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An International Pro Stock Tour with events in New England & Canada

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More race pix posted for Outlaws and Mods

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Ben Rowe Wins PASS North Finale at Unity,
Johnny Clark Earns 2nd Championship

UNITY, Maine (Oct. 22, 2006) - Despite cold temperatures and an aggressive late-race challenge from Cassius Clark, Ben Rowe continued his autumn hot streak Sunday afternoon by capturing the 2006 Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North Super Late Model division season finale at historic Unity Raceway.

The Turner, Maine, native took the lead for the third and final time on lap 115 and hung on to record his third straight victory on the PASS North Super Late Model/Pro Stock tour. This has been an impressive turnaround for the three-time series champion, after getting off to a slow start in his first season driving for the Richard Moody Racing (RMR) team. Clark fought side-by-side with Rowe in his Team EJP/Chapman Racing Ford Fusion, battling back from an early-race spin to contend for the victory.

Johnny Clark, of Farmingdale, Maine, locked up his second career championship Sunday with a solid run, leading on three occasions and coming home third at the finish. Local favorite Jeff Burgess of nearby Oakland finished fourth, while Trevor Sanborn came from 22nd on the 26-car grid to round out the top five.   
PASS Recognized for It’s Efforts at Racing Against Cancer Banquet

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December 11, 2006 (Naples, ME)  On Friday December 8, 2006, the Racing Against Cancer Annual Banquet was held at the Foxwoods Resort & Casino in Ledyard, CT.

This was the tenth year that the RAC organization has been raising money for cancer research and cancer care through race teams, race tracks, and race sanctioning bodies like PASS Racing, Inc throughout New England.

PASS was recognized for its continuing contribution and work on behalf of Racing Against Cancer as the organization passed the half million dollar mark in contributions made to the American Cancer Society and David’s House in Lebanon, NH. For those who don’t know of the work done at David’s House to support the families of children receiving care at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth of a Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, go to www.davids-house.org to see what these wonderful people have created over the last 20 years with the help of many, including the racing community throughout New England.

The recognition award was not the end of the day for PASS, however, as the William J. Fales Sportsmanship Award was presented to Amanda Mayberry of PASS and Jack Gerbrands of Northern Race Tires. The award recognizes the work Amanda does throughout the year and especially on the Racing Against Cancer fundraising cruise and Jack’s “Match Jack” tire sales program in which the PASS teams made a contribution with each tire they bought that was matched by Northern Race Tire.

Beech Ridge's Youngest SLM Winner Will Be a PASS North Rookie in '06
It used to be that when a young racer would have a great deal of success at their local short track, they would move up to a regional tour and maybe even to the top levels of NASCAR eventually. If the driver had talent and the right opportunities presented themselves, the ladder system worked very well for countless drivers through the years.

Nowadays, moving up is a little bit of a different story. The cars that race at weekly tracks usually aren’t anything remotely the same as what goes on tour. It also takes some serious money to run those tour races and to buy specialized equipment. Some young drivers are even skipping that rung of the ladder altogether and are debuting on the road with the attitude that they are ready for the big leagues even if they are barely out of high school.

So it’s refreshing when a driver comes along and does things old school. Enter Maine’s Alan Tardiff. The 21-year-old grew up in the shadows what started out as his grandfather’s, and later became his father’s, auto repair shop in the small town of Lyman.
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Motorsports Extravaganza Benfitted Series, Teams and Fans

Like it or not, short track racing is not NASCAR Nextel Cup racing. Sanctioning bodies cannot depend on word of mouth or Coca-Cola commercials with a half dozen of their drivers to get fans to want to come to the track. They need to be active in recruiting both competitors and spectators or a series will die. That is the harsh truth with no exceptions. One only has to look as far as the now-defunct ASA National Tour to realize what the cold realities of racing today are.

That is why PASS took the unusual step this past weekend of renting exhibition space at the Scarborough Downs horse racing track in suburban Portland, Maine and holding their own racing show.

But that really shouldn’t be a surprise since competitors in PASS have come to expect the unexpected. When Tom Mayberry hung up his own driving suit to start a tour for Super Late Models in the Northeast back in 2001, nobody expected that now it would consist of the SLM tour, two outlaw late model tours, a Southern SLM tour, a Modified tour and an entity that helps to sanction two racetracks. The PASS Motorsports Extravaganza, which was a three-day show is just more of the same.  
Full Story
Great Times for All at PASS Motorsports Extravaganza

(Naples, ME – March 27, 2006) – The PASS Motorsports Extravaganza at Scarborough Downs in Scarborough, ME this past weekend was full of great looking race cars, good conversation, some surprise visitors, a lot of PASS fans, and great support from the race teams.

Chris Staples of Brunswick, ME, Driver of the #5 PASS Outlaw Late Model and the #5 PASS Modified, came to the show with two cars and four kids bikes to raffle off for Racing Against Cancer, one of the favorite charities of PASS. Dick Therrien of Riverside Speedway in Groveton, NH won the first bike on Saturday morning and promptly gave it to young Regina Ramsey of Buxton, ME. The second bike was claimed by Danica Lynn Peaslee, age 3 �, of Scarborough, ME. The third bike was won by PASS official Scott Reed, who, like Therrien, found a little girl to whom he gave the bike. Alice Betts of Biddeford, ME will be a Scott Reed fan for life. And the fourth bike drawn on Sunday afternoon went to Norm Woods of the weekend security staff who was taking it home to his daughter. A total of over $200 dollars was raised for Racing Against Cancer.

