SUNDAY, JULY 10th, 2022

Photos by
Norm Marx
Photos by Sharon Perry
1) 50b - Gabe Brown - 150 Laps
2) 21d - Joey Doiron - 150
3) 00 - Jeremy Whorff - 150
4) 72 - Ryan Kuhn - 150
5) 23 - Dave Farrington Jr. - 150
6) 54 - Johnny Clark - 150
7) 29s - Trevor Sanborn - 150
8) 88 - Brandon Barker - 150
9) 61 - TJ Brackett - 150
10) 12x - Cory Bubar - 150
11) 4nh - Joey Polewarczyk Jr. - 150
12) 18s - Mike Scorzelli - 150
13) 94 - Garrett Hall - 150
14) 1 - Kyle Desouza - 150
15) 44 - Rusty Poland - 150
16) 56 - Evan Beaulieu - 150
17) 81 - Dan Winter - 148
18) 72x - Scott Robbins - 148
19) 20p - Joey Pastore - 148
20) 14 - Scott McDaniel - 147
21) 99 - Ben Ashline - 147
22) 17ma - Eddie MacDonald - 146
23) 20 - Rowland Robinson - 133
24) 12 - Dennis Spencer - 124
25) 53 - Cole Butcher - 122
26) 7b - Isaac Bevin - 96
27) 71 - Gary Drew - 96
28) 01 - Steven Chicoine - 84
29) 04 - TJ Watson - 62
30) 60b - Tim Brackett - 32
31) 60s - DJ Shaw - 9
32) 7g - Curtis Gerry - 8
33) 36 - Ryan Robbins - 8
34) 63 - Kyle Salemi - 8
35) 39 - Max Cookson - 8
36) 4 - Ben Rowe - 8
37) 5m - Dillon Moltz - 8
DNS - 88ma - Kevin Casper
DNS - 78 - Ivan Kaffel
DNS - 50gt - Jeff White
Photos by Norm Marx
Photos by
Sharon Perry
1) 38 - Garrett Lamb - 40 Laps
2) 1v - Brandon Varney - 40
3) 0 - Danny Wear - 40
4) 41 - Mike Nichols - 40
5) 2 - Ajay Cates - 40
6) 6 - Troy Morse - 40
7) 12 - Jimmy Emerson - 40
8) 7 - Spencer Vaughan - 40
9) 9 - Alex Ricker - 40
10) 10 - Bill Fiske - 40
11) 83 - Dan Brown - 40
12) 44 - Ashley Beyea - 40
13) 25 - Shawn Knight - 33
14) 52 - Colby Benjamin - 24
15) 00 - Zach Bowie - 16
16) 09 - Ryan Ripley - 15
17) 85 - Chanler Harrison - 8
Photos by Norm Marx
1) 85 - Kenny Harrison - 50 Laps
2) 1x - Christopher Smith - 50
3) 78 - Tiger Colby - 50
4) 5 - Dominic Corit - 50
5) 34 - Dylan Thyng - 50
6) 07 - Rick Thompson - 50
7) 35 - Kristina Nadeau - 50
8) 72 - Mike Sanford - 50
9) 31 - Shawn Brackett - 50
10) 11 - Matt Beers - 50
11) 0 - Alex Smith - 11
12) 92 - Colby Meserve - 11
Photos by Norm Marx
R&R Race Parts Street Stocks at OPS
1) 4 - Jordan Russell - 50 Laps
2) 17h - Kurt Hewins - 50
3) 14 - Anthony Moore - 50
4) 68 - Tanner Woodard - 50
5) 35 - Kris Watson - 50
6) 89 - Ryan Phillips - 50
7) 40n - Dan McKeage Jr. - 50
8) 61r - Cole Robinson - 50
9) 27 - Pat Thorne - 50
10) 28 - James Doucette - 50
11) 45 - Adam Maynard - 49
12) 56 - Shawn McKeage - 19
DNS - 71 - Donny Silva
DQ - 2 - Christopher Buffone
DQ - 5 - Jason Gadbury
Photos by
Norm Marx
The ACT Tour Oxford 125 Official Results
Oxford Plains Speedway - 7-10-22
Finish, (Start Pos.), Car #, Driver, Hometown
1. (2) 86VT  Marcel J. Gravel - Wolcott, VT
2. (12) 03MA  Derek Gluchacki - North Dartmouth, MA
3. (8) 21QC  Alexandre Tardif - Notre Dame des Pins, QC
4. (16) 04VT  D.J. Shaw - Center Conway, NH
5. (4) 5ME  Dillon Moltz - New Sharon, ME
6. (14) 5MA  Tom Carey III - New Salem, MA
7. (15) 4NH  #Jamie Swallow Jr. - Stark, NH
8. (1) 12NH  Jeffrey Labrecque Jr. - Strafford, NH
9. (11) 41QC  Jonathan Bouvrette - Blainville, QC
10. (18) 36NH  Erick Sands - Derry, NH
11. (17) 7NH #Cody Leblanc - Berlin, NH
12. (6) 78NH  Quinten Welch - Groveton, NH
13. (7) 98MA  Ryan Flood - Sandwich, MA
14. (5) 99ME  Ben Ashline - Palmyra, ME
15. (9) 27NC  #Robby Gordon Douglas - Charlotte, NC
16. (13) 27NH  #Cam Huntress - Rochester, NH
17. (19) 33QC  Remi Perreault - Joliette, QC
18. (3) 47NH  Brockton Davis - Whitefield, NH
19. (21) 77MA  James Linardy - Somerville, MA
20. (24) 04ME  Jamie Swallow Sr. - Groveton, NH
21. (20) 21VT  Reilly Lanphear - Waterbury, VT
22. (10) 30NH  Rich Dubeau - Lebanon, NH
23. (22) 69ME  David MacDonald - New Gloucester, ME
24. (23) 39VT  Mike Foster - Williston, VT

