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PASS North Champions Give Thanks at Awards Banquet

Rowe, Rosenfield, Hammond, Staples and McKeage
Honored for Their ’07 Titles

NAPLES, ME (November 10, 2007) – Thanksgiving won’t take place until later this month, but that fact didn’t keep the Northern champions of the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) from expressing their gratitude a little bit early.

All five Northern champions were honored on Friday night in Westbrook, Maine, at the annual PASS Awards Banquet. That gave the chance for the racers to thank everyone, and anyone, who helped to make them a champion in 2007.

2007 PASS North Super Late Model Champion Ben Rowe with team owners Josh (l)
and Richard Moody and his family - wife Melissa and sons Chase & Braxton.

Ben Rowe is Named as PASS North Champion
For the Fourth Time

Title is Decided Between Father and Son At Dramatic
White Mountain Motorsports Park Season Finale

NAPLES, ME (October 17, 2007) – Ben Rowe has now won four Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North Super Late Model championships and each time, the job gets tougher and tougher.

For his first two titles in 2002 and 2003, Rowe beat Sam Sessions and Johnny Clark by a comfortable margin. In 2005, Rowe was part of a three-way dogfight going into the season finale at [All] Star Speedway. But while Mike Rowe and Cassius Clark were both mathematically able to topple Ben on that day, all that Ben needed to do was to finish 17th or better to secure the crown. He ended up eighth in the feature and the race was drama-free for him.

On Sunday at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH), there was plenty of drama before the championship was decided. Ben Rowe led his father Mike into the race by a margin of 13 points and all day long, who would emerge as the championship was in question – right up until the last lap, when Ben was able to nurse a car with a tire going flat to a fifth-place finish and collect enough points to win for the fourth time.

Now Rowe, who has started every PASS North race in the series’ seven-year history, has more championships than anyone else combined. But Rowe races for wins and not records, and didn’t even realize that until it was pointed out to him in the championship celebration after the checkered flag waved at White Mountain.

“Really?” said Ben, showing surprise at learning that fact. “That sounds good.”

Entering the White Mountain race, it was actually possible that any one of three men could emerge as the series champion. While the Rowes were favored to win the title, Richie Dearborn could have come out on top if he had a good day and his competition had bad ones. Unfortunately for the Hollis, Maine driver though, those tables were turned. Dearborn got caught behind an incident at the start of the White Mountain feature and was in last place just a few laps into the event. After that, he had a flat tire and finished 23rd.

Meanwhile, the Rowes both won their heat races and collected valuable points due to that feat. However, because of PASS rules that do not allow a current season feature winner to start inside the top 10 of a race, they started deep in the pack at White Mountain. Ben lined up in the 11th position, and Mike started 14th. At the start, they cautiously moved up. Soon, they were in the top 10. Not much later, they were both in the top five.

Near the end of the race, the two drivers had their races go into different directions and that could have changed the outcome of the title fight. Mike Rowe got quicker at the end and was able to dive past Trevor Sanborn to grab second place. Meanwhile, Ben Rowe had a tire going down and even though he nosed into the lead briefly with 52 laps to go, in the end he was just lucky to hang on to finish fifth.

“We had those yellows there at the end and that helped me a little bit,” said Mike Rowe. “The tires cooled off and I got to second.

“Ben had a tire going down. I pulled up alongside him and I thought that it looked okay. I didn’t want to tell him to pit and have to have him come through from the back with 20 to go when we were running for a championship. He was limping around with that. He did a good job to keep it going like that.”

“When we took the lead, I knew that [race leader] Cassius was really good,” said Ben Rowe. “I was going to let him go back by me. Then I started getting loose for some reason and I hadn’t been that bad all night. Then my father ran into the back of me. So did the #17 [Travis Benjamin]. It just seemed like I couldn’t get going. [Crew Chief] Brian [Burgess] said that my left rear was going flat. So I had my father look at it, the #17 look at it and Johnny [Clark] look at it. I wanted to pit. I was screaming that I couldn’t race on a flat tire. They said that I had to make it to the end though and we did.”

The final result was, even with the late race drama, Ben was able to beat his father by only seven points for the title.

“This kid can get it done,” said Ben’s car owner, Richard Moody. “He knew exactly what he had to do. He had a tire going down and we were worried about that with 20 laps to go, but Brian kept him calm and we decided to have him stay out.”

The championship is Moody’s first as a car owner, but many of the team members that were hand-picked for the #4 crew have been at the head banquet table alongside Rowe before.

“This same bunch of guys have been with me for all of them,” said Ben Rowe. “Rick came on as my car owner last year. He wanted to run for the championship and he gave us everything that we needed for that. It was just up to us to do it. All of the equipment is here. It’s just a matter of getting the right people around it and having fun. If you have fun, you’re going to win races. That’s what we do. We come to the racetrack and have a lot of fun.”

