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The Roy's All Steak Hamburgers /
R & D Land Sales 150

Oxford Plains Speedway - Saturday, July 1st

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PASS North Super Late Models At Oxford

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The Roy's All Steak Hamburgers /
R & D Land Sales 150

Oxford Plains Speedway - Saturday, July 1st

- # Driver Hometown Make Sponsors
1 91 Patrick Laperle St. Denis, Quebec Chevy Precision JLM Inc.
2 44 Travis Khiel Denmark, ME Chevy John Khiel Logging & Chipping, Richard Moody & Sons Construction Co. LLC
3 29 Scott Chubbuck Wiscasset, ME Ford Cushman Competition
4 84 Scott Mulkern Falmouth, ME Dodge Community Pharmacies
5 14 Rich Martin Taunton, MA Chevy G. Lopes Construction
6 54 Johnny Clark Hallowell, ME Chevy Clark's Cars and Parts,
TDS Telcom
7 24 Mike Rowe Turner, ME Chevy LUX Enterprises,
T K & Sons Concrete
8 38 Chuck Lachance Cushing, ME Chevy Fuller Auto Mall
9 7 Curtis Gerry Waterboro, ME Chevy Saco Bay Tackle
10 10 Chris Kennison Oxford, ME Chevy Thule Trailers
11 8t Alan Tardiff Lyman, ME Chevy Kevin Bedard Contracting
12 72 Scott Robbins Dixfield, ME Ford Rowe Auburn
13 47 Corey Williams Boothbay, ME Dodge AEGIS Investigations
14 2 Stan Merseve NC Chevy P.T. Watts
15 33 Richie Dearborn Hollis, ME Chevy Chadwick BaRoss
16 15 Paul White Corrine, ME Chevy MAX Graphics
17 25 Brad Leighton Center Harbor, NH Chevy Irving Oil, Blue Canoe
18 0x Bill Whorff Jr. Topsham, ME Ford AAA Insurance
19 0 Bill Penforld Yarmouth, ME Chevy VIP Charter Coaches
20 53 Alan Wilson Hebron, ME Chevy Wilson Logging
21 28 Kirk Thibeau Fairfield, ME Chevy Growers Exchange
22 29d Dave Dion Pelham, NH Ford Berlin City Ford
23 75 Gary Smith Bangor, ME Chevy UncleHenrys.com
24 11k Scott King East Livermore, ME Chevy C. H. Stevenson
25 17 Travis Benjamin Morrill, ME Ford Herris Gof Shop, AG of Maine
Belfast Variety,Morrill General
26 00 Jeramie Whorff Topsham, ME Chevy AAA Insurance
27 35 Garry Johnson Hollis, ME Chevy Johnson Trucking,
Watson Racing Heads
28 88 David Bath Arundel, ME Chevy Weirs GMC
29 8 Cassius Clark Farmington, ME Ford EJP, Chapman Trucking
30 11 Erik Worster Winterport, ME Chevy Area Home Center
31 51 Ricky Rolfe Albany TWP, ME Ford J. Jones Construction
32 47x Kelley Moore Scarborough, ME Chevy NAPA Auto Parts
33 97x T.J. Bracket Buckfield, ME Chevy Piper Ranch
34 4 Ben Rowe Turner, ME Chevy Richard Moody & Sons
Construction Co. LLC

Lap leaders: Williams 1-2, Chubbuck 3-10, Martin 11-17, Chubbuck 18-37, Khiel 38-78,
Chubbuck 79-94, Khiel 95-133, Laperle 134-150.
Cautions: 9 (laps 1, 3, 4, 9, 53, 78, 132, 133, 146)
Margin of victory: 0.548 seconds
Time of race: 1 hour, 14 minutes, 46.757 seconds

Heat 1 - 47 - 14 - 24 - 17 - 72 - 4 - 91 - 47x - 2 - 38 - 0 - 11

Heat 2 - 29 - 00 - 25 - 8t - 35 - 84 - 51 - 29d- 11k - 75 - 88 - 97x
Heat 3 - 0x - 44 - 53 - 8 - 15 - 7 - 33 - 10 - 28 - 54
Patrick Laperle Takes PASS Checkers At Oxford

(Naples, ME – July 1, 2006) A full field of 34 PASS North Super Late Models took the green from birthday girl Amanda Mayberry, daughter of PASS boss Tom Mayberry, in the Roy’s All–Steak Hamburgers/R & D Land Sales 150. The PASS regulars were joined by a number of Oxford regulars and teams that were looking for a tune up before the TDBankNorth 250, including Dave Dion, Brad Leighton, Kelly Moore, and Stan Meserve all the way up from Mooresville, NC for the holiday weekend.

