a hell of a job, and he did exactly what he had to do. He got up to my bumper with two to go, and I was having a hard time keeping it on the bottom. I was really loose out, and he knew it. He got under me in the middle of the turn and wiggled me just enough. He knew what to do. He’s gotten really good at moving people and being really nice about it. He’s become a great racecar driver in the last couple years.”

Another Maine native, Mike Rowe, entered the Mason-Dixon Meltdown event 12 points ahead of Texas’ Ryan Lawler for the PASS South championship. Rowe ran up front most of the night, even leading on five different occasions, doing everything he could do to ensure the title. His efforts of a third-place finish in the Mason-Dixon Meltdown were more than enough, as Lawler was an early victim of a crash that ended his night prematurely, thus dashing the hopes of the 19-year-old for a title.

The Mason-Dixon Meltdown brought together the best Super Late Model drivers from the North and the South, but the Northerners swept the top-six finishing positions. Ben Rowe, Corey Williams, Johnny Clark, Brian Campbell, Cassius Clark and Mike Rowe all led laps, while the only Southerner to pace the field all race long was Florida’s Travis Kittleson. Kittleson had the best finishing position of the Southern drivers, as well, with a seventh-place result.

Behind Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark and Mike Rowe, Canadian Patrick Leperle, Massachusetts-native Rick Martin and Maine’s Ben Rowe completed the top-six sweep for the Northern drivers ahead of Kittleson. Jason Hogan, Scott Hantz and Dan McKeage rounded out the top-10.
Matt Hirschman Continues Hot Streak With Meltdown Victory
Young Pennsylvania Racer Pockets $12,500 at South Boston Speedway

Mr. November. That’s a nickname that Matt Hirschman has definitely earned in the past month. After a very respectable rookie season in NASCAR Modifieds, Hirschman hit a pair of major open shows and swept both events. On Saturday night, Hirschman won the 250-lap Modified portion of the inaugural Mason-Dixon Meltdown at South Boston Speedway (VA). The victory bookends a month that started by winning the North-South Shootout at Concord Motorsport Park (NC).

“I wish that there were more races in November,” laughed Hirschman in South Boston’s victory lane.”

Interestingly enough, Hirschman almost didn’t plan to race in either event. He was a last-minute entry at Concord and was then attracted to entering the Mason-Dixon Meltdown by a combination of the $12,500 winner’s check and the prestige of competing on a historic weekend that featured twin 250-lap events for Tour-Type Modifieds and Super Late Model cars.

“It was a huge winner’s payday, and I knew as good as we were running with this car, we stood a good chance to take it,” said Hirschman. “This is a new track and a new challenge for me. To come down and take the win in the first-ever race here is something special.”

What is also special is the amount of notoriety that the victories can give the 24-year-old driver.

“There’s a lot of attention that comes with this,” said Hirschman. “You never know. Every driver always dreams of a chance to go further. I love Modifieds, and I’ll be happy to race them the rest of my life, but every driver has a dream to race at a higher level. Right now, these wins give me a better chance of making that into reality.

“I think that the Shootout started it. That win was huge, and I got a lot of people who are definitely interested in Matt Hirschman. This win backs it up. I’m one of the top young drivers out there, so any opportunity to come out of this would be great.”

Hirschman started the Mason-Dixon Meltdown in the fourth position and patiently used the first portion of the race to stalk early leader Burt Myers, of Walnut Grove, North Carolina. Myers led from the start until a restart on lap 104, when Hirschman took over.

“I spun the tires on that restart,” said Myers. “It was my mistake, but I didn’t think it would be a big deal.”

Myers never got the chance to make up for his miscue. His car tightened up after a tire change and chassis adjustment during the mid-race break in the event. After that, it just wasn’t as quick and left Myers out of contention. He finished the race in the fourth position.

That left Eric Beers, James Civali and Chuck Hossfeld to challenge Hirschman. All four drivers ran in tight formation as the laps clicked down, but Beers was the one who came the closest to taking the lead away. He closed up to Hirschman but never passed him.

