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by Norm Marx

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Canaan Fair Speedway - 5/30/04

PASS 150


Johnny Clark Wins PASS 150

Johnny Clark inherited the lead on lap 73 of the PASS 150 at Canaan Fair Speedway and never gave it up to earn his second career Pro All Stars Series victory. Clark scored the trifecta at Canaan, beating out twenty eight others for the Sunoco Race Fuel Pole Award and winning the fast car dash to claim the number one starting position. “Sud’n Sam” Sessions mounted several challenges in the closing laps but had to settle for second and Tracy Gordon battled his way to a third place finish. Travis Kheil turned in a strong performance to finish fourth and 2002 Canaan Fair Champion Donnie Lashua earned the PASS/Northern Race Tires Rookie of the race award by finishing fifth. Florida Super Late Model ace Jason Boyd made his first PASS appearance a solid one in sixth and GeGe Gravel, Bobby Cabral, Walt Hammond and Rick Martin completed the top ten.

Clark served notice earlier in the day by turning in the only sub-fourteen second lap (13.925) in Sunoco Race Fuel time trials, just a tick faster than Boyd’s 14.015 run in Clinton Teague’s North East Recycling Monte Carlo. Tracy Gordon (14.020), Ben Rowe (14.034) Mike Rowe ( 14.103) Larry Gelinas (14.113) Eric Hudson (14.115) Cassius Clark (14.128) GeGe Gravel (14.145) and Scott Mulkern (14.163) all earned their way into the field on time. Clark’s streak of good fortune continued when he drew the number one spot for the fast car dash and led wire to wire to sit on the pole for the feature event. Scott Mulkern would line up next to Clark with Boyd, Gelinas and Mike Rowe third through fifth. Hudson, Cassius Clark, Gravel and Ben Rowe completed the top ten.

Clark took command at the green but outside pole sitter Mulkern went for a ride off turn three on the opening lap, spoiling his prospects for a good finish. Jason Boyd was next to challenge but Larry Gelinas was on the move, passing Boyd for second and taking the top spot away from Clark on a restart. Gelinas was hooked up and built up a solid advantage during and extended green flag run.But contact with Jim McCallum in lapped traffic sent McCallum sideways and Gelinas into the wall, a fiery wreck that ended his day. Clark was now on the point once again with Mike Rowe alongside and Boyd third. Ben Rowe was up to fourth with Gordon fifth and Gravel sixth. Hudson, Kheil, Lashua and Richie Dearborn completed the top ten at the halfway mark. Mike Rowe kept the pressure on Clark but couldn’t shake him, and Jason Boyd came up to challenge once again after sneaking under Rowe on a restart at lap 92. Mike Rowe’s prospects for two in a row at Canaan ended on lap 108 when Rowe and Gordon tangled on the front stretch while racing for position. Gordon continued on to remain on the lead lap but Rowe was unable to get rolling before losing a lap. Sam Sessions took the second spot away from Boyd on the restart but Clark kept Sessions behind him, withstanding the pressure on several restarts to earn the win and solidify his place atop the early season PASS point standings.

In preliminary action, Dana Grover earned a hard-fought victory in the PASS Mods over Mark Lucas and Steve Reno. The Waterford Maine veteran led from start to finish but Lucas tried all the moves late in the race to take away the top spot, coming up just short. Steve Reno raced back to third after an earlier crash that sidelined Ben Rowe. Allan Moeller, Wayne Allard, Bob Taylor, Rodney Brooks, Katie Hagar, Rowe and Jason Taylor completed the finishing order.

The 75 lap Super Street Open provided great racing throughout the field. It was a battle of Super Street veterans at the front as Mitch Wendell snatched the lead away from Jim Renfrew on lap forty-six, going on to claim the $700.00 win and be first in line for the guaranteed starting spot in October’s $6,000.00 to win DNK New England Street Stock Championship. Ron Bolduc chased the top two home for third followed by J.R. Baril, George Baldwin and Lee Weldy. Chris Correll went home a winner in Allstar Race Truck action with Jeff Hallquist second and Pete Yeatman third.

The Pro All Stars take a one week break before heading to Unity Raceway for the $25,000.00 to win DNK Select 250 on June 13th. Over sixty entries are confirmed for the richest Pro All Stars Event of the 2004 season.

