Top Three at the Orange Blossom Special 125
L to R: Dan Hemrick #66, second; Winner Preston Peltier #26;
and Joey Gase #08, third
Peltier Paces PASS South at Orange County
Rougemont NC (4/25) Preston Peltier used the bottom groove to work his way past Ryan Moore on lap 112 of the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South Orange Blossom Special to claim his second consecutive PASS South super late model win of 2010. It was also Peltiers' second consecutive PASS Orange Blossom Special victory at the Rougemont North Carolina speed plant.

Daniel Hemric made his PASS debut a successful one with a strong second after a brief stint in the lead, and fast timer Joey Gase raced home third. 2007 PASS South Champion Ryan Lawler was fourth and Andy Loden came home fifth. Moore faded to sixth at the finish followed by Ryan Blaney, Evan Jackson, Tim Nooner and early race leader Devin Jones. Moore led the most laps (24-112) before relinquishing the lead to Peltier.

Peltier is now tied with Corey Williams and Ben Rowe atop the PASS South career win column with five.

Joey Gase paced Pro Photo Productions qualifying with a lap of 13.79 seconds around the 3/8th mile banked speedway, edging TJ Reaid (13.786) in the Kyle Busch Motorsports entry for fast time. Jimmy Weller (13.796), Ryan Blaney (13.837), Peltier 13.852, Devin Jones (13.853). Andy Loden (13.865), Daniel Hemric (13.929), Ryan Moore (13.959) and Cale Gale (13.978) timed in third through tenth. Jones and Gale pulled numbers one and two to start on the front row after the top ten redraw. Thirty five cars took a shot at qualifying.

Dylan Presnell won the fifteen car Last Chance Qualifier; Trey Mitchell, Steve Legendre, Tayla Orleans, Tim Nooner and Jody Lavender earned their way into the main in positions two through sixth. Jay Fogelman, Clay Jones, John Batten, Dana White and Tim Pinion received PASS provisionals.

The Pro All Stars Series and their sponsors offered free grandstand tickets to the race and the promotion proved popular, producing the largest crowd at Orange County Speedway in recent history.. PASS will offer fans the same opportunity for the Old Glory 150 at Concord (NC) Speedway on Saturday night May 29th. The event ticket can be printed Here.

The PASS South super late models will be back on track Friday May 7th at the Bull Ring, Raleigh North Carolina’s .24 mile Wake County Speedway. Time trials for the Capitol City Clash are set for 6:00 PM, and the racing rolls off at 7:30 PM.


Left Above: Devin Jones (#35) who lead the first 20 laps of the Orange Blossom Special 125 battles
Clay Jones (#15).

Center: Full parking lot at Orange County Speedway.

Right: The largest crowd ever assembled to watch a PASS South event salutes the 30 car field.

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Follow the action live trackside at Orange County.
Speed51 - Trackside Now

1. Preston Peltier
2. Daniel Hemrick
3. Joey Gase
4. Ryan Lawler
5. Andy Loden
6. Ryan Moore
7. Ryan Blaney
8. Evan Jackson
9. Tim Nooner
10. Devin Jones
11. Heath Hindman
12. John Stancill
13. Jay Fogelman
14. Trey Mitchell
15. Alex Fleming
16. John Batten
17. Jimmy Weller
18. Steve Legendre
19. Cale Gale
20. Clay Jones
21. Justin Wakefield
22. Dylan Presnell
23. Chris Bohlman
24. Tayla Orleans
25. George Gorham
26. Tim Pinion
27. TJ Reaid
28. Jody Lavender
29. Dana White
30. Kenzie Ruston
31. Kyle Benjamin
1 Devin Jones
2 Cale Gale
3 Daniel Hemric
4 Preston Peltier
5 Andy Loden
6 Ryan Moore
7 Joey Gase
8 TJ Reaid
9 Ryan Blaney
10 Jimmy Weller
11 Ryan Lawler
12 Alex Fleming
13 Kenzie Ruston
14 John Stancill
15 Justin Wakefield
16 Evan Jackson
17 George Gorham
18 Kyle Benjamin
19 Heath Hindman
20 Chris Bohlman
21 Dylan Presnell
22 Trey Mitchell
23 Steve Legendre
24 Tayla Orleans
25 Tim Nooner
26 Jody Lavender
27 Jay Fogelman
28 John Batten
29 Clay Jones
30 Dana White
31 Tim Pinion
1 Joey Gase 13.759
2 TJ Reaid 13.786
3 Jimmy Weller 13.796
4 Ryan Blaney 13.837
5 Preston Peltier 13.852
6 Devin Jones 13.853
7 Andy Loden 13.865
8 Daniel Hemric 13.929
9 Ryan Moore 13.959
10 Cale Gale 13.978
11 Ryan Lawler 13.982
12 Alex Fleming 13.991
13 Kenzie Ruston 13.997
14 John Stancill 14.000
15 Justin Wakefield 14.008
16 Evan Jackson 14.021
17 George Gorham 14.052
18 Kyle Benjamin 14.077
19 Heath Hindman 14.085
20 Chris Bohlman 14.086
21 Trey Mitchell 14.089
22 Dylan Presnell 14.091
23 Jeff Bolen 14.154
24 Grant Davidson 14.174
25 Tayla Orleans 14.21
26 Tim Nooner 14.228
27 Clay Jones 14.243
28 Steve Legendre 14.262
29 Jody Lavender 14.342
30 John Batten 14.343
31 Cody Humphreys 14.362
32 Jay Fogelman 14.513
33 Tim Pinion 14.548
34 Dana White 14.896
35 Spencer Wauters 25.183



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