“Matt had a good racecar there,” said Beers. “We just didn’t end up with enough at the end to get him.”

Matt Hirschman now has another trophy to add to his mantle from the month of November. (51 Photos)
Hirschman led Beers to the finish of the Mason-Dixon Meltdown, which evoked a sense of d�j� vu. At the North-South Shootout, Beers finished third when Hirschman won. Ironically, both drivers live on the same street in Northampton, Pennsylvania, and are close friends.

“First and second on the same street is good, so I guess that we are doing all right,” said Beers. “I just want to change it around a little bit for the next time.”

Hirschman will now have an entire winter to bask in the glow of his two late-season victories. He will return to the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour next season, splitting time between cars owned by Ed Bennett and Darling Motorsports.

“We definitely backed up our Shootout win here,” said Hirschman. “Two huge wins like this at the end of the season means that I have a lot of momentum going into next season. We’re all set for next year with the same cars that I ran this year. I’ll be back in all of them, and hopefully we can keep this winning streak going.”

Finishing behind Hirschman and Beers were 2006 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Rookie of the Year James Civali, Myers and Rusty Smith.


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1000-DSC_9918.jpg (115717 bytes) 1000-DSC_9964.jpg (91096 bytes) 1002-DSC_0050.jpg (83053 bytes) 1000-DSC_9816.jpg (125718 bytes) 100-0DSC_9957.jpg (94631 bytes)
Cassius Clark
Ben Rowe
Corey Williams
Travis Kittleson
Mike Rowe
J.C. Umscheid
Jason Hogan
Ryan Lawler
Kyle Busch
Johnny Clark
Clay Jones
Brian Campbell
Tom McCann, Jr.
Bill Whorff, Jr.
Ted Musgrave, Jr.
Scott Hantz
Tim Nooner
Dean Clattenberg
Preston Peltier
Alan Tardiff
Boris Jurkovic
Dennis Schoenfeld
Chris Dunn
Jeremie Whorff
Richie Dearborn
Rick Martin
Curt Gerry
Alex Haase
Trevor Sanborn
Patrick Leperle
Stan Meserve
Justin Wakefield
Travis Benjamin
Ryan Sieg
Chris Bowers
Joey Polewarczyk
Mike Parks
Alex Fleming
Joey Porciello
Larry Pollard
Chris Kennison
Mark Gibson
Matt Jones
Dan McKeage
Adam Crawford
Brian Scott
Charlie Colby
Rob Stevens


550_2001753.jpg (43815 bytes)

1000_2001753.jpg (122431 bytes) 1000-DSC_0110.jpg (79712 bytes) 1000-DSC_0126.jpg (86089 bytes) 1000-DSC_0134.jpg (103581 bytes) 1000-DSC_0167.jpg (99015 bytes)
Chuck Hossfeld
Bobby Grigas
Burt Myers
Jason Myers
Jim Storace
Andy Seuss
Matt Hirschman
James Civali
Tyler Haydt
Tom Rodgers
Eric Beers
Todd Owen
Kory Rabenold
Earl Paules
Chris Pasteryak
Rusty Smith
J. Wes Swartout
George Brunnhoelzl, III
Alex Hoag
Ben Rowe
Louie Mechalides
Dean Gulick
Harold Goden
Darrell Krentz
Northerners Set to Head South

11/17  -  The Mason-Dixon Meltdown is shaping up to have quite a Northeastern presence.

Jeremie Whorff, Joey Porciello, Bill Whorff, Jr., Stan Meserve, Chola(Coley) Shay, Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Alan Tardiff, Chris Kennison, Rick Martin, Travis Benjamin, Mike Rowe, Rob Stevens, Dan McKeage, Jimmy Rosenfield, Corey Williams, Ryan Russo, Johnny Clark, Mike Parks, Patrick Laperle and Joey Polewarczyk are all Super Late Model drivers with area ties who are expected to race at South Boston.