Brown Crowned Oxford PASS Winner

Gabe Brown of Center Conway, NH started his Super Late Model racing career at Oxford Plains Speedway. In 2017 watching a young 15-year-old fresh out go-karts, we assumed it wouldn't be long before Gabe would capture his first Victory on the famed 3/8-mile oval. He had visited victory lane at Oxford 11 times with a go-kart, and in 2018 he was crowned the track champion at Oxford in the Super Late Model division. However, he had never won a race. After almost 5 years of trying Gabe Brown is now finally a winner at Oxford and finally a winner on the Pro All Stars Series. Gabe is polarizing driver, you either love him or hate him. Today there wasn't much to hate. Gabe never put a scratch on his Lucy's Ice Cream #50 and led all 150 laps on his way to becoming the 108th different winner in Pro All Stars Series competition.

With 40 PASS SLMs on the property the heat racing is as important as ever. Gabe Brown started the day off right with winning the first heat. The second and third heat races went to Corey Bubar and Joey Doiron respectively. With as many cars as were attempting to make the show there was also a need for consolation races. DJ Shaw and Brandon Barker picked up the consi wins. All in all 37 drivers would line up for 150 laps with just Kevin Casper, Ivan Kaffel and Jeff White taking the trip home a little early.

As the green flag waved you could see drivers were amped up and ready to get on the wheel. Gabe Brown launched out to the early jump over Corey Bubar. The 6/12/22 OPS PASS SLM winner Joey Doiron was already charging through the field.

The first incident of the race came at lap 5. Former Oxford 250 Champion Gary Drew took a spin while Steven Chicoine and Ben Ashline took a trip off the track. As the field came back around some damage was apparent on Cole Butcher's #53, and there was major damage to the PASS North point leader Eddie MacDonald's #17MA. With the nose, hood, and fenders ripped off, Eddie and would carry on very bruised and battered.

It wouldn't take long for more mayhem. Just 4 laps after the restart Scott McDaniel went for a spin off the top of turn 4 but that would soon be forgotten about as disaster struck on the front stretch. The red flag flew as Ben Rowe, the all-time win leader in the Pro All Stars Series and the only driver to start every race, took a huge impact to the sand bank in turn 1. Kyle Salemi hit the fence down by the Crash Pad Bar and Lounge. The RB Performance OCS weekly SLM series points leader Max Cookson and another former PASS MODS Champ Ryan Robbins both sustained heavy damage that would end their days. Dillon Moltz and Curtis Gerry also were forced to retire as well.

