Doiron Wins at Airborne Park Speedway

Plattsburg, NY (July 18) - Berwick Maine's Joey Doiron pulled into victory lane with a left front flat tire. Doiron was thankful that the final 100 laps were not anything like the first 100 laps. One extra caution in the final 100 laps would have made a huge difference in the race outcome for Doiron. Following an eventful first half of the 200-lap PASS feature, which saw seven caution flags, Doiron took the lead on Lap 111 and never looked back to score his second victory of the 2015 PASS racing season.

The first 100 laps would see seven caution flags, before the competition yellow was shown at Lap 101 to allow teams to take 2 tires, fuel, and much needed fluids for the drivers. The first caution of the day would fly at Lap 29 when the 91QC of Patrick Laperle would spin off turn 2 sending him to the pits where he would remain for the next 3 laps. Laperle returned to the field following the second caution of the day on Lap 32 when the 97NH of Joey Polewarczyk spun in turn four as the result of a right front flat. DJ Shaw would hit pit road with his number 60 machine and not return to the field until after the Lap 36 caution, showing him 4 laps down to the leader. The Lap 36 caution was the result of pole sitter Donald Theetge coming off turn 4 and slapping the wall. After leading the first 29 laps, Theetge would take his car behind the wall with heavy right front damage, relegating him to a 19th place finish.

On the restart, Derek Ranstrom and Travis Benjamin made contact in turns 3 and 4 bringing out caution number four for the day. Benjamin was able to drive away, but the number 35 machine of Derek Ranstrom would go off on the hook ending his day in 18th place. Brian Hoar would gain the lead on the restart over Doiron who appeared to miss a shift. Hoar would lead Lap 38, followed by the 55VT of Brent Dragon, Doiron, and the 8F of Durham, NC young gun Tate Fogleman. Dragon would take the lead from Hoar on Lap 41. Ben Rowe brought out caution number five on Lap 43 when he spun on the front stretch. Laperle would be credited with Lucky Dog #3, putting him back on the lead lap, after being three laps down following his first spin of the day.

Back to green on Lap 44 and Doiron would power his way to the lead, with Dragon fighting back down the backstretch. Doiron made the outside work and pulled away off of turn four followed by Dragon, Hoar, Mike Rowe, and Glen Luce. Laperle would spin in turn two on Lap 47, bringing out caution number six on the day. On the restart, Dragon got the jump on the outside, but Doiron powered back by Dragon off of turn two to maintain the lead. At Lap 57, Polewarczyk slowed on the backstretch and entered the pits with overheating issues. Joining him on pit road would be the number 28 machine of Mark Lundblad, Jr. who would retire for the day. Polewarczyk would finish in 17th position and Lundblad, Jr. in 16th.

At Lap 75, Laperle and Jeremy Davis were battling for position, when Laperle spun going into turn two, bringing out caution number seven. The 00 machine of Bryan Kruczek would receive the lucky dog having just gone down a lap to the leader. On Lap 80, Kruczek would retire the 00 machine for mechanical problems leaving him with a 15th place finish for the day. Caution would not fly again until the competition yellow was shown at Lap 101 giving drivers and crew a 5-minute break during which they could take 2 tires, fuel, and make any adjustments.
At the halfway break, Doiron would lead the field down pit road followed by Dragon, Luce, Therrien, Mike Rowe, Benjamin, and Ben Rowe.

Following the 5-minute break, Luce and Therrien would lose their 3rd and 4th place positions and be relegated to the tail of the field for taking longer than the allowed time on pit road. The 71 of Raphael Lessard and the 09 of Jeremey Davis would also meet the same fate. On the restart, the 8F of Fogleman had not rejoined the field and word was that the driver was being treated in the infield for dehydration.

Following the restart, Dragon got the jump on the outside of Doiron, and went high in turn two and used the momentum to power ahead down the backstretch. Dragon would lead until Lap 111 when Doiron was able to stick his nose under Dragon off turn two and take the lead at the stripe. Doiron would build a two car-length lead over Dragon with Laperle charging hard in third position.

The final caution of the day would come at Lap 117, when the ambulance left the infield to transport Fogleman to an area hospital. This would leave Fogleman with a 14th place finish, and drop him from 1st to 3rd in the National point standings.