On the Modified side of the ledger, the Northeastern presence will also be strong with Billy Pauch Jr., Bobby Grigas, Ben Rowe, Chris Pasteryak, Alex Hoag, Dean Gulick, Earl Paules, Eric Beers, Eddie Flemke, Jr., Donny Lia, J. Wesley Swartout, James Civali, Jim Storace, Kory Rabenold, Andy Seuss, Chuck Hossfeld,Ted Christopher and an yet-unnamed driver of the famed Brady Bunch #00 expected to attend.

Snowball Derby & Mason-Dixon Meltdown Working Hand-In-Hand

Meltdown Winner Gets Entry & Tires for Derby / Snowball Winner Gets Meltdown Spot In 2007

CONCORD, NC (November 14, 2006) – The Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, FL, is arguably one of the biggest races in the Super Late Model world, if not in all of short track racing. The Mason-Dixon Meltdown at South Boston Speedway is a new event this year, but it is already deemed as one of the most prestigious events in the country. And now the promoters of both events are planning to work together for the greater-good of Super Late Model racing as a whole.

Five Flags Speedway and Snowball Derby officials announced today that the Mason-Dixon Meltdown winner will be awarded a set of four Hoosier Tires (which will be awarded at the track race weekend) and a free entry for the 2006 Snowball Derby. Likewise, PASS South officials will offer the 2006 Snowball Derby winner a guaranteed spot in the 2007 Mason-Dixon Meltdown, which has already been scheduled at South Boston Speedway.

“The Mason-Dixon Meltdown looks to be another multi-year Super Late Model race that people will look forward to all year long and plan for all year long,” said Five Flags Speedway promoter and General Manager Tim Bryant. “Super Late Model racing has a need for a few really solid events, like the Mason-Dixon Meltdown, the All American 400 and the Snowball Derby.

“I believe these big end-of-the-season races can continue to feed off of each other. We’re looking forward to Johnny Clark’s (from Maine) first Snowball Derby visit. And I think that the Mason-Dixon Meltdown gets the credit for that because it got him halfway here already. So barring any bad luck that he has there, he’s coming on to Pensacola to run the Snowball Derby for the first time. I know it has some positive ramifications for this race.”

The Mason-Dixon Meltdown, held Thanksgiving weekend (November 24th-25th) at South Boston Speedway, and the 39th Annual Snowball Derby will prove that two high-profile Super Late Model races can and will live in harmony… each promoting the fact that Super Late Model racing is alive and kicking.

“I love the Snowball Derby and have been going to it for nearly a decade,” said Mason-Dixon Meltdown co-promoter Bob Dillner, who is also a NASCAR television commentator for SPEED. “Tom (Mayberry, Meltdown co-promoter) and I have the utmost respect for what Tim Bryant and his entire crew down at Five Flags Speedway do for the Snowball Derby. It is one legendary race and nothing can and will ever take away from that. We just wanted to give people another option for a place to run and give them another ‘big-money’ show. That is what the Meltdown is.

“All along, I’ve told every Super Late Model driver that I’ve spoken with to come to both the Meltdown and the Derby. If they can’t come to both, I’ve told them to at least go to one or the other. If people can’t make it to the Meltdown, I tell them to make sure they at least make it to the Snowball. These are two huge races, and both of them need the support from the Super Late Model community.”

The PASS South Super Late Models portion of the “Mason-Dixon Meltdown” features a 250-lap main event on Saturday, November 25th. The Tour-Type Modifieds also have a 250-lap event that day and both premier divisions will be racing for a $12,500 paycheck for the winner, plus lap money and other bonuses to be announced soon. Also competing during the “Mason-Dixon Meltdown” weekend are the Legends Cars (Friday only) and the Pro Challenge Series (Saturday only).
Kyle Busch In Derek Ramstrom’s Car at Meltdown

November 13, 2006 (West Boylston, MA) Derek Ramstrom of W. Boylston, MA, the newly crowned PASS Outlaw Late Model Series 2006 Champion, was looking forward to driving the newly acquired #35 Super Late Model car in the Mason Dixon Meltdown at South Boston Speedway in South Boston, VA on November 24 – 25th.

