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Sam Sessions Makes it Four Wins at Speedway 95

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Official Results - 8/31 - Speedway 95

1-0-Sam Sessions
2--00- Ben Rowe
3-15-Scott Chubbuck
4-75-Gary Smith
5-85-Doug Averill
6-02-Kenny Wright
7-1-Ralph Nason
8-2-Russell Hersey
9-54-Johnny Clark
10-01-Andy Saunders
11-33-Richie Dearborn
12-38-Chuck LaChance
13-84-Scott Mulkern
14-8-Cassius Clark
15-19-Duane Seekins
16-45-Doug White
17-94-Gary Bellefleur
18-1-Randy Turner
19-66-Andy Shaw
20-12-Jim Emerson
21-77-Dave Gorveatt
22-24-Wayne Helliwell
23-37-Larry Gelinas
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"Sud'n Sam" Sessions took advantage of a wild late race restart to power past Ben Rowe and Scott Chubbuck and claim the victory in the Pine Tree 150 at Speedway 95 in Hermon Maine on Saturday night. Sessions and his Typar Housewrap/AMF Custom Metal Fabrication Monte Carlo team recorded their fourth Pro All Stars win of 2002.

Early race headliners included Northern Race Tires Rookie Challenge candidates Wayne Helliwell and Randy Turner. Turner put his Watson Racing Heads/Yankee Communications Chevrolet on the pole by virtue of his win over Helliwell in the pole dash. The all-rookie front row raced away from the field at the green with Helliwell out front and Turner second. Helliwell's night ended when he made contact with Gary Bellefleur while trying to put him a lap down, sustaining damage to the cooling system.Prince Edward Islander Dave Gorveatt assumed the point after Helliwell's demise and held the top spot briefly until mechanical problems sent him into the front stretch wall.

Points leader Rowe was next to assume the "unlucky lead" with Kenny Wright, the nights' Sunoco Race Fuel fast timer, now up to second and Gary Smith third in his Uncle Henry's ride. Wright got the jump on the outside and put the Newmarket Sand and Gravel Chevy out front with Rowe racing second and Andy Shaw charging up from his eleventh starting spot to take third away from Smith. The field stabilized for a green flag run until a spin by Bellefleur brought out the caution once again.

Rowe had the preferred outside groove for the restart and made his move on Wright, quickly followed by contact between Ralph Nason and Shaw which left Shaw sitting in the infield. Shaw spun his Matco Tools Monte Carlo around and continued on the lead lap but was soon in the clutches of leader Rowe. Rowe put Shaw down a lap but Shaw and Wright came together when Wright made his passing attempt, sending him up and over Shaw's left front and Nason spun to avoid the melee. Wright and Nason both pitted but returned to action but Shaw was done for the night.

Yet another restart collision spoiled fine runs for Chuck LaChance and Randy Turner as the pair came together while running fourth and fifth respectively.

Sam Sessions and Johnny Clark were now up to challenge Rowe; Sessions had worked his way back to second after an early race stop, while Clark lurked in the top ten all race long and managed to avoid some of the earlier wrecks. Clark took second away from Sessions briefly but Sud'n Sam came right back to reclaim the spot. Clarks' hopes ended with a trip off of turn three. At lap 120 Rowe was still out front with Sessions second, Chubbuck third and Scott Mulkern now racing fourth in the Community Pharmacies Dodge.

Chubbuck slipped by Sessions for second on the restart, just as Mulkern fell victim to turn three himself and ended a fine run in the tire barrier. It was on this restart that Rowe and Chubbuck got together, giving Sessions the opportunity he needed to slip past the top two and take over the lead.

Sessions held the field at bay for the remaining twenty-eight laps with Rowe coming home second, Chubbuck third and Gary Smith fourth. Doug Averill earned the Northern Race Tire Rookie Challenge award with a solid fifth in the V.I.P/Dead River Monte Carlo. Wright came back through the field for sixth with Nason, Russ Hersey, Clark and Speedway 95 regular Andy Saunders rounding out the top ten in the Snap-On Tools Pontiac.

True Value heat race wins were claimed by Andy Shaw and Larry Gelinas.


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