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Atlantic Cat 250 Top Three - Left: Dave Gorveatt, 2nd.  Center: Ben Rowe, 1st.  Right: Chuck LaChance, 3rd.

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Official Results - Scotia Speedworld 8/17


00-Ben Rowe, Turner, ME
2 77-Dave Gorveatt, Charlottetown, PEI
3 38-Chuck LaChance, Cushing, ME
4 54x-Johnny Clark, Farmingdale, ME
5 2-Russell Hersey, Swanzey, NH
6 29-Louie Mechalides, Tyngsboro, MA
7 37-Larry Gelinas, Scarborogh, ME
8 24-Wayne Helliwell, Pelham, NH
9 46-Bill Zardo, Brampton, ONT
10 25-Tim McKay, Sackville, NS
11 15-Scott Alexander, Dartmouth, NS
12 20-Bruce Carroll, Halifax, NS
13 97-John Flemming, Halifax, NS
14 33-Richie Dearborn, Hollis, ME
15 02-Kenny Wright, Woolwich, ME
16 8-Cassius Clark, Farmington, ME
17 84-Scott Mulkern, Falmouth, ME
18 82-Mike McKenzie, Dartmouth, NS
19 33x-Wayne Smith, Timberlea, NS
20 0-Sam Sessions, South Paris, ME
21 50-Mike Riley, Timberlea, NS
22 85-Doug Averill, Litchfield, ME
23 08-Scott Fraser, Shubenacadie, NS
24 24x-Mike Rowe, Turner, ME
25 89-Donald Chisholm, Antigonish, NS
26 67-Gordie Ryan, Halifax, NS
27 99-Philip Barkhouse Jr., Beaver Bank, NS


It was a USA versus Canada showdown Saturday night at Scotia Speedworld in Halifax Nova Scotia and Ben Rowe capped off a dominating weekend performance to bring home the prestigious Pro All Series Atlantic Cat 250 victory for the USA.

In Friday night action Rowe earned the Sunoco Race Fuel fast time award with a lap of 13.616 seconds, topping local heroes Scott Fraser and Mike MacKenzie for the number one spot. Rowe and Fraser set up an American - Canadian front Row when Rowe captured the Pole Dash with Fraser hot on his heels in second. Johnny Clark and defending race winner Louie Mechalides made up row two with Prince Edward Island PASS regular Dave Gorveatt and Kenny Wright lining up fifth and sixth. Nova Scotia's Mike MacKenzie and John Flemming would make up row four with Donald Chisholm and Russ Hersey lining up ninth and tenth.

Rowe grabbed the lead on the 250's initial green flag with Fraser second and Mechalides slotting into the third spot. Fraser and Mechalides swapped second in the early going before the events first caution flew for damage to Ontarian Bill Zardos' machine and Fraser made an early exit on the restart to cure ignition woes. Mechalides continued to dog Rowe for the top spot with Mike MacKenzie now third and Dave Gorveatt fourth.

Scott Mulkerns' Community Pharmacies Dodge and Sammy Sessions bore the brunt of the next caution, nixing Sessions chances for four Pro All Stars Series victories in a row.

Mike Rowe was now on a charge, passing cars with relative ease and moving up to second from his seventeenth starting spot. The stage was set for a father-son duel that may very well have proven to be one for the record books but a flat tire on Rowes' Lux Enterprises Monte Carlo spoiled the scenario and he eventually would retire with drive line problems.

A lap sixty-eight caution sent Sessions, Mulkern and a host of others to the pits and on the restart Mechalides grabbed the top spot. A quick caution saw him restart from the point but The Cushman Competition Ford went high on the race track when his fading brakes faltered and Rowe went underneath the defending race champion for the lead.

Kenny Wright took over the top spot when Rowe pitted for tires during a mid-race caution. Larry Gelinas (in Mulkerns' back up car) was now second, Mechalides third, John Flemming fourth and Dave Gorveatt fifth. Rowe carefully picked his way back through the pack and when Mechalides spun on lap 195 Rowe took over the lead for good when Wright began to experience a misfire that would eventually end his day.

Rowe maintained the point as the laps wound down, fighting off the challenges of Gorveatt on the restarts. At the checker it was all Ben Rowe, his Mechanical Services/Hi Tech Racing Chevrolet team capturing their biggest Pro All Stars victory before an appreciative standing room only crowd.

Dave Gorveatt upheld the honor of the Canadian teams with a strong second place run in his XR4/Interstate Battery Monte Carlo. Chuck LaChance was the picture of consistency all race long, earning third in his Fuller Automall Ford after starting the event in the twelfth position.

Johnny Clark earned the Northern Race Tires Rookie Challenge award for his fourth place finish, while fellow rookie Russ Hersey earned a career high fifth place in the Brickmill Marketing/Carquest Chevrolet. Sixth through tenth went to Mechalides, Gelinas, Wayne Helliwell (from the 27th starting position) Bill Zardo and Tim MacKay.

Gordie Ryan and Chuck LaChance earned Friday nights' heat race victories.

The Pro All Stars return to action on Saturday August 31st for the Pine Tree 150 at Speedway 95 on Odlin Road in Hermon Maine.

Time Trials

Fast Timer: 00-Ben Rowe, Turner ME - 13.616
2nd: 08-Scott Fraser, Shubenaccdia, NS - 13.733
3rd: 82-Mike MacKenzie, Dartmouth, NS - 13.810

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Heat One
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67-Gordie Ryan, Halifax, NS
2 15-Scott Alexander, Dartmouth, NS
3 33x-Wayne Smith, Timberlea, NS
4 24x-Mike Rowe, Turner, ME
5 37-Larry Gelinas, Scarborogh, ME
6 85-Doug Averill, Litchfield, ME
7 25-Tim McKay, Sackville, NS
8 33-Richie Dearborn, Hollis, ME

Heat Two
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38-Chuck LaChance, Cushing, ME
2 50-Mike Riley, Timberlea, NS
3 0-Sam Sessions, South Paris, ME
4 8-Cassius Clark, Farmington, ME
5 99-Philip Barkhouse Jr., Beaver Bank, NS
6 20-Bruce Carroll, Halifax, NS
7 84-Scott Mulkern, Falmouth, ME
8 46-Bill Zardo, Brampton, ONT

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00-Ben Rowe, Turner, ME
2 08-Scott Fraser, Shubenacadie, NS
3 54x-Johnny Clark, Farmingdale, ME
4 29-Louie Mechalides, Tyngsboro, MA
5 77-Dave Gorveatt, Charlottetown, PEI
6 02-Kenny Wright, Woolwich, ME
7 82-Mike McKenzie, Dartmouth, NS
8 97-John Flemming, Halifax, NS
9 89-Donald Chisholm, Antigonish, NS
10 2-Russell Hersey, Swanzey, NH
Atlantic Cat 250 Canadian Entries
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08-Scott Fraser, Shubenacadie, NS
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15-Scott Alexander, Dartmouth, NS
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20-Bruce Carroll, Halifax, NS
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25-Tim McKay, Sackville, NS
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33x-Wayne Smith, Timberlea, NS
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46-Bill Zardo, Brampton, ONT
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50-Mike Riley, Timberlea, NS
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67-Gordie Ryan, Halifax, NS
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77-Dave Gorveatt, Charlottetown, PEI
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82-Mike McKenzie, Dartmouth, NS
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89-Donald Chisholm, Antigonish, NS
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97-John Flemming, Halifax, NS
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99-Philip Barkhouse Jr., Beaver Bank, NS
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