“I’m really happy,” said Moody. “I have a great bunch of guys. It’s kind of like a family affair, as you can see with all of the people here. My sons, my daughter and my wife when she can – everyone comes around. We have fun with what we do and the guys worked really hard for this to happen. That’s what it is all about.”

Although the Moody team had plenty of fun this season, Ben admits that racing his father for a championship is more about nerves than enjoyment.

“Racing your father for the championship. Now that’s not much fun,” laughed Ben.

All season long, the two Rowes raced hard and fair for every position on the track.

“He races me hard,” said Ben of his father. “He’ll run me down, he’ll knock me out of the way and he’ll do what he needs to do to win. But he won’t turn me around and spin me out. It’s vice versa too. We both race each other hard. It’s nerve-racking sometimes, but when we came in here today we basically knew that one of us would win the championship.”

And even though Mike Rowe was disappointed with not winning the championship himself, he still had plenty of fatherly pride in watching his son win the big prize.

“We’re happy with second and happy that Benji won,” said Mike. “Congratulations to him. He is definitely good. He’s been good for a few years now really. It’s fun racing with him and I enjoy it. If I’m going bad, like I was at the beginning of the race, I’ll let him go. I just wanted to survive. He did what he needed to do.”

The mutual respect between the two title fighters didn’t end with just the drivers though. Both competitors hold a lot of respect for the other’s teams as well.

“Those guys are on top of their game and we’re just bridesmaids again here that’s all,” said Mike Rowe.

“There are a lot of good teams out here,” said Moody. “Mike has run really well this year and so has Trevor [Sanborn], Johnny [Clark] and Cassius [Clark]. The top five or six teams [in PASS North] are great and we’re just glad to be able to run with them.”

The 2008 PASS North season is scheduled to kick off at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is Scarborough, Maine on April 19th.

Even though the 2007 PASS North season is complete, that doesn’t mean that all of the teams are done racing for the year. Several competitors, including Cassius Clark, Ben Rowe, Mike Rowe, Trevor Sanborn and Derek Ramstrom are expected to enter at least one of the two PASS South events that are left on the 2007 schedule.

Those final two races will be The Howler at Greenville-Pickens Speedway (SC) on October 27th and the second annual Mason-Dixon Meltdown, which will take place at Concord Motorsport Park (NC) on November 16th-17th.

Cassius Clark “Howlin’” at Greenville-Pickens

Northern Contingent Sweeps Podium at “The Howler,”
But Lawler Retains Point Lead

GREENVILLE, SC (October 29, 2007) – Under a sky that was dark as can be and a moon that was nearly full, the Pro All Stars Series South Super Late Model Tour has begun a new tradition on Halloween weekend. The inaugural “Howler 150” was held Saturday at Greenville-Pickens Speedway in South Carolina and in the end, it was Maine’s Cassius Clark who tricked the competition and earned the treat of being the first to etch his name into the history books as the winner of this event.

It was a shootout right to the very end, as Clark took the lead from PASS North Series champion Ben Rowe with just 16-laps remaining to grab the $5,000 to prize in the next-to-last event on the 2007 PASS South season.

“We were good for the long runs,” said Clark, who started the race from inside the fifth row. “He (Ben Rowe) was awesome on the short runs. The track is pretty worn out and we just saved our stuff in the beginning. They jumped out to a pretty big lead there for 30 or 40 laps and I took my time getting up through. I made all the right moves and got by the guys I needed to get by at certain times.”

The Rowes, as usual, were pretty tough in PASS competition. Father, Mike held the number-one spot in time trials, but his son Ben grabbed the top spot (pole position) for the race by winning the Dash, which determines the starting spots of the top-eight qualifiers.

Both Ben and Mike would share the lead throughout the first three-quarters of the 150-lap distance with five-time NASCAR Elite Series winner at Greenville-Pickens Speedway, Jeff Fultz. But, during a long green flag run in the mid-portion of the event, both Mike Rowe and Fultz began to fade and that’s when the white number-8 of Clark began to pour it on.

With 50 laps to go in the event, Clark had worked his way up to the bumper of Ben Rowe’s number-4. The two fought hard for the top spot for more than 30-laps. Rowe tried to hold him off as long as he could, but with 16 laps remaining, Clark made the move that got him the win.

“We had a shootout there at the end,” said Clark. “I didn’t want to lay the bumper to him, but I was going to try like hell to get by him. I was awesome getting into the center and pretty good off there, but with the little motor, it was hard to get up off the corner. I have crate motors and they have the big motors. I could get up to his rear wheel and door, but at the tail end of the straightaway he could pull down and get back in front of me. I knew if I kept putting the pressure on him he would have to drive in too deep and that is what happened. We had a five or six lap shootout there where I was on the bottom and he was on the top. It was good clean racing and I am happy with the outcome.”

Ben Rowe did everything he could to keep the lead in the late portions of the race, but had to concede to Clark’s car in the end.

