FRIDAY, SEPT. 30th, 2022
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Milk Bowl Friday 
Photos by
Norm Marx
Photos by
Sharon Perry
1) 72 - Ryan Kuhn - 150 Laps
2) 29 - Trevor Sanborn - 150
3) 20 - Joe Pastore - 150
4) 52 - Jake Matheson - 150
5) 39 - Max Cookson - 150
6) 50 - Gabe Brown - 150
7) 5x - Bobby Therrien - 150
8) 00nh - Jimmy Renfrew Jr. - 148
9) 60 - DJ Shaw  - 148
10) 81 - Dan Winter - 146
11) 09 - Jeremy Davis - 143
12) 10 - Kate Re - 130
13) 17ma - Eddie MacDonald - 106
14) 00 - Jeremy Whorff - 93
15) 14 - Scott McDaniel - 87
Kuhn Capitalizes on Late Race Calamity
for First Thunder Road Victory
Barre, VT -- Ryan Kuhn is no stranger to Thunder Road. A former Milk Bowl Pole sitter and former American Canadian Tour Rookie of the year, Kuhn has made many a trip to Quarry Hill. Never to be victorious. All of that changed after Friday, September 30th as Kuhn was able to stand in victory lane at the Nations Site of Excitement. Excitement was at a premium in this one though as Kuhn would only lead 4 laps enroute to his victory.

Bad Boy Bobby Therrien and 2021 Thunder Road PASS winner Trevor Sanborn would lead the field to green. Therrien the 2019 Milk Bowl Champion has more laps around Thunder Road than any of his competition and took off with the early advantage. Sanborn would fall in behind and patiently until taking the lead away on lap 17. Therrien would start to slide backwards as 2022 Oxford Plains Speedway SLM Champion Max Cookson worked his way into the second position.
Jimmy Renfrew, Eddie MacDonald, DJ Shaw, and Gabe Brown would also squeeze by Therrien as well dropping the #5vt well outside the top 5.

The young phenom Max Cookson wasn't satisfied with running second for long as on lap 29 the #39 car pulled along side the #29 car of Sanborn and took over the point. Cookson making only his third start at Thunder Road and his very first in a Super Late Model looked to be the man to beat early on. The Outlaw Eddie MacDonald #17ma was on a hard charge and moved quickly from deep in the field to the 2nd position after moving to the inside of Sanborn.

DJ Shaw, Gabe Brown and Ryan Kuhn all in contention with Eddie MacDonald for the PASS North Points Championship quickly followed suit under Sanborn and soon the top four cars in points were all running in the top 5. Cookson continued to lead but lap traffic helped the points contenders get close to the #39 car's rear bumper. Cookson was able to stretch the lead back out, continuing his dominance lapping all but the top 6 competitors including earlier front runner Trevor Sanborn.

DJ Shaw took the second spot away from Eddie MacDonald for a moment, but Macdonald pulled a textbook crossover move out of turn four. Contact entering turn one sent two of the top contenders spinning into the turn one wall, causing heavy damage to both the #60 and the #17ma and bringing out the first caution of the event.

While the incident was heartbreaking for MacDonald and Shaw. Trevor Sanborn was the recipient of the lucky dog and was able to catapult himself back into the top 5 with less than 50 laps remaining.

Cookson was able to hold the lead on the restart over Gabe Brown. But Brown had a rocketship. After trading paint for two laps Gabe took the lead away on lap 109.

Ryan Kuhn had all of a sudden quietly worked his way all the way up to the third spot from his 14th place starting position. After a few slight challenges Gabe Brown had opened up a half straightaway advantage before Jimmy Renfrew's #00 came to a rest on the backstretch with a flat. Caution #2 would allow an opportunity for the field to be realigned once again with just 16 laps remaining.

16 laps at Thunder Road is just about 4 miles and can be completed by PASS Super Late Models in just over 3 minutes. What looked to be a Sunday drive to victory for the Lucy's Ice Cream #50 was about to come with a twist. Joe Pastore was able to get the Lucky Dog and earn his way back on to the lead lap in the 6th position. Brown got himself clear for the lead but Max Cookson was not going to let him get away. Cookson was able to throttle up on the inside lane and work underneath Brown with 5 laps to go. The pair touched and were both sideways in turn one. Cookson gathered it up quicker than Brown and powered away with the lead into turn three. Brown unhappy with the move put the front bumper to Cookson, spinning the #39 out of the lead with just four laps to go. PASS Race Control determined that the 50 car would be sent to the rear for spinning out Cookson. Ryan Kuhn would then inherit the lead.