Joey Pole, Garett Hall, Ryan Kuhn, and DJ Shaw were also involved. Pole, Hall,  and Kuhn would continue on, but after the red flag ended Shaw would bring out another caution one lap later. DJ fell through the field quickly with something seriously amiss with the #60s. The five-time PASS North Champion spun to the infield to bring out the caution. While slowing down for the caution Tim and TJ Brackett got together sending the #60b of Tim Brackett into Shaw's lane and a head-on collision would ensue. Tim would continue on but Shaw would be done for the day.

Things would then go clean and green for a while with 2006 Oxford 250 Champion Jeremy Whorff turning heads. His brand new #00 was fastest in 3 of the 6 SLM practice sessions held over the weekend between the weekly and tour cars. He spun out of the top 5 on Saturday night, but on lap 42 Whorff had already moved into the third spot and was looking for more.

On lap 51 Joey Doiron made a daring 3 wide move to pass both TJ Brackett and PASS New England North (NEN) Point Leader Trevor Sanborn to take over the fourth spot.

The fourth caution of the day would fly when a frustrated Joey Pastore got into the back of Rusty Poland and sent the #44 Derek Kneeland Racing Machine around. An innocent victim, defending Oxford Plains Track Champion Dave Farrington Jr. would spin as well.

The green would fly once again, and just like the other 5 times Brown would retain the lead. As halfway came and went Brown led Corey Bubar, Whorff, Doiron and Sanborn. Whorff would then overtake Bubar for the second spot. Whorff was on a charge as Gabe Brown was struggling to get around the torn up #17ma of Eddie Mac. Eddie and Gabe haven't always seen eye to eye, and all four times Gabe lapped Eddie it was a moment of excitement.

Caution #5 waved on lap 93 as Joey Pastore's woes would continue with another spin. This race was one to forget if you were named Joey P. Joey Pole would bring out the 6th caution for a spin off the top of turn 2. Cautions breed cautions and another yellow was brewing this time for Dennis Spencer Jr., Isaac Bevin, Gary Drew, and Scott Robbins in an incident in turn 4 on lap 97.

11 laps later Joey Doiron was looking to take the third spot away from Corey Bubar. Bubar was having a stellar performance but his top 5 run would go away after contact from Doiron caused a spin on lap 109. With 41 laps remaining this would be the final caution of the event.

Joey Doiron and Jeremy Whorff were hot on Gabe Brown's tail, but Brown would not be denied his first victory. Doiron would edge out Whorff by just four hundredths of a second for P2. Third place for Whorff should be a big confidence builder as we are just over a month away from the 49th Annual Oxford 250 where he would like to add his name to the list of multi time champions.

4th place Ryan Kuhn recovered from his early race incident to take advantage of Eddie MacDonald's misfortunes. Kuhn is second in points and will close the point gap from a 59 point gap to just 23 markers. Dave Farrington Jr. also recovered from a mid-race spin to finish in the 5th spot.

Plan your trip to White Mountain Motorsports Park this weekend for double SLM races on Friday, July 15th and Saturday, July 16th. The first visit of the season at White Mountain for PASS should be a good one.

White Mountain is a popular track for both drivers and fans alike. Just a short trip up the Kancamagus Highway from Oxford or a quick ride from NHMS. White Mountain offers bad fast race cars on a tight 1/4 mile high banked race track with simply one of the greatest camping areas you will ever happen upon.

See not only the PASS Super Late Models but also the NESS Big Block Super Modifieds, PASS MODS, New England Pro-4 Modifieds, and White Mountain's weekly divisions. Come on down for another jam-packed racing weekend.


Lap leaders: #50 Brown (1-150)

Most Laps Led: #50 Brown (150)

Hard Charger: #72ma Ryan Kuhn 23rd to 4th (19 Spots)

Hard Luck: #60b Brackett 3rd to 30th (27 Spots)

Fastest Lap: #12x Corey Bubar 15.905 (Lap 14)

Total Time of Event: 1:13:35

Cautions: 8

Heat Winners: Gabe Brown #50, Corey Bubar #12x, Joey Doiron #21d


The ever so popular PASS MODS were on tap for there third race of the season. Troy Morse and Ryan Ripley took home the two heat races that helped set the field for 40 green flag laps. Where Ripley is already a winner at Oxford this season, he was relegated with an 11th place starting position. So Troy Morse and Danny Wear led the field to green.

