SUNDAY, SEPT. 11th, 2022
DJ Shaw #60, 2nd; Winner Johnny Clark #54;
and Eddie MacDonald #17ma, 3rd.
Photos by Sharon Perry
1) 54 - JOHNNY CLARK - 150 LAPS
2) 60 - DJ SHAW - 150
4) 72 - RYAN KUHN - 150
5) 29 - TREVOR SANBORN - 150
6) 50 - GABE BROWN - 150
7) 20 - ROWLAND ROBINSON, JR. - 150
8) 20P - JOE PASTORE - 150
9) 24 - BEN ROWE - 149
10) 14 - SCOTT MCDANIEL - 147
11) 99 - BEN ASHLINE - 113
12)  96 - WYATT ALEXANDER - 72
13) 84 - JAMIE WRIGHT - 61
14) 12 - DENNIS SPENCER, JR. - 8
Heat Winners: 20P - JOE PASTORE, 54 - JOHNNY CLARK
Brandon Varney #1, 2nd; Winner Dan Brown #83:
and Garrett Lamb #38, 3rd.
Photos by
Sharon Perry
1) 83 - DAN BROWN - 50 LAPS
2) 1 - BRANDON VARNEY - 50
3) 38 - GARRETT LAMB - 50
4) 7 - SPENCER VAUGHN - 50
5) 10 - BILL FISKE - 50
6) 34 - TYLER ROBBINS - 50
7) 52 - COLBY BENJAMIN - 50
8) 6 - TROY MORSE - 49
9) 44 - ASHLEY BEYEA - 49
10) 343 - SPENCER MORSE - 40
Heat Winners: 6 - TROY MORSE, 83 - DAN BROWN
Clark Claims a Little Redemption
 in Potato Country
The 4th Annual Feed the County 150 at Spud Speedway not only put on a great event but also helped raise $20,000 for Catholic Charities of Maine to help fund 28 Food Banks throughout Northern Maine.

Johnny Clark coming of a heartbreaking loss in the Oxford 250 was the dominate car in Pro All Stars Series Super Late Model Competition and picked up his 3rd feature win of the season. Dan Brown continued his hot streak, picking up his second consecutive PASS MODS win.

The PASS MODS opened the action at Spud Speedway with two heats. Troy Morse and Dan Brown would take the heats in their first competitive laps on the track. Since Brown was a previous winner, he would have to move to the back half of the field while Troy Morse would lead the field to green.

Troy Morse would leap out to the early advantage while Troy's nephew, Spencer Morse, took a little spill off the top of the front stretch on the initial start. Spencer was able to keep the car going but would lose a few spots. Off track excursions would be common for drivers named Spencer in this one. Spencer Vaughn in the process of trying to chase Troy Morse back down for the top spot slid through the infield. Vaughn was able to keep the car going but would lose multiple spots in the process.

Bill Fiske would inherit the second position and soon was knocking on Troy Morse's back bumper for the lead. The top three in PASS MODS points started to work their way to the front as well. Point leader Garrett Lamb, Brandon Varney and Dan Brown would soon make up the top 5.

Everything looked to be smooth sailing for the #6 of Troy Morse as he was about to take the 10 to go signal from the flag man when thee first caution of the race would fly instead. Spencer Morse's troubles would continue as he once again drove off the top of the front straightaway this time spinning in front of traffic and collecting Colby Benjamin. Benjamin was able to continue on. However the #34 car of Morse would call it a day.

This was Troy Morse's best opportunity to win a PASS MODS race in 15 years. Troy was one of th pioneers of the division back in the mid 2000's and is a former winner on the tour. Due to a substantial amount of time out of the driver's seat, Troy hadn't won a race since 2007. Even with resetting the field under caution the veteran driver was still confident. The dreams of returning were quickly deflated however when contact under caution from the 10 car of Bill Fiske would cut down his right front tire. The Six Pack racing crew was able to change the tire and get him back on track before green, but the day wouldn't get any better for the #6. Troy would take two single car spins off the top of turn 3 as he tried to work his way back through the field.

In the midst of the restarts Dan Brown would overtake Fiske on the top side and Brandon Varney and Garrett Lamb would follow through and Dan Brown ended up bringing the #83 home with the Victory and the 50 lbs bag of potatoes awarded to every Spud Speedway winner, with Varney and Lamb rounding out the top 3.

The Super Late Model heat races were thrillers. Joey Pastore fresh off a big pay day from lap leader money at the Oxford 250 would lead the first heat wire to wire after battling fuel issues all day and missing most of practice. Johnny Clark would move up from his fourth place starting spot to win heat number two. Joe Pastore and PASS All Time Win leader Ben Rowe would lead the field to green for the Feed the County 150.

Pastore would take off with the early jump. Meanwhile veterans of Johnny Clark, DJ Shaw and Eddie MacDonald started to make their way to the front from their starting spots outside of the top 10 due to the PASS handicapping system.

The most impressive of the prior winners on the season was point leader Ryan Kuhn. 50 laps in Kuhn had already made his way up into the third position. Pastore would finally fall into the second spot as Ben Rowe would take the lead away. Johnny Clark would eventually grab the third spot from Kuhn and continue his charge to the front.

The first caution would come out for the #84 of Jamie Wright spinning out in turn 4 just before halfway. On the ensuing restart Joe Pastore would grab the lead back. Ryan Kuhn would bring out the second caution after a spin due to a flat tire caused by contact with the #50 of Gabe Brown.

Ben Rowe took the lead back from Pastore on the top side on the restart, but it would be short lived as Johnny Clark would move into the lead a few laps later and begin to set sail. DJ Shaw would move his #60 into second place and Eddie MacDonald #17ma would take the third spot away from Rowe.

The field would rattle off the rest of the race without incident, and Johnny would pickup the potatoes for the second time at Spud Speedway. DJ Shaw finished second continuing his top 3 streak with three podiums in three races. Eddie MacDonald would finish third and would gain a few points on Ryan Kuhn in the yearlong points chase.

The points battle will continue Saturday, September 17th, at White Mountain Motorsports Park in the Fall Foliage 150. Both the Super Late Models and PASS MODS will be in action as Johnny Clark looks for a second win in a row on the tour and a second win in a row at White Mountain.


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