Kuhn would power away with the lead with Jake Matheson #52 on his outside. Trevor Sanborn would follow Kuhn past Matheson to second. Joe Pastore #20 and Matheson would door slam each other battling for the third spot.

Kuhn would score the win with Sanborn second. Joe Pastore in his first Thunder Road start would edge Matheson out at the line. If loosing out on the last podium spot wasn't bad enough for Matheson, the result of hard racing for the third spot sent his #52 machine into and on top of the front stretch wall. The car then rode the wall all the way into the turn one tire barrier. While Jake climbed from his machine unscathed. the car sustained heavy damage and the low-buck team's season may in fact be coming to an early end.

A dramatic race coming to a dramatic close as Ryan Kuhn and the Everett's Auto Parts team celebrated in Lenny's Shoe and Apparel Victory Lane. "It's better to be lucky than good, I guess. Man, we've been horrible here in the past. My first top five here and it's a win."

This is only Kuhn's second PASS win, but he helps his case for his first PASS Championship. Trevor Sanborn and Joe Pastore both recovering from being put a lap down for podium finishes.

The Pro All Stars Series will return to competition this Saturday, October 8th at Thompson Motorsports Park as a part of World Series Weekend. Also in action Saturday Night is the New England Supermodified Series and the American Canadian Tour supported by mini stocks, Pro Fours, NEMA LITES, Exit Realty Trucks and the Sunoco Modifieds.


Heat Race Winner Bobby Therrien #5vt, Eddie MacDonald #17ma

Cautions: 3

Lap Leaders: Bobby Therrien #5vt 1-16 (16 laps); Trevor Sanborn #2917-28 (12 Laps); Max Cookson #39 29-108 (80 laps); Gabe Brown #50 109-146 (38 Laps); Ryan Kuhn #72 147-150 (4 laps)

Most Laps Lead: Max Cookson #39 - 80 Laps

Biggest Mover: Ryan Kuhn#72 - 14th to 1st (13 spots)

Hard Luck: Dan Winter #81 - 3rd to 10th (7 spots)

Total Time of Event: 40:21.298
Photos by
Norm Marx
Photos by
Sharon Perry
1) 34 - Spencer Morse - 40 Laps
2) 7 - Spencer Vaughan - 40
3) 9 - Alex Ricker - 40
4) 83 - Dan Brown - 40
5) 38 - Garrett Lamb - 40
6) 1 - Brandon Varney - 40
7) 6m - Troy Morse - 40
8) 52 - Colby Benjamin - 40
9) 17 - Mike Davis - 40
10) 10 - Bill Fiske - 39
Spencer Morse Scores TRoad Win
Spencer Vaughan and Alex Ricker two drivers searching for their first trophies in the PASS MODS series would bring the field to green for the 40-lap main event. Spencer Vaughan had never finished worse than 6th at Thunder Road International Speedbowl and had been in contention for a trophy in both previous starts. Alex Ricker was passing for the lead in last years event in his first race in Barre, VT before contact with the treacherous front stretch wall ended his day.
With both drivers finishing top 5 in their heat and running in the top 5 in practice most of the day a first time PASS MODS winner seemed to have a high probability.

As the green flag was thrown Spencer Vaughan #7 charged to the lead while Spencer Morse #34 would ride his coat tails into second. Ricker # 9would also fall victim to Troy Morse  #6m before falling into the fourth position.

The Spencer and Spencer show was in full force at the front of the field as the #7 of Vaughan and the #34 of Morse started to open up a half straight away advantage over the rest of the field. Morse tried to work his way around Vaughan to no avail for a dozen laps before executing a crossover move to take the lead away on lap #13. Vaughan quickly made his way back to the bottom and stayed right on Morse's rear bumper as cars from 3rd on back continued to duel for position.

Driver Troy Morse #6m who had the third spot led 49 of 50 laps in the 2021 Thunder Road event only to lose to Max Cookson on a last lap pass. Another trophy looked to be in the cards for Troy until a lap 24 caution would fly for second place point man Brandon Varney #1v after a single car spin.

