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2008 RULES

For Tech Questions: Scott Reed

After 6: 207-625-3230

2008 Changes in Red

All Pro All Stars Series general procedure, race procedure, and
safety rules as found in PASS North SLM section apply.

1969 or newer full bodied American made car. Bodies and frames may interchange year as well as model. Must remain within manufacturer’s production line. No alterations to frame. The nose, hood and tail covers may be aftermarket. Both nose and tail MUST utilize stock or after market bumper covers in manufactured form. No holes permitted. No lengthening permitted. Back of car must be completely closed in. Minimum ground clearance from bottom edge of nose to ground will be 3" (inches). Rocker skirting is allowed but must remain a minimum of 3"(inches) from ground surface. No altering of roof allowed. No crash guards permitted. Rub rails are permitted but must be flush mounted to body and free of sharp edges. All cars must have a minimum 1/8th inch thick lexan windshield. Rear windows and quarter windows are permitted. No side boxing permitted. Only clear lexan is permitted.

Cars utilizing aftermarket panels are eligible for competition. All cars using fiberglass roof , sail or additional panels are subject to a 25 lb weight penalty. No dirt noses permitted. No Carbon fiber panels permitted. All cars utilizing aftermarket bodies Fiberglass/aluminum or steel must conform to manufacturer dimensions as detailed by manufacturer. No manipulation from those specifications will be permitted. Aftermarket bodies permitted will be limited to 99-2002 series, ABC, sportsman short track or Downforce models only. NO flat sided Outlaw type bodies permitted. No Body ledges permitted. Hood may be aftermarket formed template type fiberglass or stock production steel only in complete form. Minimum stock roof length dimension (front to rear) shall be 41". Maximum rear body overhang from base of rear spoiler to centerline of rear axle shall be no greater than 47".Maximum front body overhang from most forward point of front bumper (or Bumper cover) to centerline of front hub assembly shall be no greater than 50".

Interior: stock floor pan, front and rear firewall and front of rear inner wheel wells must remain stock and in stock location. Any cars utilizing a steel fabricated fire wall or floor pan are subject to a 25 lb. weight penalty. Leaf spring chassis cars that are connected from front clip to rear of chassis shall be subject to a 25 lb. weight penalty. All holes must be covered with a minimum 22 gauge steel. Uni-body type chassis may be tied together. Unibody cars in which retain full stock frame and floor pan without any modifications I.E. Uni-body without fully tying together full chassis length with tubing and retaining complete stock floor pan may receive 50 lb. weight reduction. Entire chassis configuration must be centered and symmetrical to industry standard for bracing construction. Minimum 4 point cage width shall be 50" +/- 1". Roof ‘halo’ must remain centered upon 4 point cage construction. Minimum cage height from mounting location shall be 38". Any chassis that is deemed to have excessive tubular frame structure will be subject to a 50 lb. weight penalty and must retain rear ‘frame over’ clip configuration. Unibody front clip type "connected" (tube) chassis must utilize leaf spring rear suspension or will be subject to an additional 50lb. weight penalty. Excessive modifications may result in added weight to be determined by technical director. Any chassis configuration that excessively exceeds stock chassis configuration guidelines may be subject to additional weight penalty’s or possible ineligibility for competition at the discretion of PASS Series officials.

Rear Spoiler: Maximum size 6" high by 60" long. Maximum height from highest edge to ground surface shall not exceed 41". Rear spoiler must be constructed of clear lexan and free of any visible obstruction. Spoiler must be mounted at rear edge of rear bumper cover. Side boxing or bracing is not permitted.

Wheel base: 101 minimum / Wheel base must remain correct for chassis utilized. Ex: 84 Camaro 101" min.- 79 Camaro 108"min.- 84 Monte Carlo 108" min.

Tread width: 66 inches center to center as measured with tread width gauge.

Weight: Overall: 2900 LBS with driver 56 % Left with driver before race.
Add 25 lbs. aftermarket body panels.(not to include bumper covers or fiberglass hood)
Add 25 lbs. fabricated firewall and floor pan.
Add 50 lbs. excessive chassis tubing structure.
100 lbs. QA1 stock location shock option.
Add 25 lbs. Non stock location shocks.