Morse took off strong chasing his first career win in 15 years after a failed retirement attempt. Wear led the first lap but Morse battled back hard and retook the spot. If things could stay green Morse was surely on his way to that elusive victory. But a trio of spins from Zachary Bowie, Alex Ricker, and Ashley Beyea slowed the field on lap 8,9 and 10.

Racing action resumed and Troy took off with the lead but 2nd place point man Garrett Lamb in his #38 had other plans on lap 14 as he drove under Morse without contact for the lead. Further back in the pack Ryan Ripley was getting aggressive. His #09 made contact with the #83 of Dan Brown. They both went spinning. Ripley caromed of the sand banking back onto the racing surface and into harms way. Zachary Bowie had nowhere to go and clobbered Ripley. Destroying both racecars and ending both of their days.

Lamb leads the restart and Troy Morse try's to hold onto second. Falling back on the outside groove Morse attempts to fit his full-size race car in to 3/4 of a hole on the bottom in front of Wear they make it through without incident but Wear is hot on his tail with current point leader and two time PASS MODS Tour Winner Brandon Varney wanting a piece of the action.

Varney driving his beloved car named Barney moves into the third spot and rides there until lap 30. Morse and Varney make a little contact but they continue on. The chain reaction however causes Shawn Knight to look up the brakes and spin. Causing the 5th caution of the race.

Shawn's problems weren't over yet. On lap 34 the caution fell again as Knight and Jimmy Emerson took a ride off the top of the track. Knight blew a radiator hose and his day would end 6 laps early as his bad luck continues on the tour. One more caution flag on for a Troy Morse spin was all that stood in the way for Garrett Lamb.

After the 7th caution it was all Garrett Lamb, with Brandon Varney finishing second, Danny Wear finishing third. Mike Nichols and Ajay Cates roundied out the top 5. The win will give the GNG Gift driver the point lead by just two points over Brandon Varney going into Open Wheel Friday July 15th at White Mountain Motorsports Park.

Lamb and Varney were both rookies in the division last year but have quickly become the two favorites for the season long point battle. Each now have two tour wins in their career in PASS MODS competition but a lot more are on the horizon for the two young guns.

The American Canadian Tour was also in town for a 125 lap main event. Marcel Gravel put on a clinic in his #86vt leading 124 of 125 Laps. The win wasn't without a challenge from hot shoe "Super Glue" Derek Gluchacki in the #03ma who closed in late but had to settle for second. Alexander Tardif in the #21bc of British Columbia ran third and ACT Point Leader DJ Shaw of Center Conway, NH came home fourth. Fifth place went to the #5me of Dillon Moltz. The top five drivers all from different states and providences is exactly what the American Canadian Tour is all about. The best drivers from across the globe competing week in and week out. This was Marcel Gravel's first ACT win and first win at the historic 3/8 mile.

The DLM Landscaping & Excavation Limiteds Division was in action for a 50 lap battle. The K1 Kid Kenny Harrison took home his 36th career victory at Oxford Plains Speedway. Kenny's son Michael is a racer himself, and after Kenny had an issue with his hot rod in practice, Michael went home grabbed his car and brought it back to the track for his Dad to borrow. Kenny made the extra effort worth it beating out series point leader and multi-time Beech Ridge Champion Chris Smith. Tiger Colby finished third while Dominic Corit and Dylan Thyng rounded out the top 5.

Another old guy to put on a performance was Kurt Hewins a former Limited Champion himself. Kurt hustled his way to a second place finish in the R & R Race Parts Street Stock Open. To define Kurt Hewins' career in two words it would be easy. He wins. 30 times alone in a street stock at Oxford. This time however Kurt had nothing for Jordan Russell.

Russell has about 30 years less experience in a stock car then Kurt, but Russell put a fifth notch in his belt for wins this season at OPS. Russell was the OPS Street Stocks Champion last season and the Honey Badger Street Stock Champ in 2020. Russell made it look easy by leading wire to wire and posting the fastest time of the event. Following Jordan and Kurt across the line were the #14 of Anthony Moore in third, the #68 of Tanner Woodward in fourth and the #35 of Kris Watson in fifth.


Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497


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