Although the weather forecasters said it was going to be a sun-filled day with no rain, a quick shower interrupted practice at about 3pm and then a heavier shower moved in just as the fans were arriving at 6:15. It delayed the start for an hour and a half, but the Oxford fans kept coming, and when racing did get under way at 8pm a great crowd filled the grandstands.

Sometimes it’s dangerous to get promoters together during a rain delay, but when it was announced to the crowd that the highest finishing Oxford regular would get a guaranteed starting spot in the Mason Dixon Meltdown the crowd roared their approval. The Meltdown is a $15,000 to win 250 lap race at South Boston Speedway, South Boston, VA in November as part of a doubleheader with a $15,000 to win 250 lap tour-type modified open.

Corey Williams of Boothbay Harbor, ME in the #47, Scott Chubbuck of Brunswick, ME in the Cushman #29, and Bill Whorf, Jr of Topsham, ME took the three heat races, and they brought the field to Amanda’s green flag under the watchful eyes of PASS starter Bruce Gordon in his brand new PASS uniform from UniFirst, the official uniform supplier of PASS.

A series of quick yellows led to a choppy start, but by lap 11 things settled down with Rick Martin of Westport, MA in the G. Lopes #14 taking the lead around the outside of Chubbuck. On lap 18, Chubbuck decided he didn’t like running second and returned the favor and passed Martin on the outside on lap 18.

At lap 25, Travis Khiel of Denmark, ME in the Richard Moody & Sons Builders #44, who was fastest in practice, moved to second from his sixth place spot on the start.

Khiel took the lead from Chubbuck, again around the outside, and at lap 50 it was Khiel, Chubbuck, Martin, Jeremie Whorff of Topsham, Me in the #00, Patrick Laperle of St Denis, Quebec up from 19th on the start, and PASS rookie Curtis Gerry of Waterboro, ME in the #7.

Laperle moved to fourth on lap 63 and Scott Mulkern of Falmouth, ME in the Community Pharmacies #84 was now sixth from his 17th- place starting spot.

At halfway, it was Khiel, Chubbuck, Martin, Laperle, Gerry, Mulkern, Johnny Clark’s #54 up from 30th on the grid after a broken rear axle in the heat race, Scott Robbins of Dixfield, ME in the Rowe-Auburn #72, Mike Rowe in the Lux Enterprises #24, and point’s leader Cassius Clark in the EJ Prescott #8 tenth.

However, Cassius’s evening came to an end when he slowed in turn three with a broken distributer drive, and he went to the pits for the night and was credited with 29th, which will result in a substantial hit in the points.

On lap 79, Chubbuck took back the lead from Khiel, again around the outside in the second groove with Laperle third and Mulkern to fourth. However, Khiel wasn’t done, and for 16 laps Chubbuck and Khiel went side-by-side, back and forth, first Chubbuck, then Khiel, then Chubbuck, until Khiel moved out to the lead on lap 95.

At the 100-lap mark, it was Khiel, Chubbuck, Laperle, Mulkern, Martin, Gerry, Clark, Mike Rowe, and Stan Meserve in the P. T. Watts #2 tenth. Laperle moved to second past Chubbuck bringing Mulkern with him to third on lap 103.

Robbins spun off turn four ruining his run for the Mason-Dixon Meltdown start on lap 132. On the restart, a tangle in turn three involving the #11K of Scott King, the 8T of Alan Tardiff of Lyman, ME, the #35 of Garry Johnson of Hollis, ME, and the #00 of Jeremie Whorff brought out the yellow.

On the restart Khiel and Laperle battled for the lead until Patrick pulled ahead on lap 134 and pulled out to a three car-length lead, the biggest lead by anyone all night. However, it was not clear sailing for Patrick as Travis Benjamin of Morrill, ME in the #17 lost a right front tire and spun to a stop in turn four. On the restart it was Laperle, Khiel, Mulkern, Chubbuck, Clark, Martin, Mike Rowe, and Gerry.

Laperle held off Khiel for the win on Canada Day, Chubbuck edged out Mulkern by an inch or two for third, Martin was fifth, Johnny Clark sixth, Mike Rowe seventh, Chuck Lahance of Cushing, ME in the #38 eighth, Curtis Gerry ninth, and local favorite Chris Kennison of Oxford, ME tenth. Kennison was called to Victory Lane to the delight of the fans to accept his invite to the Mason-Dixon Meltdown.

Cassius Clark’s 29th place finish and the great run by Chubbuck all night moved the Brunswick, ME driver and the #29 team into the unofficial point’s lead, and the top five in points will be scrambled when the official results are posted.

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Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497

email: passracing@adelphia.net