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Unity Raceway - PASS 150 - Saturday 5/16

SLM - Randy Turner #1 (3rd), Winner Johnny Clark #54, & Scott Chubbuck #77 (2nd)
Johnny Clark Back in Unity Victory Lane
Unity ME (May 16)  Johnny Clark wrestled the lead away from Randy Turner on a lap 111 restart and held the point for the final 39 laps to capture the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North super late model Unity 150 at Unity(ME) Raceway. Scott Chubbuck hung tough to come home second with local super late model ace Randy Turner third. Kelly Moore and DJ Shaw completed the top five.

Travis Benjamin and Scott Alexander made up the front row. Benjamin grabbed the early lead but gave it up to Chubbuck at lap 35. Clark charged to the front early from his 11th place starting position and took the lead on lap 38. The laps were clicking away rapidly with a single caution marring the race at the half way mark. It was Johnny Clark out front with Ben Rowe second, Travis Benjamin third, Turner fourth and Chubbuck riding fifth. Benjamin decided it was time to go on lap 105, and the former Unity regular retook the lead. Rowe and Turner also got by Clark, and Rowe immediately tried Benjamin on the bottom. The turn four bumps on the tough old speedway sent Rowe up the track and the pair banged wheels. Benjamin took a ride off of turn four and Rowe was sent to the back of the field for his part in the incident. The pair would restart in 14th and 15th respectively.

So the front of the field was shuffled as Turner inherited the lead with Johnny Clark to his outside and Scott Chubbuck right behind him. Billy Penfold sat in fourth with Adam Bates fifth. Clark took advantage of his outside row starting spot to get the jump on Turner and retake the point. Turner, and later Chubbuck, both challenged the reigning PASS super late model champ prevailed for his second win of the young PASS North season.

Cassius Clark led the PASS North super late model point standings after the season's first two events, but mechanical issues put him out of the show at lap 58. Saturday's heat races went to Travis Benjamin, Scott Alexander, and Bill Penfold. Fourteen cars completed all 150 green flag laps; four cautions slowed the event, which took one hour to complete.

The PASS road show moves on to White Mountain Motorsports Park Saturday May 23rd. The PASS super late models will be joined by White Mountain's weekly racing divisions for an opening day spectacular at the North Woodstock NH oval. Racing gets underway at 4:00 sharp.

All the latest PASS points and statistics can be found at racewithpass.com.

Racetalkradio.com is the home of "Live to PASS" every Wednesday night, an hour of news, views and interviews hosted by Allan Dietz and Dennis Michelson. The Unity 150 will be aired in its entirety on Internet television. The show will air on renagadenetwork.com. Visit the website for air times and additional information.
UnOfficial Super Late Model Finishing Order
1. 54 - Johnny Clark - Hallowell, ME -150
2. 77 - Scott Chubbuck - Dresden, ME -150
3. 1 - Randy Turner - Unity, ME -150
4. 47 - Kelly Moore - Scarborough, ME -150
5. 60 - DJ Shaw - Center Conway, NH -150
6. 4 - Ben Rowe - Turner, ME -150
7. 5 - Chris Staples - Brunswick, ME -150
8. 33 - Richie Dearborn - Hollis, ME -150
9. 7 - Donnie Whitten - Wells, ME -150
10. 98 - Adam Bates - Warner, NH -150
11. 35 -
Derek Ramstrom - Worcester, MA -150
12. 75 - Gary Smith - Bangor, ME -150
13. 20 - Steve Legendre - Danville, VT -150
14. 12 - John Drabrowski - W. Bridgewater, MA - 150
15. 85 - Nick Ribbe - Kingston, ME -149
16. 15 - David Folsom l - Skowhegan, ME -145
17. 25 - Mike Thomas - Lewiston, ME -144
18. 33h - John Higgins - Glenburn, ME -136
19. 17 - Travis Benjamin - Stetson, ME - 133
20. 0 - Bill Penfold - Yarmouth, ME-124
21. 8 - Cassius Clark - Farmington, ME -55
22. 17a - Scott Alexander - Orrington, ME -34
23. 36 - Jay Sands - Hampton, NH -28
MODS - Jerry Harrison #5 (2nd), Winner Andy Shaw #66, & Scott Grant #27 (3rd)
SPORTSMAN - Carey Martin #18 (3rd), Winner Shane Tatro #7, & Dan McKeage #38 (2nd)
Tatro, Shaw Score PASS Unity Wins
Unity ME (May 16)   The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Mod and Sportsman series made the trip to Unity Raceway after a one year hiatus, and for Andy Shaw (Mod) and Shane Tatro (Sportsman) it was a triumphant return to Maine's toughest oval.

