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Oxford Plains - Saturday, April 29th

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Cassius Clark and the Chapman Racing Team

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Above two photos by Chris Roy

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Chubbuck, Clark, & Shaw

Oxford Plains - Saturday, April 29th

Practice, Heats, Dash, Feature, & Lap Chart at http://PASS2006.mylaps.com/

- # Driver Hometown Make Sponsors
1 8 Cassius Clark Farmington, ME Ford EJP, Chapman Trucking
2 60s Dale Shaw Center Conway,NH Chevy American Air Systems,
3 29 Scott Chubbuck Wiscasset, ME Ford Cushman Competition
4 54 Johnny Clark Hallowell, ME Chevy Clark's Cars and Parts,
TDS Telcom
5 17 Travis Benjamin Morrill, ME Ford Belfast Variety,
Morrill General
6 14 Rick Martin Taunton, MA Chevy G. Lopes Construction
7 35 Garry Johnson Hollis, ME Chevy Johnson Trucking,
Watson Racing Heads
8 38 Chuck Lachance Cushing, ME Ford Fuller Auto Mall
9 47 Corey Williams Boothbay, ME Dodge AEGIS Investigations
10 0 Bill Penfold Yarmouth, ME Chevy VIP Charter Coaches
11 24 Mike Rowe Turner, ME Chevy LUX Enterprises,
T K & Sons Concrete
12 33 Richie Dearborn Hollis, ME Chevy Chadwick BaRoss
13 8t Alan Tardiff Lyman, ME Chevy Kevin Bedard Contracting
14 00 Jeff Taylor Fairfield, ME Chevy Mechanical Services,
Titan Mechanical
15 7 Curtis Gerry Waterboro, ME Chevy Saco Bay Tackle
16 71 Gary Drew Otisfield, ME Chevy Dennwood Builders Inc.
17 53 Alan Wilson Hebron, ME Chevy Wilson Logging
18 4 Ben Rowe Turner, ME Chevy Richard Moody & Sons
Construction Co. LLC
19 28 Kirk Thibeau Fort Fairfield Ford Growers Exchange Co.
20 51 Ricky Rolfe Albany, ME Ford J. Junes Construction
21 40 Eric Chase Milton, VT Chevy Gary Clay Builders
22 17x Jeremie Whorff Topsham, ME Chevy AAA Insurance
23 11 Scott King Jay, ME Chevy Paper Trade Association
24 66s Andy Shaw Center Conway, NH Chevy G.E. Brown General
25 97 John Fleming Halifax, Nova Scotia Dodge The Roofing Connection
26 91 Patrick Laperle St. Denis, Quebec Chevy Precision JLM Inc.
27 44 Travis Khiel Denmark, ME Chevy John Khiel Logging & Chipping, Richard Moody & Sons Construction Co. LLC
28 10 Chris Kenneson Oxford, ME Chevy Thule Trailers
29 55 Gary Smith Bangor, ME Chevy UncleHenrys.com
30 52 Shawn Tucker Killarney, Nova Scotia Chevy Rockico Truck & Trailer
31 0x Bill Whorff Jr. Topsham, ME Ford AAA Insurance
32 72 Scott Robins Dixfield, ME Ford Rowe Auburn
DQ 60 Tim Bracket Buckfield, ME Chevy -
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"There were so many stories from the PASS North opener this past weekend at Oxford, that we would need a really big Tupperware container to fit them all in.  We talked to PASS regulars, Oxford regulars and Canadian invaders."  FULL STORY HERE

by Mike Twist

Maine Driver Rebounds From Hickory Disappointment With Strong Victory

It’s about a 17-hour drive from Hickory, North Carolina to Farmington, Maine and Cassius Clark’s #8 Pro All Star Series team felt every minute of it two weeks ago as they returned home after the Easter Bunny 150.

The #8 team gave Clark a fast car for the Pro All Star Series South opener at Hickory and Clark put it out front early in the race, but a parts failure ended their day. Afterwards, Clark and his team did not hang their heads too low. Instead, they got to work and focused on getting well-prepared for the PASS North opener, Saturday night’s New England Dodge Dealers 150 at Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine.

And it worked. At Oxford, the #8 team led late, rather than early, and captured a convincing victory at the 24-year-old’s home track.

"We needed to redeem ourselves after Hickory – I was crying for the last two weeks over that," said Clark. "But we had the best car again here tonight. I just wanted to make sure I hit my marks on all of the restarts there and that helped in the end."

Clark didn’t take the lead at Oxford until lap 95, but once he took over the top spot, he never
gave it up.

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PASS North Opener At Oxford To Cassius Clark

(Naples, ME – April 29, 2006) The 2006 season opener for the PASS North Super Late Model Series at Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, ME drew a field of 40 of the best super late model/pro stock racers in the New England and Canada for the New England Dodge Dealers 150.

The new PASS qualifying procedure of heats only -- and no time trials -- put some of the big names at the back of the four heat races while Dale Shaw, Rollie MacDonald of Pictou, Nova Scotia, Oxford regular Ricky Rolfe, and Corey Williams of Boothbay all parlayed good draws into solid first place finishes in the four heat races.

The first consi brought Travis Benjamin, Curtis Gerry of Waterboro, ME, John Flemming of Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2004 PASS champion Johnny Clark, and Chris Kennison of Oxford into the fold. The Whorffs, father Bill and son Jeremie of Topsham, ME, Eric Chase of Milton, VT, Travis Khiel of Denmark, ME, and Billy Penfold of Yarmouth, ME rounded out the field from the second consi. The two PASS provisionals went to Chuck LaChance and Gary Smith, and the two Oxford provisionals went to Andy Shaw of Center Conway, NH and Scott King of Jay, ME to fill out the 34 car field.