On the restart, Laperle would line up nose to tail with Doiron on the inside line, while Dragon and Hoar would line up to their outside. Doiron got another good restart on the inside, which helped Laperle in his bid to move into second. Laperle and Dragon were side-by-side for the runner-up spot. At Lap 119, Dragon wiggled slightly allowing Laperle and Hoar to get by and move into 2nd and 3rd positions. By Lap 122, Laperle was all over Doiron's back bumper for the lead. Doiron continued to hit his marks even with a mirror full of Laperle's orange No. 91. At Lap 130, Doiron lead Laperle followed by Hoar, Dragon, and Luce. Laperle was able to close in on Doiron when entering the turns, but it was clear that Doiron had the better car upon exit. By Lap 145, Doiron had a two car-length lead over Laperle and never looked back.

At Lap 182, Dragon reached the back bumper of Hoar and the battle for third began. Hoar prevailed and at Lap 189 closed in on Laperle for second. Doiron had nearly a straightaway lead, while the battle for second heated up with Hoar and Laperle. With two to go, Hoar put the nose of his 37VT machine inside of Laperle off turn four. On Lap 199, contact was made between Hoar and Laperle in turn one, and Hoar was able to get by Laperle for second.

Coming to the checkered flag, Doiron would cross the start/finish line more than 5 seconds ahead of runner up Brian Hoar. They would be followed to the stripe by Laperle, Dragon, Davis, Luce, Mike Rowe, Therrien, Benjamin, Ben Rowe, Shaw, Mattheson, and Lessard.

The AIM Recycling USA PASS North Super Late Models race next on August 2, at Oxford Plains Speedway in Oxford, Maine.

The Pro All Stars Series is recognized as North America's premier sanctioning body for asphalt Super Late Models and boasts such marquee events as the legendary AIM Recycling Oxford 250 Presented By Kenny U-Pull at Oxford Plains Speedway and PASS South's Easter Bunny 150 at the historic Hickory Motor Speedway. For technical information concerning all PASS divisions please send questions to passracing@roadrunner.com. For media or marketing questions, please contact Alan Dietz at 704-231-2039 or alandietzpass@live.com.

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1) 73 - Joey Doiron - 200 Laps
2) 37vt - Brian Hoar - 200
3) 91qc - Patrick Laperle - 200
4) 55vt - Brent Dragon - 200
5) 09 - Jeremy Davis - 200
6) 7L - Glen Luce - 200
7) 7 - Mike Rowe - 200
8) 5x - Bobby Therrien - 200
9) 17 - Travis Benjamin - 200
10) 4n - Ben Rowe - 200
11) 60 - DJ Shaw  - 199
12) 2 - Matt Matheson  - 198
13) 71 - Raphael Lessard -192
14) 8f - Tate Fogleman - 101
15) 00 - Bryan Kruczek - 79
16) 28 - Mark Lundblad - 73
17) 97nh - Joey Polewarczyk - 57
18) 35 - Derek Ramstrom - 37
19) 80 - Donald Theetge - 36
1) 80 - Donald Theetge
3) 35 - Derek Ramstrom
5) 55vt - Brent Dragon
7) 37vt - Brian Hoar
9) 7L - Glen Luce
11) 73 - Joey Doiron
13) 91qc - Patrick Laperle
15) 28 - Mark Lundblad
17) 09 - Jeremy Davis
19) 2 - Matt Matheson
2) 97nh - Joey Polewarczyk
4) 71 - Raphael Lessard
6) 5x - Bobby Therrien
8) 8f - Tate Fogleman
10) 17 - Travis Benjamin
12) 60 - DJ Shaw
14) 7 - Mike Rowe
16) 00 - Bryan Kruczek
18)  4n - Ben Rowe
Heat 1
1) 80qc - Donald Theetge
2) 73 - Joey Doiron
3) 71 - Raphael Lessard
4) 5x - Bobby Therrien
5) 60 - DJ Shaw
6) 8f - Tate Fogleman
7) 17 - Travis Benjamin
8) 28 - Mark Lundblad
9) 09 - Jeremy Davis
10) 2 - Matt Matheson
Heat 2
1) 97nh - Joey Polewarczyk
2) 35 - Derek Ramstrom
3) 55vt - Brent Dragon
4) 37vt - Brian Hoar
5) 91qc - Patrick Laperle
6) 7L - Glen Luce
7) 7 - Mike Rowe
8) 00 - Bryan Kruczek
9) 4n - Ben Rowe
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Heat 2 >>
Photos by Norm Marx
PASS And ACT Racers Ready
To Battle For Big Money
In International 500 Weekend
At Airborne Park Speedway
NAPLES, ME (July 14) - A season of firsts continues this weekend as the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) AIM Recycling Super Late Models Presented By Kenny U-Pull head to New York state for the first time ever to compete as part of the International 500 weekend at Airborne Park Speedway. For only the second time in history, PASS will co-headline the weekend along with the American-Canadian Tour (ACT) Late Models, with twin 200's. The PASS 200 lap portion of the International 500 weekend will pay $7500 to win plus additional lap leader money with a potential for the winner to take home up to $10,000. The fourth race of the prestigious PASS National Championship Series will also pay $1000 to start.