Add 50 lbs. Composite rear leaf springs.
Add 50 lbs Rear floater.
All weights will be determined by series officials.
Left side weight is before, during and after race.

Post race left side weight violation will be assessed as follows.
1 tenth(.1%) over 56% left will be assessed a monetary fine of $100(one hundred dollars).
2 tenths(.2%) over 56% left will be assessed a monetary fine of $200(two hundred dollars).
3 tenths(.3%) over 56% left will result in disqualification from event.

Post race overall weight must remain within allowed tolerances for distanced event. Any violation will result in disqualification from finishing order of event.

Minimum 4 pt roll cage required. Full roll cage permitted. Construction must meet afore mentioned guidelines for eligible competition.

Exhaust: Street legal type header permitted. Under chassis type only. Exhaust size not to exceed 3.5 inch in diameter. Exhaust must extend behind driver and exit under car not out the side. MUFFLERS are required.

Fuel cells mandatory. Must be located in center of car in trunk area. Minimum 20 gauge steel canister required. Must have check valve in line, shut off valve highly recommended. Minimum 8 inch ground clearance.

Battery: must be securely mounted and covered.

Racing axle required on right rear.

Wheels: 8 inch maximum. 1 inch offset measured from tire bead edge of wheel to back side of wheel center. All wheels must have competitors number clearly marked on wheel. 1 inch wheel nuts mandatory.

Wheel spacers are permitted. Maximum of 1 inch per wheel permitted. Any car that utilizes spacers in excess thickness of ½ inch must utilize 5/8th hardened wheel studs.

Series tire: tire specs are available from the PASS Series, tires must be purchased from PASS or an approved PASS dealer. 2008 tire TBA.

Racing springs allowed. Minimum 5" O.D. coil springs permitted. Adjustable spring spacers and rear leaf spring shackles are permitted. Maximum of 2 Jacking bolts are permitted. Springs must retain stock location. Mono leaf racing springs are permitted. Composite rear leaf springs are permitted with a 50 lb. weight penalty.

Minimum 3 inch ground clearance measured from lowest location on chassis. No panels are permitted below 3".

Suspension: Tubular upper control arms permitted mounted in stock location. Aftermarket tie rod sleeves are permitted. Howe type center link permitted. All other suspension parts must remain stock and in original location unless otherwise stated.

Frame type chassis are permitted to utilize solid 3 point rear suspension. Suspension must be approved by tech. Bell tech spindles are also permitted on full frame chassis. Fabricated spindles are permitted on full frame type chassis but must accept stock production steel hub/rotor assembly as well as stock production steel brake calipers.

Sway bar: must remain stock for year, make and model. Howe type tubular bar is also permitted. Must also be mounted in stock location on chassis. Maximum 1 3/8" O.D. permitted.

Shocks: One per wheel. No adjustable or rebuild able shocks permitted. Maximum retail of $120. per shock. Shocks may be relocated yet must be safely mounted and approved by tech. Non stock location shocks will be subject to a 25lb. weight penalty. QA1 stock location shocks are permitted with a 100 lb. weight penalty. Within the use of the QA1 shock option ALL components within shock MUST remain QA1 standard components and are subject to disassembly and any variation of testing deemed necessary by PASS officials.

Rear ends: stock rear axle assemblies only. Stock Ford 9 inch may replace stock rear end in any model. May be locked or may use steel mini-spool. Floating rear hubs on ford 9" rear must utilize only STEEL components and are subject to 50 lb weight penalty. Cars utilizing floater rear must use solid steel axle’s only. No gun drilled, aluminum or titanium permitted.

Transmissions: Any stock 3 or 4 speed or automatic transmission allowed. Minimum 2 forward and reverse must be in working order. Clutch, flywheel and torque converter must remain stock. Minimum 10.4 inch O.D. stock type clutch permitted. No aluminum flywheels allowed. Only stock steel driveshaft permitted. Stock type bell housing or scattersheild only.

Radiator: stock or aluminum allowed. Minimum 1 quart over flow required.

Lead ballast: allowed, must be securely mounted, painted white and have competitors number clearly marked on all ballast.