The winner of the second heat and outside poll sitter Rollie MacDonald withdrew from the race. Since the field was already set, by rule, the outside line moved up and the winner of the fourth heat Corey Williams brought the 34 cars to the green alongside pole sitter Dale Shaw.

Shaw led the first lap in 2006 in front of a big opening day crowd with Williams settling into second. On lap four, the #0 of Whorff senior, the #66 Andy Shaw, and the #72 of Scott Robbins of Dixfield, ME all slid off turn one. Shaw and Whorff were able to continue, but Robbins had a mechanical problem and was done for the night.

By lap 17, Williams had faded to fourth behind Cassius Clark and Scott Chubbuck in the Cushman #29 Ford, and the #51 of Ricky Rolfe of Albany, ME, another Oxford regular who is always tough when the tour comes to town, started to challenge the front runners.

The “Magic Goup” put down in the outside grove was working and there was plenty of grip in the second grove that led to some terrific side-by-side racing as Shaw and Rolfe went door to door for a dozen laps until lap 35 when Rolfe took the lead at the line, only to have Shaw battle back to lead the next lap. By lap 40, the two had swapped the lead several times, but Rolfe took over for good on lap 40.

Mike Rowe was falling back from his eighth place starting spot and took advantage of several yellows to pit for adjustments as Shawn Tucker of Killarney, New Brunswick in the #52 slowed on the track on lap 21 and a spin by the #7 of Curtis Gerry on lap 25. On lap 28, Gary Smith’s #55 got booted off turn four and destroyed the right front after contact with the turn four wall. Unfortunately, the #55 is Gary’s son Jessie’s car that he runs at Speedway 95 weekly.

At the 50-lap mark, it was Rolfe, Scott Chubbuck, Shaw, Cassius Clark’s #8, and Jeff Taylor in the #00, the former Ben Rowe ride. At lap 63, Clark started working on Chubbuck’s outside and completed the pass for second on lap 66.

At halfway, it was still Rolfe at the point, followed by Clark, Chubbuck, Shaw, Taylor, Gary Drew in the #71, Tim Brackett’s #60, Radical Rick Martin of Westport, MA in the #14, Johnny Clark’s #54 quietly arriving in the top ten from his 27th place start, Gary Johnson in the #35, and rookie contender Alan Tardif in the #8T knocking on the door.

On lap 95, Cassius went to the outside of Rolfe as they got into lapped traffic and took the lead. Mike Rowe’s shifter stuck on a lap 115 restart and everyone scattered to avoid. Mike got it unstuck but lost a lap in the process.

With 25 to go, it was still Clark, Shaw now second past Chubbuck, followed by Taylor, Johnny Clark, Brackett, Ben Rowe in the beautiful Moody #4, Martin, Alan Wilson’s #53 back from a lap down courtesy of the Lucky Dog, and Travis Benjamin’s #17 back to the top from an early spin.

On lap 134, turn two saw the “big one” as Rolfe, Ben Rowe, Eric Chase’s #40, and the #28 of Kirk Thibeau of Fort Fairfield, ME all got tangled after contact from behind sent Ben around. Thibeau was able to drive to the pits, but Rowe, Chase, and Rolfe all went off on the hook. Alan Wilson drove directly to the back pits with a mechanical problem under the caution ending his night, and Jeff Taylor had to dive into the pits on the restart, only to lose several laps and ending a top five run.

Cassius pulled away from Shaw to stretch out his lead over the final laps. At the line it was Cassius, Shaw, Chubbuck, Brackett, Johnny Clark, Benjamin, Martin, Gary Johnson and Chuck Lachance’s #38 there at the end into eighth and ninth, and Corey Williams in 10th.

by MikeTwist

April 29th New England Dodge Dealers 150 Could be Anyone’s Race
There are some venues in the sporting world where tradition and history rule. Fenway Park for baseball, Darlington Raceway for NASCAR Cup racing or Lambeau Field for NFL fans are just a few examples.

When it comes to Super Late Model (also referred to as Pro Stock) racing in New England, Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, Maine, is such a place. That makes it the perfect venue to begin the Pro All Star Series North season with the running of the New England Dodge Dealers 150 on Saturday, April 29th.

“When you think of Pro Stock racing in Maine, you think of the Oxford Plains Speedway,” said 2002, 2003 and 2005 PASS champion Ben Rowe. “That’s where my father came from, where I’ve come from and most everyone who has won a Pro Stock race has called Oxford home. They’ll fill the stands and it’s fun racing in front of that home crowd. It’s fun to go to a home track and race in front of your home fans. It’s just a nice facility.”

“Oxford is an awesome place to start the year,” said 2005 Speed51.com Most Popular Driver in PASS North, Travis Benjamin. “It’s a great track with great competition. It will be a fun place to start out.”

“The track is really special for me,” said Cassius Clark, who won one of the two PASS events at Oxford in 2005. “When I was a kid, I used to go there every Saturday night and watch my old man [NASCAR North standout Billy Clark] race. It’s kind of the home for local area Pro Stocks and they have a good field of Pro Stocks racing there weekly. There’s some good competition there and some good guys. It’s definitely going to be one of the more stout races.”

There’s no doubt that fans at Oxford will be treated to a special show. Neither PASS race at Oxford in 2005 was decided until the closing laps. Johnny Clark came out on top after a green-white-checker finish at the track in July, while Cassius Clark was scored the winner after a grueling test of a three-segment competition made up of 50-lap mini-features in June.

Who is going to win at Oxford this time? That’s a tough call to make. 

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