The field would be reset and Spencer Vaughan would get the jump on the initial start. Vaughan would all but clear the #34 car, but Morse would paint the white line on the inside groove and recapture the lead. Vaughan slid back to the bottom groove as well but the move causes a stack up through the field. Troy Morse would get side ways and lose multiple positions while Ricker took advantage of the opportunity to grab the third spot.

With just 8 laps remaining the point leader Garrett Lamb #38 and the #10 of Bill Fiske collided. Fiske flew to the top of the track in a shower of sparks, just barely keeping it off the turn 1 wall. Fortunately, all cars were able to continue.

Act #3 of the Spencer and Spencer Show was in full force as Morse was able to hold on to the lead this time and cruise off with the victory. Vaughan would be able to hold on for second and Alex Ricker was able to bring home the final spot on the podium. Ricker and Vaugh were both able pick up their first trophies while an exuberant Morse picked up his first career win at Thunder Road. "I've struggled here. This is such a cool place to watch a race. I'm such a fan of this place but we've been awful here. It's awesome to come out here and not suck for once."

The PASS MODS will be off this weekend but will be back in action for their PASS MODS Championship Night at Oxford Plains Speedway Saturday October 15th. Garrett Lamb will enter the event 26 points ahead of Brandon Varney. Lamb will have to secure a 10th place finish or better to secure his first PASS MODS Championship.

PASS MODS Heat Race Winner: Dan Brown #83
Photos by
Norm Marx
1) 11 - Ben Seitz - 50 Laps
2) 5 - Rob Summers - 50
3) 97 - Matt Swanson - 50
4) 41 - Russ Wood - 50
5) 51 - Dave Dugan - 50
6) 77 - Nick Sweet - 50
7) 25 - Dan Bowles - 22
8) 01 - Dan Connors - 22
9) 29 - Bobby Chartier - 3
Ben Seitz for the Win in the NESS #11
The New England Supermodifed Series NESS) invaded the town of Barre, VT for the second time in the tracks storied history. NESS brought 1000 horsepower, wide tired, winged machines to do battle on the quarter mile track at sub 10 second lap times.

Defending winner Jon McKennedy being unable to attend the event left an opening for a new winner to arise. One of those hopefuls was Nick Sweet one of the most successful drivers in Thunder Road history who was hoping to win in his first start in the #77 Supermodified.

However, the more likely contenderfor the win was the #25 of Dan Bowes which fastest in all three practices and was able to pick up the win in the first of two heat races. Ben Seitz in the #11 picked up heat win number 2. Bowes and Seitz would lead the 9-car field to green.

Dan Bowes mashed the pedal to the floor and jumped out to a half track lead in no time. Seitz and NESS points leader Rob Summers #5 battled for the second position. Dan Bowes quickly found his way into lap traffic. Bowes made quick work of Nick Sweets #77 car but had more trouble with the #01 of Dan Connors.

Just before halfway in the 50 lap main event as Bowes was attempting to pass to the outside of Connors to put him a lap down the two cars made contact. The left front of Bowes went over the top of the right rear tire of the #01 car causing the #25 car to catch a little air. The incident sent the number #25 machine careening into the backstretch wall, ripping off the top wing, right side suspension and some of the track safety lights. Bowes was uninjured, but his winning dreams were destroyed.

With a new race on tap without the dominate #25 car, Ben Seitz #11 set his sights on Victory Lane. Seitz turned his fastest lap of the race immediately following the restart. His lap of 10.1 was almost two full tenths slower than Bowes quick lap, but it was enough to pull away from Rob Summers quickly. Summers would fall in behind into second. Matt Swanson #97 making his first Super Modified appearance at Thunder Road ran third.

While the sparks flew from the underneath of the cars, Quarry Hill rumbled louder than ever. Seitz was able to take home the Sunoco checkered flag with Summers and Swanson rounding out the top 3. Summers second place finish will help him extend his double-digit point lead over Russ Wood and David Duggan in the year long point standings with just two events remaining.

The New England Supermodifieds will be back in action at Thompson Saturday October 8th taking part of day two of the World Series Weekend.

NESS Heat race Winners- Dan Bowes #25, Ben Seitz #11


Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497


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