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Sessions Three-peats at Star

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Star Top Three - Left: Chuck LaChance, 2nd.    Center: Sam Sessions, 1st.    Right: Ben Rowe, 3rd.


Official Results - 8/3/02
Star Speedway - Epping, NH

1-0-Sam Sessions 14-54x-Johnny Clark
2-38-Chuck LaChance 15-37-Larry Gelinas
3-00-Ben Rowe 16-2x-Chip Keene
4-85-Doug Averill 17-29-Louie Mechalides
5-24-Wayne Helliwell 18-84-Scott Mulkern
6-33-Richie Dearborn 19-36-Jay Sands
7-02-Kenny Wright 20-22x-Bruce Haley
8-87- Babe Branscombe 21-12x-Jim Emerson
9-34-Joe Squelia 22-7-J.R. Baril
10-75-Gary Smith 23-8-Cassius Clark
11-2-Russ Hersey 24-24x- Mike Rowe
12-77-Dave Gorveatt 25-6-Jeff Crowley
13-54-GeGe Gravel 26-64-Dan Bezanson

PASS at Star: Sessions Three-Peats

Sam Sessions shadowed race leader Larry Gelinas for over sixty laps before taking the lead late in the Pro All Stars 150 at Star Speedway and recording his third consecutive PASS feature victory. Sessions drove his Typar/ASM Custom Metal Fabrication Monte Carlo to a half-straightaway victory over Chuck LaChance and series points leader Ben Rowe.

Rookie Wayne Helliwell earned his first PASS pole position of the season in Carleton Robies' #24, edging out Larry Gelinas and thirty-five others for the number one spot with a 13.367 clocking on the Epping quarter mile. The pole dash draw juggled the lineup with Gelinas pulling the pole position and scoring the dash win with Kenny Wright second, Louie Mechalides third and Ben Rowe fourth. Sessions would start from the fifth spot with Helliwell sixth.

Gelinas got the jump on the features' initial green flag and Louie Mechalides moved underneath Wright to challenge Gelinas' MCR Real Estate Monte Carlo immediately. Gelinas and Mechalides were evenly matched and raced nose to tail for the first fifty laps. Mechalides snuck past Gelinas briefly but one of the nights' numerous cautions had already flown and Mechalides went back to the second spot. The Cushman Competition Ford didn't come up to speed on the restart, eventually retiring with engine problems. Next it was Sessions up to put the pressure on Gelinas and once again the Scarborough Maine veteran was up to the task, keeping Sessions in his mirror and taking command after every restart.

But a late restart saw Gelinas slip high in turn two and Sessions took advantage, snatching the lead away with a charging Chuck LaChance and Ben Rowe in hot pursuit. Problems eventually sent Gelinas to the pits and he retired for the night. LaChance was on a mission and the Rockland Ford looked quick enough to give Sessions a challenge over the closing laps but Sessions slowly edged away as the race wound down. At the checker the unofficial order of finish was Sessions, LaChance, Ben Rowe and Doug Averill a career best fourth. Richie Dearborn battled to a season high fifth place finish with Kenny Wright recovering from a pit stop to finish sixth. Wayne Helliwell crossed the stripe in seventh while home track hero Babe Branscombe came home in eighth. Joe Squelia and Gary Smith rounded out the top ten.

True Value heat race winners were Branscombe, Johnny Clark and Scott Mulkern. Dan Bezanson and Gary Smith scored in the consolation rounds and Jeff Crowley was the winner of the "B" feature.

The Pro All Stars make their final Canadian stop of the season on August 16 and 17 for the Atlantic Cat 250 at Scotia Speed world in Halifax Nova Scotia. Louie Mechalides is the events' defending champion.

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Sunoco Fuels Time Trials
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Other Time-trialers (37 cars at Star) had their pix last week on the Unity page Here

TrueValue Heats
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Dash Draw & Autograph Session
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350 Super Ride for Louie Mechalides
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Conci Action
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Driver Introductions
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Star Top Three - Left: Chuck LaChance, 2nd.    Center: Sam Sessions, 1st.    Right: Ben Rowe, 3rd.

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