SATURDAY, JUNE 25th, 2022
A PASS NORTH SLM Overall Event &
A New England South Event = NES
Photos by Norm Marx
Photos by Joe Fernandes
Photos by  Michael Rothwell

PASS SEEKONK Race Video Highlights HERE
1) 54 - Johnny Clark - 150 Laps
2) 8 - Angelo Belsito - 150
3) 17ma - Eddie MaxDonald - 150
4) 27nh - Wayne Helliwell Jr. - 150
5) 50 - Gabe Brown - 150
6) 72 - Ryan Kuhn - 150
7) 88 - Brandon Barker - 150
8) 94 - Garrett Hall - 150
9) 14me - Ben Ashline - 150
10) 48 - Derek Gluchaki - 150
11) 52 - Jake Matheson - 150
12) 12 - Bobby Pelland III - 150
13) 02 - Brian Whalley - 150
14) 39 - Nick Lascoula - 149
15) 06 - Brandon Turbush - 147
16) 7b - Isaac Bevin - 146
17) 12g - Derek Griffith - 96
18) 52d - Dave Darling - 95
19) 17r - Vinnie Arregnado - 95
20) 88ma - Kevin Casper - 95
21) 11b - Jacob Burns - 95
22) 00 - Jimmy Renfrew - 87
23) 15ma - Jake Johnson - 74
24) 5 - Ben Rowe - 41
25) 46 - Dylan Estrada - 34
Seekonk Score for Clark
7-time PASS North Champion Johnny Clark #54 scored his 45th career Pro All Stars Series Victory at Seekonk Speedway, Saturday night June 25th. This was Clark's 4th win at the 1/3-mile bullring and his 3rd in the last 4 attempts. Clark had to survive 11 cautions, fend off some of the Pro All Stars Series hottest drivers and a bunch of former Seekonk Speedway Track Champions for the victory.

Heat races as always determined the starting positions for the main event, and the three heat races were won by Gabe Brown #50, Angelo Belsito #8 and Nick Lascoula #39. Gabe Brown and Angelo "The Beast" Belsito brought the field to green for the 150-lap main event. Brown took off with the lead while former Seekonk Mini Cup and Legends Champion Nick Lascoula followed Browns #50 in the second spot.

Brian Whalley #02 slowed the race twice. First on lap 14 and then again two laps later. Lascoula learned a little lesson from Brown on the first restart and on the second attempt was able to overtake Brown from the outside for first place on lap 17. The Beast of Belsito also was able to make his way past Brown.

Dylan Estrella and Ben Rowe, drivers with recent success at Seekonk, had early struggles and brought their cars to the pits before lap 42. The #48 of Derek Gluchacki had an issue on lap 45 and spun in turn two bringing out the 3rd caution.

Belsito was ready for his chance to lead. Firing off from the second position he challenged Lascoula for the lead. They swapped the lead back in forth before Belsito prevailed 3 laps later. Johnny Clark and Gabe Brown would soon over take the #39 of Lascoula as well for second and third.

The yellow flag flew for the 4th time on lap 71 when Wayne Helliwell #27nh took a spin off turn 2. Belsito was able to keep the lead for a minute, but a heavy challenge from Johnny Clark would be coming soon. The Beast and the defending champ touch in turn 3. Then collide in turn four.  All of a sudden Belsito was sitting in the infield spun out of the lead on after contact with Clark on lap 87.

Gabe Brown wanted the lead back on lap 88 but Johnny Clark worked hard for the position and took full control of the top spot back on lap 89. The #06 of Brandon Turbush had a little spin on the front stretch on lap 93 - repacking the field for more chaos.