Brakes: must have 4 wheel brakes in working order. Rotors, calipers and drums must be OEM steel stock production only.


Block: stock, maximum .045 overbore

Crankshaft: stock production steel only. Stock stroke. No knife edging or lightening permitted.

Camshaft: hydraulic cam only. No roller types permitted.

Pistons: Flat top pistons only. Maximum 11.0 to 1 compression.

Oil pan: racing type pans allowed.

Engine option #1 - Maximum 305,307 cubic inch.

Engine option #2 - Maximum cubic inch: 350 G.M./ 351 Ford / 360 Chrysler

Engine option #3 - G.M. Crate #88958602 is allowed under this option. In complete form from intake to pan. No modifications permitted with the exception of oil pan replacement. The only allowed oil pan other than factory is the Moroso #81319 with matching pick up assy. Holley p/n 80540-1 600cfm. carburetor, or 80541-1 or -2 650 cfm. carburetor is permitted with this engine option.

Intake: Factory cast iron or the following Edelbrock performer intakes are permitted. G.M.= 2101, 2116. Ford= 2181. Chrysler = 2176 No porting, polishing or modifications permitted (Including chemical porting).

Cylinder heads: stock production steel cylinder heads only. No bowtie allowed. Heads must remain stock with the exception

Installation of screw-in rocker arm studs and push rod guide plate installation permitted. Maximum valve spring outside diameter shall be 1.250 inch. Head must retain stock valve size for casting used. Maximum valve diameter 2.02. No titanium parts allowed.

World products #s 1115, 1125, 5302, are permitted.

No porting, polishing or modifications permitted (to include chemical porting).

Roller rockers are permitted. 1.5 ratio only. Stud girdles are also permitted.

Carburetor: Holley 4412 2barrel. Only modification’s allowed to carburetor will be the removal of choke plate and shaft. Crate engine #88958602 is permitted to utilize Holley p/n 80541-1 or -2 650 cfm. carburetor in produced form. Carburetors must meet PASS tech tools. Maximum 1 inch carburetor spacer only. no tapered or beveled spacers permitted. I.D. must remain consistent through spacer depth from top to bottom.

Engine location: stock. Aftermarket motor mounts are allowed.

Ignition: stock type ignition only.

Air cleaner: No K&N or Flow control type air cleaner Housings permitted. Must remain under hood. K&N type filter element is permitted.

Electrical master switch location: Must be with drivers reach.

Rearview mirrors are permitted.

Fire Suppression: All cars are required to have onboard fire suppression. A minimum 5 lb. fire extinguisher is required within driver reach and be fully charged.

Minimum Safety equipment requirements:

  1. drivers window net with quick release within drivers reach.

  2. approved drivers suit and gloves.

  3. helmet with minimum Snell 90 standard.

  4. minimum 3" 5 point quick release belt system dated no more than 5 years from manufacture.

  5. Safely mounted aluminum racing seat.

No tire softeners permitted. No altering of tires permitted in any manner. Pass officials reserve the right to penalize and disqualify competitors that are deemed by series officials of any violation of tire policy. Monetary fines, penalties and/or possible suspension from future events may be imposed.

Radios are permitted. In the event any team is found to be misusing radio communication that teams right to utilize radio’s may be suspended.

Numbering and lettering: Cars must have minimum 18" numbers located on both doors and roof. A minimum 6" high numbers must be located on the upper right corner of windshield as well as right front nose panel and right real tail panel. All lettering must be free of appropriate and free of profanity.

Number assignments will be issued on a first come first served basis.

All cars must display PASS promotional stickers in proper assigned location. To include front fenders behind wheel opening as well as upper windshield as indicated by tour guidelines. 10% of event earnings will be posted (deducted) from team winnings for event if proper promotional stickers are not displayed in proper location.

No antifreeze coolant permitted.

Illegal parts:

Any part found illegal will be confiscated and become the property of the PASS series. Any competitor found to have an illegal part will not be allowed to compete in any PASS event until that part is surrendered to PASS series officials.

All Pro All Stars Series general procedure, race procedure and safety rules apply.


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