However, there was one problem that needed to be overcome before this trip south could be finalized. Derek is still recovering from the broken arm he received during Championship Weekend at Unity Raceway, and the team needed a driver.

Fortunately, through the efforts of Steve Perry and team owner Rick Ramstrom, NASCAR Nextel Cup Series driver Kyle Busch will be in the seat at South Boston. The entire #35 team will be supporting Kyle’s run in the Thanksgiving weekend 250-lap event.
Super Late Models Of All Types Welcomed At Mason-Dixon Meltdown

PASS South Season Has Seen NASCAR Elite & ASA Late Models Compete Successfully

CONCORD, NC (October 31, 2006) – When Ryan Lawler took the checkers at Hickory Motor Speedway in August to capture his first-career PASS South Super Late Model Series victory, he did it in something other than his normal orange #31 Ford. After his primary PASS South car blew an engine in practice, Lawler broke out his black #91, which he normally races on the ASA Late Model South Tour. Lawler proceeded to take his ASA Late Model car (the team had renumbered it back to #31) to Victory Lane.

The victory was big for PASS South, which has come to pride itself on working with competitors who have different styles of cars and still want to compete with the series. In addition to several different ASA Late Model Series competitors, a couple of NASCAR Elite Division drivers have also took turns on the track behind the wheel of their respective cars in PASS South.

All NASCAR Elite Divisions cars (Midwest Series, Southeast Series, etc.) and ASA Late Model cars will continue to be welcomed to race with PASS South and in the “Mason-Dixon Meltdown” at South Boston Speedway on Thanksgiving weekend, November 24th-25th.

“I ran one car all year long,” said Lawler. “We ended up breaking a motor and had to get our ASA Late Model out. That ended up working out well for us, because we won the race with it. Being able to use that car was great, because it gives people an option to run the ASA Late Models somewhere else, other than just with the ASA Late Model Series. It was a real good deal. The ASA car was really strong, actually.

“Being able to do something like that will really help PASS as well. Car count makes a series. It is hard to have big car count when a series has a specific car that people need to bring. Whenever you can have a series that will accept a few different cars and work with the teams, it will help things out tremendously.”

In addition to Lawler, ASA Late Model Series drivers Mark Reedy, Chase Austin and Wes Burton also made starts with their ASA Late Model cars during the 2006 PASS South season.

NASCAR Southeast Series standout Justin Wakefield competed in two separate PASS South races during the 2006 season by driving his #98 NASCAR Southeast Series machine. He debuted with PASS South at Florence, but wasn’t able to compete because of engine problems. However, he made a start during the “Orange Blossom Special” at Orange County Speedway and finished sixth.

“It’s great because it gives guys an opportunity rather than just junking the cars,” said Wakefield. “It would give guys another avenue to come run them. I’d love to race with PASS as much as I can. In the one race we ran, we had a better car than what the final results showed. We had a tire go flat and we had to come in to change it. I think, had that not happened and the car stayed pretty stationary, then we could have finished even better. Plus, there was some beating and banging out there and I was trying to be very careful, because we still had some Southeast Series races to run. Now, we don’t have any of those, so we can race even harder with the guys.”

Wakefield won the final Southeast Series race, just a couple of weeks ago at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC). NASCAR has announced they are dropping the Elite Division at the end of the 2006 season and now PASS South will be the only place in the southeast where drivers can compete with that style of perimeter chassis . Wakefield is hoping to race with his Southeast Series car at the Meltdown.

“It’s better than junking the cars for sure,” said Wakefield of getting to run his SES car in PASS South. “I think the cars can be very competitive. I know we are going to try and cut some bars out of the right side of ours. I think if we can get the full 59% left-side weight in those cars that we are allowed, that would help us out a ton. It would really make it a level playing ground.”

Different styles of cars are allowed to run with varying adjustments in weight. That allows them to be competitive with the standard straight-rail Super Late Model that most of the competitors run. For more information as to the specifics regarding the rules package for either an ASA Late Model or a NASCAR Elite Division car, call Paul Johnson at (207) 318-3850.


Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497


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