Clark continues to lead but David Darling #52d is on the move. Darling an 8-time Seekonk Track Champion was battling for second spot with Gabe Brown and looked poised to give Clark a challenge. Gabe had other plans. A bump exiting turn 2 from Brown sent Darling spinning in front of a side-by-side pack of 20 or so of the bad fast Super Late Models remaining on track. The #17r of Vinnie Arrenegado making his SLM debut made a big impact with the rear of Nick Lascoula then made heavy contact with the backstretch retaining wall. Kevin Casper #88ma, Jake Matheson #52, Ben Ashline ##14me, Brian Whalley #02, Fred Astle #72, Brandon Barker #88 and Jacob Burns #11b were involved. In all this would remove four cars from the event with multiple others continuing to limp on.

With that mix-up Johnny Clark, The Outlaw Eddie MacDonald #17ma, Derek Griffith  #12g, Issac Bevin #7b and Derek Gluchacki #48 would be the new top 5. Derek Griffith had been having a quiet day in his return to PASS competition after a slight hiatus due to torn up racecars. Just when it looked like DG12's luck was about to change, the #12g suffered a flat tire just before the lap 97 green flag.

On the restart Eddie MacDonald went to the point for a lap before Clark retook the spot. Caution #8 flew for an Isaac Bevin flat tire brought on by some contact with Nick Lascoula.

On lap 105. Clark led the field after the restart but Wayne Helliwell #27nh was the new 2nd place runner with Belsito in 3rd. While Eddie MacDonald faded towards the back with an a flat tire. MacDonald spun himself out and brought out the 9th caution of the feature. The Outlaw returns to the end of the field with serious ground to make up.

Luckily for Eddie Mac the cautions weren't done yet. Lascoula and Ashline collide with 14 laps remaining. With 11 laps left the 11th and final caution flew for a Jake Matheson, Nick Lascoula and Bobby Pelland #12 spin.

The Beast Angelo Belsito had 11 laps to take the lead away from Clark. They beat and bang door to door multiple times on the final restart but Clark had the preferred grove and held on. With just 4 to go Wayne Helliwell and Gabe Brown were really getting after it for the final spot on the podium. They raced each other so hard they forgot about Eddie Mac. MacDonald was able to capitalize on the pair sliding up the track and drove under them both for the third position.

Clark watched it all from his rear-view mirror as the 54 Clark's Car Crushing entry picked up his first victory of the season. The Beast Angelo Belsito was second and the 17 MA wound up third. That finish was good enough for Eddie to stretch out a big lead in the PASS North Point Standings. But with the introduction of a drop race being factored in to the series, no lead is safe this early in the season.

The PASS Stars and their cars will be back in action July 10th at Oxford Plains Speedway where huge 40 plus car counts and fantastic racing has been the norm this season. The two previous races have been won by Cole Butcher and Joey Doiron, but Johnny Clark has two straight second place finishes there this season and is looking to bring some momentum back to Oxford for one spot better.

While the PASS stars have gotten the victorys down so far this season, don't count out the vast Oxford Plains Speedway Championship Series Roster. Kyle Desouza #1  finished third in the last Oxford PASS race, Dave Farrington Jr. #23, Curtis Gerry #7g, and Alan Tardiff #9 are all hard to count out, Rookie Phenom Max Cookson looks to get vengeance on a missed opportunity for his first PASS SLM top 5 finish after leading laps a few weeks back. Make sure to visit Oxford Plains Speedway July 10th because there is nothing ordinary about the plains.


Lap leaders: #50 Brown (1-16, 88) #39 Lascoula (17-45, 47-48) #8 Belsito (46, 49-86), #54 Clark (87, 89-97 99-150), #17ma MacDonald  (98)

Most Laps Led: #54 Johnny Clark (62 Laps)

Hard Charger: #72 Fred Astle 21st to 6th (15 Spots)

Hard Luck: #11B Jacob Burns 4th to 21st (17 Spots)

Fastest Lap: #54 Johnny Clark 12.690 (Lap 9)

Total Time of Event: 1:05:10

Cautions: 11

Heat Winners: Gabe Brown #50, Angelo Belsito #8B, Nick Lascoula #39


Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497


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