The autograph sessions were a big hit. Mike Rowe, Scott Mulkern, Ben Rowe, Alan Tardif, Travis Khiel, Chris Staples, Troy Morse, Richie Dearborn along with Beech Ridge drivers Bub Bilodeau, Sally Gerardi, Bob Emery, Lewis Anderson, Bill Nason, Dan McKeag, Beaver Norton, Steve Carrier, and Jonathan Rouselle who were all there at various times during the weekend for autographs.

On Saturday afternoon, “OL BW” came down from Oxford for a visit. It was great to see Bob Walker in the Winner’s Circle Lounge swapping stories and laughing for a couple of hours. Everyone remarked how much Bob has improved in the last several months. It’s obvious that he’s really working hard at his therapy program.

A big thank has to go to Dick Therrien of Riverside Speedway who came down from Groveton, NH with his complete show booth and the beautiful #04 PASS Outlaw Late Model of Jamie Swallow, Rick Ramstrom made the trip from W. Boylston, MA with son Derek’s #35 PASS Outlaw Late Model, and Gary Norris, Jr lead the Unity contingent with his #03 PASS Outlaw Late Model. And how about 23 cars from Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, with more waiting in the wings if needed. Bruce Wainwright organized and coordinated the Beech Ridge effort including an early arrival on Friday to get the cars into the hall.

And we have to thank the Vintage Supers, The Legends, the Maine Vintage Car group, Maine Indoor Carting, Troy Bossineau for the 1957 Curtis Indy Roadster, Roland Mayberry for the 1929 Phaeton, and all the vendors who supported a first-time show.
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PASS Outlaw Late Model Best in Show at Racearama


(Naples, Me – March 5, 2006) The beautifully prepared #5 PASS Outlaw Late Model of Chris Staples of Brunswick, ME won the Best in Show for Late Model/Pro Stock cars at the 26th Annual Racearama and Trade Show 2006 at the Dana Farber Field House at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA


Chris will be running all 16 races in the North and Central Divisions of the Inaugural PASS Outlaw Late Model Season in search of the first ever Overall Division Championship. In addition, Chris will be campaigning his #5 PASS Modified in the 14-race PASS Modified Series starting on Sunday May 7th at Speedway 95, a week after he will kick off the Outlaw Late Model season at Unity on April 30th.


Chris and the #5 will be next appearing at the PASS Motorsports Extravaganza at Scarborough Downs in Scarborough, ME on Friday March 24th to Sunday March 26th.

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PASS Favorite Mike Rowe
Driver of the Year
in Speed51 Awards

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Full Speed51 Awards Report

(Naples, ME – February 24, 2006) PASS regular and New England racing legend Mike Rowe of Turner, ME was named the Driver of the Year after several weeks of on-line voting by short track fans across the country in the Speed 51 Short Track Awards.

Mike finished second to his son Ben in the 2005 PASS Super Late Model 2005 points race and added big wins in the PASS Pullen 300 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in September, the TD Banknorth 250 at Oxford Plains Speedway, and the Atlantic CAT 250 at Scotia Speedworld in Halifax, Nova Scotia to impress the fans.
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The PASS Booth with
Mike Rowe's SP2 #24 and
Travis Khiel's RMR #44

Troy Morse and Chris Staples

January 6 - 8, 2006
at the Augusta Civic Center

More Info: www.northeastmotorsports.net

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Mike Rowe Named Touring Series
Driver of the Year

(Naples, ME - January 6, 2006) PASS regular Mike Rowe of Turner, ME capped off a great 2005 season by being named Touring Series Driver of the Year after balloting by over 30 members of the New England motorsports press corps at the Northeast Motorsports Expo in Augusta, ME tonight.

In PASS competition, Mike had five wins, including a sweep of the Forbes Chev-Olds 200 and Atlantic CAT 250 at Scotia Speedworld in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
the big win at Beech Ridge in the Pullen Heavy Industries 300 at the inaugural PASS 400 Weekend in September. After a slow start Mike and the SP2 Team
came to life and finished with a total of 10 top threes including two seconds and three thirds as well as the five wins. And you can’t forget Mike’s win in the Oxford 250 after winning the Last Chance Race to make the field. Mike joined Dave Dion and Ralph Nason as the only three time winners of the 250.

Mike joins a distinguished roster of the most successful racers in the Northeast. Mike is the third PASS competitor to be chosen Touring Series Driver of
the Year, following last year’s winner Johnny Clark and his son Ben Rowe who won in 2000.

He joins some of the greatest names in racing in the Northeast, from Joe Bessey in 1992 and Ricky Craven in '93 to Dale Shaw, Dave Dion, Kelly Moore, Brad Leighton, Mike Olsen, two-time winners Mike Stefanik and Andy Santerre, as well as Benjie and Johnny.

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Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497

email: passracing@adelphia.net