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Vallee-Jonction, P.Q. Canada

The 150

| Entries Received - Chaudiere - 5/18 |

| Event Schedule - Chaudiere - 5/18 |

Budweiser 150



Total Purse for all three Triple Crown
Super Late Model events:


Total: $30,000
1)   $7000
2)   $3500
3)   $2500
4)   $2000
5)   $1800
6)   $1600
7)   $1500
8)   $1400
9)   $1350
10) $1300
11) $1250
12) $1200
13) $1200
14) $1200
15) $1200
New Track Owners:
Dany Lagace & Kevin Roberge
Kyle Busch to take on
Autodrome Chaudière
Vallee-Jonction, QC (Feb. 11, 2013) – Autodrome Chaudiere 2012 Inc. is proud to announce that Kyle “Rowdy” Busch will be entering the second leg of the PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at Autodrome Chaudière in Vallee-Jonction Quebec on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013. This race will be the second race of the prestigious PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at the famed highbank ¼ mile. Busch will be participating in the event, which will undoubtedly be the biggest short track event in the history of the province of Québec, in his #51 Kyle Busch Motorsports Super-Late Model Camry.

Kyle Busch is considered by many to be the best raw talent on the Sprint Cup circuit. Known for his intensity and will to win, Busch is a force to reckon with and a threat to win every Sunday afternoon. His record speaks for itself; 24 Sprint Cup series wins, 51 Nationwide series wins, 30 Camping World truck series wins, along with a Nationwide series championship. These 105 careers wins across the three NASCAR national circuits puts him 3rd on the all-time win list behind Richard Petty (200) and David Pearson (106). Along with these impressive numbers, Rowdy’s resume is stacked with incredible accomplishments such as The Bristol Sweep where he swept all three national series races in the same weekend at the Bristol Motor Speedway. Kyle Busch’s passion for racing is so great that he races Super-Late models during his off weekends and spare time. Busch loves to fend off against the best short track drivers in North America and holds wins in many prestigious Super-Late model races such as the Snowball Derby, The Slinger Nationals and the Winchester 400.

“My favorite type of vehicles to race have always been the Super-Late Models -- they look cool, are fun to drive, and when you put them on a ¼ mile track like Autodrome Chaudiere it always makes for an exciting race,” Busch said. “I try to make it to about five of the more prestigious races around my NASCAR schedule every season -- we run two or three staples for us and then we try to find a couple of new venues to visit. The Canadian fans really support their racing and I know that the new track owners are working hard to make this a big event. I’m really looking forward to my trip to Quebec in August.”

The new Owners of Autodrome Chaudiere, Dany Lagacé and Kevin Roberge, are thrilled to have a great star like Kyle Busch at their short track. “When we bought the racetrack this summer Dany and I had a bucket list and I will let you guess what was number one on the list,” Autodrome Chaudiere Vice-President Kevin Roberge said. “To be able to announce today that Kyle Busch will be rolling onto our racetrack in August is an honor and a dream come true.” When discussing the coming of NASCAR star Kyle Busch Dany Lagacé, president of Autodrome Chaudiere, is categorical, “I’ve always said that I want Autodrome Chaudiere to be known as one of the greatest short tracks and having Kyle Busch roll onto the highbank in August will elevate it to the ranks of the greatest.”

The race will be held on Tuesday, August 6th, 2013 with a rain date scheduled for Wednesday, August 7th, 2013. Also, an open practice will be held on Monday, August 5th, 2013 for all PASS competitors. The complete event schedule will be announced in the next few months and will include an autograph session and many more activities.

About The PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown

The PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown is a three race championship that will be held at Autodrome Chaudiere. All three races will be sanctioned by PASS and will count towards the PASS North Championship. The three races will be held on May 18th, 2013, August 6th, 2013 and September 7th, 2013. A total of $135,000 will be given in purse during the three race championship and will attract drivers from all over Canada and the United States.

Details surrounding the second leg of the PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown can be found on our website (in construction) at and the PASS website at Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook at Autodrome Chaudiere.

Reserve your tickets NOW for the second leg of the PASS La Quebecoise Triple Crown at 1-855-331-4149.
PASS To Sanction Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown at Autodrome Chaudiere in 2013
Triple Crown To Include $30,000 Bonus Point Fund
NAPLES, ME (September 10) – Pro All Stars Series (PASS) President Tom Mayberry and Autodrome Chaudiere owners Dany Lagace and Kevin Roberge announced today that PASS will sanction the Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown at the speedway located in Vallee-Jonction, Quebec in 2013. The Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown will pit the best Super Late Model drivers from across North America in a series of three events with a purse totaling $135,000. And, as an added bonus, drivers who compete in all three Triple Crown events will vie for their share of a bonus points fund totaling $30,000. PASS and Autodrome Chaudiere’s combined effort will be one of the most lucrative endeavors in asphalt short track racing and looks to benefit both racers and fans alike.

“This is really an exciting day, not only for PASS and Autodrome Chaudiere, but for short track racing as a whole,” said PASS President Tom Mayberry after announcing the event at a Monday afternoon press conference in Quebec. “The fans and racers in Canada are some of the best you will find anywhere in the world and we’ve really enjoyed working with Dany and Kevin in this venture. With the Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown, the best short track racers in the United States will compete against Canada’s best at Autodrome Chaudiere. Most importantly, those teams who put in that extra effort to compete in all three races will be rewarded with a great bonus points fund. To say we’re excited would be an understatement.”

Roberge is a racer himself competing sporadically in PASS North and even with PASS South last year at another major event for short track racing, “THE RACE” at North Wilkesboro Speedway. Along with their recent acquisition of Autodrome Chaudiere, Roberge and Lagace feel this will be a major leap forward for North American short track racing.

“Dany and I are very happy to associate ourselves with the Pro All Stars Series for this Canadian Triple Crown,” said Roberge. “We are also very happy to bring Super Late Model racing to Canada with the best Americans competing against the best Canadians in the fastest short track cars in North America.”

Each race of the Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown will have its own unique identity. Round 1 will be a 150 lapper on May 18, 2013 and will double as the Autodrome Chaudiere season opener. Round 2 will be staged on August 6, 2013 and will feature NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Bush in competition. The final round of La Quebecoise Triple Crown will be a 200 lap race on September 7, 2013. It will be pay $10,000 to win and will pay $100 per lap to the race leader, a total of $20,000 in guaranteed lap leader money.

The Triple Crown Bonus Point Fund will pay only drivers who compete in all three events of the Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown. The Triple Crown champion will take home $7,000 and the point fund will pay all the way down to 15th place, that driver will take home an additional $1,200.

The Pro All Stars Series is recognized as the nation’s premier sanctioning body for asphalt Super Late Models and boasts such marquee events as the PASS 400 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway and the Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory Motor Speedway.

For technical information regarding the Autobus La Quebecoise Triple Crown at Autodrome Chaudiere please contact Scott Reed at 207-625-3230 or For media or marketing questions, please contact Alan Dietz at 704-231-2039 or

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