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Order of Finish – PASS 150

1) 54 Johnny Clark, Farmingdale ME - DNK Select 250/Clark’s Cars and Parts/AutoDealer              Magazine Chev
2) 0 Sam Sessions, So Paris ME - Auburn Metal Fab/Call of the Wild Chev
3) 14G Tracy Gordon, Strong ME - CapTrust Financial/SNF Crane Chev
4)  24K Travis Kheil, Denmark ME - Frechette Tire/K&W Timberlands Chev
5) 08 Donnie Lashua Canaan NH - Jack’s Competition Engines Chev 
6) 34b Jason Boyd Orlando FL - North East Recycling Corp Chev 
7) 54G GeGe Gravel, Groton MA - Eliminator Inc./Downeast Drilling Chev
8) 55 Bobby Cabral E. Kingston NH - RAM Printing/Market America Chev
9) 97 Walt Hammond, Canaan NH - Dartmouth Moving and Storage Chev
10) 14 Rick Martin, Westport MA - G. Lopes Construction Chev
11) 00 Ben Rowe, Turner ME - Mechanical Services/HiTech Insulation Chev
12) 33 Richie Dearborn, Hollis ME - Chadwick BaRoss/Dayton Sand and Gravel Chev
13) 9 Jarod Robie, Gorham ME - Pullen Heavy Industries Chev  
14) 05 Pete  Frappier, East Derry - NH Allen Motors/R&R Pubic Wholesale Dodge
15) 24x Mike Rowe, Turner ME - K&K Excavating/Emerson Chevrolet Chev 
16) 24 Mark Patten, Belmont NH - Carleton Robie Chev
17) 7 Todd Patnode Swanzey NH - Patnode Oil Chev
18) 35 Garry Johnson, Hollis ME - Johnson Trucking/Watsons Racing Heads Chev
19) 77 Dave Gorveatt, Charlottetown PEI Canada - Interstate Batteries/XR4 Ford
20) 83 Donnie Whitten, Biddeford ME - Richard Moody and Sons  Construction Chev
21) 02 Eric Hudson, Manchester NH - Newmarket Sand and Gravel Chev
22) 75 Gary Smith, Bangor ME - UncleHenry’s.com Chev
23) 84 Scott Mulkern, Falmouth ME - Community Pharmacies Dodge
24) 2 Jim McCallum, Fall River MA - HydroStop Roofing Chev  
25) 47 Corey Williams, Boothbay ME - Midnight Oil Co Pontiac
26) 73 Chris Ross, Malta NY - Archibee Construction Chev
27) 37 Larry Gelinas, Scarborough ME - Watts Race Cars Chev
28) 38 Chuck LaChance, Cushing ME - Fuller Automall Ford
29) 8 Cassius Clark, Farmington ME - E.J. Prescott/DNK Delect Used Cars Ford

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Time Trials

1 54   J. Clark 13.975
2 34b   Boyd 14.015
3 14g Gordon 14.022
4 00    B. Rowe 14.034
5 24x M. Rowe 14.103
6 37   Gelinas 14.113
7 02   Hudson 14.115
8 8      C. Clark 14.128
9 54g  Gravel 14.145
10 84   Mulkern 14.163
11 0     Sessions 14.168
12 9     Robie 14.173
13 75  Smith 14.176
14 08  Lashua 14.223
15 55  Cabral 14.239
16 24k Khiel 14.253
17 24  Patten 14.283
18 73  Ross 14.319
19 7    Patnode 14.349
20 33  Dearborn 14.359
21 77  Gorveatt 14.367
22 2   McCallum 14.369
23 47x Williams 14.381
24 05   Frappier 14.409
25 97  Hammond 14.426
26 14  Martin 14.463
27 38  Lachance 14.495
28 83  Whitten 14.546
29 35  Johnson 14.823
Heat 1

0 75
55 47x
97 38
7 77
24 35
Heat 2

9 08
24k 33
2 14
73 05
83 -


Dash Results
54 84
34b 37
24x 02
8 54g
00 14g
Conci Results
38 14
7 73
77 24p
05 83
35 -

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