Shaw nabbed his first PASS Mod win of 2009 over Jerry Harrison and Scott Grant. Shaw charged to the lead from his seventh place starting spot on lap six, overhauling Bill Dixon for the point. Shaw had the advantage over Harrison, Dixon, Scott Grant and Steve Bennett Jr. at the half way mark but the 66 slipped up the speedway coming off turn two one lap later and Harrison dove low to take over the lead. The pair started side by side on a lap 21 restart, and five laps later Shaw worked his way around Harrison to retake the lead. At the checker it was Shaw by four car lengths. Scott McDaniel and Steve Bennett Jr. each scored heat race wins

Shane Tatro's first PASS Sportsman win wasn't a "gimme" by any means. Tatro started ninth on the field and worked his way to the front as Mike Landry, Dan McKeage and Carey Martin waged a war at the front of the field. McKeage and Landry ran side by side lap after lap; McKeage had the better of Landry off turn two but Landry would draw even at the start/finish line.

Meanwhile, Tatro had worked his way into the top three, and tried to challenge McKeage for the lead, but he was denied. It looked like McKeage was on his way t his second win of 2009 but Tatro would get one last shot at him when Kyle Hart spun, setting up a green/white/checker finish.

It was Tatro outside of McKeage, and the preferred outside groove gave Tatro the advantage he needed to capture the checkers. McKeage ran second, with Martin third, Dan Hennessey fourth and Mike Landry fifth. Landry and McKeage checkered the Sportsman heat races.

The PASS Mods head for Lee USA Speedway for the first of several 2009 appearances on Friday June 5th. The Sportsman series is back on track at Unity Raceway for a special NAPA-sponsored 2 for 1 event.

All the latest PASS points and statistics can be found at racewithpass.com. Tune in to racetalkradio.com for "Live to PASS", an hour long show devoted to the news and results from all five PASS racing divisions.

Unofficial Results - PASS Mod 40 lap feature - Unity Raceway, Unity ME - May 16th

1) 66-Andy Shaw 2) 5-Jerry Harrison 3) 27-Scott Grant 4) 03-Gary Norris Jr. 5) 33-Bill Dixon 6) 29-Greg Ellis 7) 12-Steve Bennett Jr. 8) 14-Scott McDaniel 9) 50-Sumner Sessions 10) 2-Glenn Bradbury 11) 56-Dan Somes 12) 21-Sulo Burbank

Unofficial Results - PASS Sportsman 75 lap feature - Unity Raceway, Unity ME - May 16th

1) 7-Shane Tatro 2) 38-Dan McKeage 3) 18-Carey Martin 4) 8-Clyde Hennessey 5) 40-Mike Landry 6) 58-Lyman McKeage 7) -5 John Kalel II 8) 19S-Duanne Seekins 9) 56-Mike Short 10) 60-Kyle Hart 11) 48L-Mike Lynch 12) 80-Dana Reed 13) 64-Ed Drake 14) 02-Frank Wear 15) 02F-David Fowler 16) 48A-Meagan Allen

PASS Returns to Unity Raceway Saturday 5/16
NAPLES ME (MAY 12) It's been dubbed Maine's toughest oval, and Unity Raceway is one track that lives up to its name. It's not fancy by any stretch of the imagination but racers and race fans alike love the racing that Unity produces. When the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) returns for the first time since 2007, fans can expect battles for position and tight racing throughout the field in every division.

With two races in the books, the Super Late Model point standings are tighter than usual. Just four points separate the top five. Cassius Clark carries a one point lead into Unity over Johnny Clark and a surprisingly strong Chris Staples. Adam Bates is three points back in fourth and Derek Ramstrom trails Bates by one.

2007 PASS Sportsman champ Dan McKeage is on top of the PASS Sportsman standings with a nine point lead over Carey Martin. Mike Landry, 2008 Sportsman champion Richie Morse and Shane Tatro sit in spots three through five.

Consistency has put Scott Grant on top of the PASS Mod standings where he leads Jerry Harrison by four markers. Steve Bennett, Glenn Bradbury and Andy Shaw complete the first five in the popular open wheel division.
It's an all PASS show on Saturday at Unity, with 150 laps for the PASS North super late models, 75 for the PASS Sportsman and 40 laps for the PASS Mods. 265 laps of green flag racing, PASS style is guaranteed to satisfy any race fans need for speed.

The back gates swing open at 10:00 AM Saturday. Grandstands open at 12:30 PM and the first heat race gets the green at 3:00 PM sharp. Unity Raceway is located on Route 139 in Unity Maine.

Alan Dietz and Dennis Michelson will preview the Unity race and recap last weekend's PASS South action on "Live to PASS" Wednesday night at 7:00 PM. Log on to www.racetalkradio.com for the fastest hour in short track racing.


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