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Autodrome Montmagny - July 7, 2002

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Autodrome Montmagny Top Three

Left: #02 Kenny Wright, 2nd.   Center: #00 Ben Rowe, 1st.    Right: #84 Scott Mulkern, 3rd


The Pro All Stars Series made it’s third appearance north of the border on Sunday and Ben Rowe drove the Tom Estes-owned Mechanical Service/Hi-Tech Insulation Chevrolet to his third victory of the 2002 season in the rain-delayed Pro All Stars 150 at Quebec’s Autodrome Montmagny.

Kenny Wright earned runner-up honors in his Newmarket Sand and Gravel Chevrolet and Scott Mulkern scored another Montmagny podium appearance with a third place finish in the Community Pharmacy Dodge Intrepid. Louie Mechalides brought the Cushman Competition Ford home in fourth spot and Gary Smith returned to the PASS after a week’s absence to score a solid fifth in his Uncle Henry’s Monte Carlo.

Richie Dearborn continued to improve with a sixth place run in the Chadwick-BaRoss Chevrolet while Wayne Helliwell earned the Northern Race Tires Rookie Challenge award with his seventh place finish. Racin’ Ralph Nason brought his familiar number 10 home in ninth. Dave Gorveatt earned his first Pro All Stars Series victory when the series visited Montmagny in June but could only muster a ninth place finish this time out. 2001 PASS champion Sam Sessions rounded out the top ten.

The Pro All Stars take a weekend off before returning to action on Saturday night July 20th for the D-J Equipment 150 at White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock New Hampshire.

Official Results - 7/7/02 - Autodrome Montmagny

1-00-Ben Rowe 11-38-Chuck LaChance
2-02-Kenny Wright 12-34-Joe Squelia
3-84-Scott Mulkern 13-54c-Johnny Clark
4-29-Louie Mechalides 14-97-Walt Hammond Jr.
5-75-Gary Smith 15-56-Marc Beaudoin
6-33-Richie Dearborn 16-85-Doug Averill
7-24-Wayne Helliwell 17-1-Randy Turner
8-10-Ralph Nason 18-37-Larry Gelinas
9-77-Dave Gorveatt 19-2-Russ Hersey
10-0-Sam Sessions 20-8-Cassius Clark
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Saturday - Getting Ready - Ralph's New Suit! - A few practice laps -
Pitching in to help Gary Johnson's motor - The Rain!

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Sunoco Fuels Time Trials
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Kamakaze Division Action
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