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The DJ Equipment 150
White Mountain Motorsports Park - Saturday, July 15th

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White Mountain Motorsports Park - Saturday, July 15th

- # Driver Hometown Make Sponsors
1 29 Scott Chubbuck Wiscasset, ME Ford Cushman Competition
2 4 Ben Rowe Turner, ME Chevy Richard Moody & Sons
Construction Co. LLC
3 24 Mike Rowe Turner, ME Chevy LUX Enterprises,
T K & Sons Concrete,
Boot Hill Saloon
4 54 Johnny Clark Hallowell, ME Chevy Clark's Cars and Parts,
TDS Telcom
5 44 Travis Khiel Denmark, ME Chevy John Khiel Logging & Chipping, Richard Moody & Sons Construction Co. LLC
6 33 Richie Dearborn Hollis, ME Chevy Chadwick BaRoss
7 88 Russ Hersey Swanzwy, NH Ford EAI
8 7 Curtis Gerry Waterboro, ME Chevy Saco Bay Tackei
9 14 Rich Martin Taunton, MA Chevy G. Lopes Construction
10 47 Corey Williams Boothbay, ME Dodge AEGIS Investigations
11 4s Chris Ross Mohawk, NY Chevy Foar's Radiator
12 8t Alan Tardiff Lyman, ME Chevy Kevin Bedard Contracting
13 35 Derek Ramstrom Worcester, MA Chevy W. Boylston Auto Parts
14 10a David Oliver Scarborough, ME Chevy Charlie's Towing
15 75 Gary Smith Bangor, ME Chevy Uncle Henry's
16 17 Travis Benjamin Morrill, ME Ford Production Equipment,
Herris Golf Shop,
AG of Maine
Belfast Variety,
Morrill General
17 53 Alan Wilson Hebron, ME Chevy Wheeler's Market
18 07 Mark Patten Belmont, NH Chevy Pat's Lawn Care
19 01 Sam Gooden Whitefield, NH Chevy Howe Racing Enterprises
20 10 Chris Kennison Oxford, ME Chevy Thule Trailer
21 8 Cassius Clark Farmington, ME Ford EJP, Chapman Trucking
22 37 Peter Fraser Nottingham, NH Chevy POW-MIA
23 97 Joey Polewarczyk Hudson, NH Chevy Pole's Automotive

Heat 1:   29 - 7 - 10 - 24 - 8t - 44 - 88 07

Heat 2:   53 - 17 - 75 - 54 - 01 - 4s - 10a - 35

Heat 3:   8 - 47 - 33 - 4 - 97 - 14 - 37

WMMP 7/15
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1000_2004930.jpg (98892 bytes) Photos by Norm Marx - nmarx-dtp@comcast.net

Rowe-squared Cannot Dispose of Point Leader in NH PASS Race

Every morning between 3am and 10:30am, Scott Chubbuck can be found on a ship yard in Maine doing his daily duties. He’s the epitome of a tough New England worker. When his daily work is done, Chubbuck makes the 45-minute drive from the ship yards to the race shop of car owner Jay Cushman. Chubbuck works on the racecar along with a volunteer crew. Everything about Chubbuck and the Cushman team epitomizes a tough New England workman-like attitude.

That’s exactly the kind of performance that put Chubbuck into Victory Lane Saturday night at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH) during the DJ Equipment 150. Chubbuck doesn’t necessarily grab the most headlines on the PASS North Tour. In fact, he had yet to crack into the win column thus far in the 2006 PASS North season, but in the end, the hard work that Chubbuck put in paid off.

Chubbuck scored his first victory of the year in dominating fashion Saturday night at White Mountain. The Wiscasset, Maine native started on the pole, swapped the lead with Alan Wilson early, but led the final 72 laps to take the victory. Chubbuck put in his time and left his office, the racetrack, with the biggest paycheck of all.

“We’ve had a good season finishing in the top three, but we just come out, run up front, make a little money and not tear up equipment. If we do that then there’s less work that we have to do on the car during the week.

“This team is not the kind of team that always runs the biggest and the best stuff, never has been. Those other guys all have paid help and that kind of stuff; we don’t have that. It’s wonderful to come out and have some fun and not wreck. And on top of it, we came out and won a big one like this.”

Chubbuck checked out to the lead from the drop of the green flag, but that lead was lost on lap six to Wilson. Wilson’s lead was short-lived as well. Chubbuck nosed ahead the next lap and continued to show the way until lap 31 when Wilson regained the top spot again in and exciting duel. The top-two remained the same until lap 78 when Chubbuck took advantage of the outside lane on a restart to make the final lead swap of the night.

While Chubbuck and Wilson showed the way, Ben Rowe and Mike Rowe were busy putting on a clinic for how to pass at a short track like White Mountain. The high-banked quarter-mile track is notoriously tough to pass on, but the Rowes, who shared the fifth row at the start of the feature, patiently worked their way to the front. Ben Rowe was the one that showed to have the most for Chubbuck and Wilson by pulling into third in the middle stage of the event.

Wilson’s chances for victory were dashed, however, when a flat tire sent his car into the frontstretch wall; that handed second-place to Rowe. Mike Rowe moved to third, but the closing laps of Saturday night’s race turned into a two-man battle between Ben Rowe and Chubbuck.

As the laps clicked away, Rowe caught Chubbuck’s bumper. Trying the high side and the low, Rowe did everything short of knocking Chubbuck out of the way to take the top spot. As the two raced for the checkered flag, Rowe made one last effort to pass Chubbuck on the outside, but Chubbuck held strong.

“Our car was getting loose, and then it would get tight,” said Chubbuck. “I think we had a little too much rear brake. We were loose in and that scared me a little because I didn’t know if I took too much out of it then I wouldn’t be able to get off the corner and hold the bottom. You never know. You have to be real close if you’re going to be on your game.

“I was worried about Rowe a little bit. I knew if I slipped up he’d fill the hole. I had to keep it on the bottom coming off the corner because I knew if I didn’t stay low enough he’d get under me. Once they’re there you have to give the spot to them. I didn’t want to let that happen.”

For Rowe, he wanted to get by Chubbuck, but he wasn’t going to do it inappropriately, especially considering the way things have gone for his team lately.

“I wouldn’t wreck the guy for the win,” said Ben Rowe, whose Richard Moody team repaired both his and teammate Travis Khiel’s cars after sustaining damage in the PASS North event at Thompson Speedway (CT) on Thursday. “That’s what this racing is about. You don’t wreck a guy for the win; I’d much rather finish second. We’re gonna get one of these, though.

“We were going good, but I think we burned a plug wire off. I was a little tight in and losing the power we did hurt us. I needed about six more laps and I could’ve maybe got him, but Scott wasn’t going to give up the bottom so it was going to be tough.”

A notable name not involved in the finish of Saturday night’s race at White Mountain was Cassius Clark. The driver that had won four of the first five races of the PASS North season, including Thursday’s Thompson event, suffered an engine failure early Saturday night and finished 21st.

Mike Rowe followed Chubbuck and Ben Rowe to the checkered flag. 2004 PASS North champion Johnny Clark ran inside the top-five all night long and finished fourth, while Travis Khiel rebounded from severe right-front damage suffered at Thompson to finish fifth at White Mountain.

Next up for the stars of PASS North is a 150-lap tilt at the 1/3-mile Speedway 95 in Hermon, ME on July 22nd. Cassius Clark scored the win in the first PASS North race at Speedway 95 on May 7th.

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