One driver who will be very busy this weekend will be Hudson, NH's, Joey Polewarczyk. Joey Pole, as he is known by his fans, will be competing in both main events, driving his ACT Late Model as well as his PASS AIM Recycling Super Late Model. While it will be the first time many of the PASS drivers have competed at Airborne Park Speedway, Polewarczyk hopes to have the upper hand based on his previous experiences racing there with ACT.

"Airborne is a D-shaped, half-mile, progressively banked racetrack that has a lot of grip and a lot of speed," says Polewarczyk, driver of the Pole's Automotive #97. "It was repaved a few years ago, but it definitely has some bumps. You really need to get your car rotating well to run a fast lap there. Out of all the tracks the ACT tour goes to, it's really one of my favorite tracks. I think the PASS cars are really going to race well there."

But Sunday's International 500 will not be the first time Pole has attempted the ACT/PASS double. In another history making event between the two sanctioning bodies at Oxford Plains Speedway in April, Pole pulled the double with mixed results. He claimed the checkered flag for the ACT Late Models, but struggled in his PASS AIM Recycling Super Late Model and finished 31st. Pole hopes lessons learned from Oxford Plains will produce different results this weekend at Airborne.

"It's a lot of work to run both cars on the same day," says Polewarczyk. "Both cars require different adjustments and just drive differently. Luckily we run our ACT car a lot at Airborne so we have a good baseline setup for that car. If all goes as planned, that car will be pretty good and we can spend some extra time trying to get our PASS car handling well. It's all about finding a balance with both cars."

While a lot of attention will be focused on the double duty drivers on Sunday, equal attention should also be given to the great points battles in PASS. After losing the PASS North points lead to DJ Shaw at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Mike Rowe rebounded well at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway and carries a 30-point advantage to Airborne. On the flip side, Rowe's son, Ben, has struggled as of late, losing the PASS National points lead to North Carolina's Tate Fogleman. The third generation racer will carry a scant three point advantage over Ben Rowe in his first ever trip to Airborne Park Speedway.

"I'm excited to race in New York following our strong run on the mile at New Hampshire," says Fogleman, who finished 7th in his recent out at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. "My team and I have been working really hard to get the car prepared for another big race. We have a good feeling about this coming weekend and are planning on having another good finish."

A great field of PASS AIM Recycling Super Late Model Presented By Kenny U-Pull is expected this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway for the history making AIM 60. Defending series champion DJ Shaw will be joined by Mike and Ben Rowe, along with former PASS AIM Recycling Super Late Model champions Cassius Clark and Johnny Clark. Two-time defending AIM Recycling Oxford 250 champion Travis Benjamin will lead the Maine contingent along with Richie Dearborn, Glen Luce, Scott Mulkern, and Joey Doiron. New Hampshire's Bryan Kruczek will be looking to continue his strong season, along with Patrick Laperle, Raphael Lessard and Eric St. Gelais, who are planning to come down from Quebec. Some of New England's toughest contenders hope to be in contention as well including Ted Christopher, Brian Hoar, Derek Ramstrom, and Bobby Thierren.

Action begins on Friday at Airborne Park Speedway with practice from 3 to 6:45 PM for the PASS AIM Recycling Super Late Models Presented By Kenny U-Pulland ACT Late Models. On Saturday, pit gates open at 7:30 AM, with rotating practice from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, qualifying will be at 6:30 PM and feature events will follow, featuring consis for the ACT Late Models and PASS Super Late Models and main events for Rev Star and Pro Cam Trucks. On Sunday, practice will go from 9 AM to 12:30 PM followed by main events at 1:30 PM featuring twin 200's for the PASS AIM Recycling Super Late Models and ACT Late Models.

The Pro All Stars Series is recognized as North America's premier sanctioning body for asphalt Super Late Models and boasts such marquee events as the legendary AIM Recycling Oxford 250 Presented By Kenny U-Pull at Oxford Plains Speedway and PASS South's Easter Bunny 150 at the historic Hickory Motor Speedway. For technical information concerning all PASS divisions please send questions to passracing@roadrunner.com. For media or marketing questions, please contact Alan Dietz at 704-231-2039 or alandietzpass@live.com.

And, don't forget to "Like" the Pro All Stars Series on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @PASSSLM14 to keep up with breaking news as it happens.


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