Apple Blossom 200 Top Three - L to R: Shane Mitchell #99, 2nd:
Winner Garrett Evans #64; and Gary Lewis #73, 3rd.
Photos by Mike Wright -


WENATCHEE, Wash. – Last year Garrett Evans was racing on the East Coast in Pass North and South races hoping that one day that PASS would come to the Northwest. Well, that day came Saturday when Evans powered his way to the front of the pack to win the Apple Blossom 200 at the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. Some of the best in the west came to Central Washington to display their talents and they did just that. “That had to be one of the best Late Model races I’ve ever been involved in” said Evans in victory lane in his Leonard Evans Used Car Superstore Chevrolet. Evans took the lead from Gary Lewis with just 14 laps left to get the win. Evans, Lewis and Shane Mitchell made it a 3 car battle for the last 30 laps while 2012 Pass National Champion Jay Foggleman used patience and nosed his way into the battle for the last 5 laps. Mitchell finished second followed by Lewis, Foglleman and Jon Hubbert to round out the top five.

Ron Eaton started the day off when he qualified fast time at a 12.735 on the fastest quarter-mile in the Northwest. When it came time to draw for starting position it didn’t go so well for Eaton when his draw put him tenth on the starting grid. Owen Riddle drew one and Lewis drew two. With Lewis on the outside of row 1, he used it to his advantage taking the lead on lap 1. He held that lead until Josh Roberts took the lead on lap 36. Mitchell battled with Roberts for the lead and took it on lap 50, Lewis followed Mitchell underneath of Roberts to take second. On lap 70 Lewis and Mitchell made contact sending both cars sideways and to the back of the pack. Roberts retook the lead putting Brent Harris behind him for second. Harris and Roberts battled for the lead for 19 laps before Harris took the lead on Lap 89 and carried it until the Lap 100 break.

Harris started out with lead for the first 15 laps until Evans was able to get by him. By lap 144 both Lewis and Mitchell had made their way back through the field running second and third behind Evans. Lewis got by Evans on the outside on lap 167. Evans and Lewis battled for 22 laps before Evans got back by Lewis taking the lead for the rest of the way. In victory lane all 3 drivers were exhausted but all agreed that it had to be one of the best races they had been in and a great one for the fans. “The fans definitely got their money's worth tonight; that was one heck of a race.” Mitchell said after a long battle with Lewis and Evans.

The Northwest Pro 4 Alliance was also in action fielding 17 cars for a race that saw defending NW Pro 4 Alliance Champion Bud Rumsey come all the way from 14th on the field to win the race. “We didn’t qualify very well but our car was hooked up for the race” Rumsey said as this was the first race of the season for the NW Pro 4 Alliance. Steve Thompson finished second followed by Eddie Secord in third.

The WESCO Sprints also started off their season with Cody Stewart capturing the win followed by Rick Fast and Tim Halliday. The Jerry’s Auto Supply Super Tuners saw a great battle with 25 laps of nose to tail racing which pushed Cameron Bruggman to the front to collect his first win of the season. Michelle Kennedy finished second and was followed by Jordan Hendrickson in third.

The PASS series returns June 15 for the Columbia River 150 and second race in the WVSO Triple Crown along with the Wenatchee 300 August 9th and 10th.

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200 Laps - WVSO - 4/27/13
1. 64 - Garrett Evans - 200 Laps
2. 99 - Shane Mitchell - 200
3. 73 - Gary Lewis - 200
4. 4s - Jay Fogleman - 200
5. 3 - Jon Hubbert - 200
6. 9x - Josh Roberts - 200
7. 38 - Grant Brown - 200
8. 49 - Brian Levant - 200
9. 83 - Braden Havens - 199
10. 1 - Mitch Kleyn - 197
11. 90 - Molly Helmuth - 188
12. 91 - Alan Cress - 170
13. 22 - Jonathan Gomez - 167
14. 0 - Brent Harrris - 144
15. 19 - Korbin Thomas - 86
16. 10 - Owen Riddle - 84
17. 26 - Michael Knutson - 75
18. 15 - Taylor Riddle - 73
19. 20 - Todd Havens - 54
20. 4 - Todd Walters - 49
21. 7 - Ron Eaton - 42
22. 1x - Garrett Sisk - 25
23. 12 - Jessica Dana - 15
24. 93 - Daniel Jobe - 11
25. 9 - Kelly Mann - 0
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