“We had a good car there early on,” said Ben Rowe. “We knew we had to save tires. The crate engine car is just 200 pounds lighter than we are, which is huge on tires. I tried to save tires and I wanted a yellow there at the end. I knew Cassius was coming and there was nothing I could do. It is discouraging. I could hold him off down the straightaways, but there isn’t much of an outside so when he got up underneath me I just spun my tires. We were beating and banging and ran side by side there for some laps. We had a good car. We were the best in class with the big engine cars. He just had a different engine and weight package, and that is what beat us today.”

Behind the leaders, a hardcore battle for the third position in the closing laps had the fans keeping one eye on the leaders and another behind them. Out of nowhere, with just a few laps to go, 16-year-old Derek Ramstrom made his move up to the third position.

“Right about 50-laps (to go) we had a bleeder get stuck on the right rear,” said Ramstrom. “It was constantly letting out air. We pulled in, changed the tire and fixed the bleeder. It turned out to be pretty good after that. I just hung back and let the crashes happen and some cars get eliminated. I kept my car under me and it was there at the end.”

Championship leader Ryan Lawler had an up and down day, but when it counted at the end of the race, he crossed the line in fourth, giving him championship thoughts heading into the final race of the season at Concord Motorsport Park (NC).

“Man, I knew from the get go, about five or 10 laps into it, it was going to be slick,” said Lawler. “I was just hanging out saving my stuff. We dropped back, and then people were getting bottled up so we went to the high side and got our way back up. It is pretty unusual. I like running the top side pretty well everywhere we go, but I have never done it on a flat track.

“Me and Corey (Williams) had a pretty good battle there (at the end). The 35-car (Derek Ramstrom) kind of came out of nowhere. I think he had a tire issue though. I guess he came in and put on a right rear tire and took some fuel.

“My guys told me on the radio afterwards that this is why we are going to win championships. We just kept digging all weekend. I think we were 15th or 20th on the sheet the first day. We kept working on it and working on it and got the thing pretty decent.”

Williams, who ran in the top five all race, had a blast racing at Greenville-Pickens Speedway, and was satisfied with his fifth-place finish.

“We ended up fifth, but that is probably the most fun I have had in a while,” explained Williams. “Ryan and I raced real hard. We both raced clean and it seemed like we were both just as out of control as the other. We didn’t quite have the handle on the car that we needed. We were just too loose off. We tried to save it and when it was go time we didn’t have anymore. We just couldn’t keep up with that crate motor tonight.”

The race was slowed a couple times throughout the race, including a stoppage of the race on lap 15 when Shannon Mines slowed on the front stretch and was hit in the rear by Kory Blevins. The #10k car of Blevins took a nasty ride down the track on his side and turned over, coming to a rest on his wheels in turn one against the wall. While both cars appeared to be destroyed, both drivers were able to walk away from the incident due to the safety regulation for PASS South cars.

The podium at “The Howler” belonged to drivers who hail from north of the Mason-Dixon line, but now the southern drivers will regroup for the biggest race of the PASS South season, the “Mason-Dixon Meltdown” at Concord Motorsport Park on November 16th - 17th.

“We like to race,” said Clark, who won the inaugural Mason-Dixon Meltdown, held last year at South Boston Speedway (VA). “Our race season is over up there and it is not much fun waiting for the snow to come. We came down here to race with the big guys and sometimes we are lucky enough to beat them.”

The final event of the 2007 PASS South Super Late Model tour, the second-annual Mason-Dixon Meltdown, comes November 16th and 17th to Concord Motorsport Park.

Official Finish - “The Howler” - PASS South Super Late Models
Greenville-Pickens Speedway - Greenville, SC - Sat. Oct. 27th

1) Cassius Clark
2) Ben Rowe
3) Derek Ramstrom
4) Ryan Lawler
5) Corey Williams
6) Preston Peltier
7) Jeff Fultz
8) Gary Greenwood, Jr.
9) Mike Rowe
10) Randy Gentry
11) Perry Brown
12) Tim Nooner
13) Ralph Carnes
14) Heath Hindman
15) Strom Altman
16) Zach Stroupe
17) Brad Bischoff
18) Justin Wakefield
19) Dean Clattenburg
20) Tim Pinion
21) Allen Karnes
22) Clete Caywood
23) Randy Porter
24) Mark Gibson
25) Lee Tissot
26) Ed Surrett
27) Jimmy Doyle
28) Brian Payne
29) Kory Blevins
30) Shannon Mines

Lead Changes: 12 among four drivers

Lap Leaders: Ben Rowe 1-2, Jeff Fultz 3-4, Mike Rowe 5-15, Jeff Fultz 16, Mike Rowe 17-24, Jeff Fultz 25, Mike Rowe 26-27, Jeff Fultz 28-32, Mike Rowe 33-35, Ben Rowe 36-81, Mike Rowe 82, Ben Rowe 83-133, Cassius Clark 134-150

Cautions: 6

Fast Qualifier: Mike Rowe (19.768)

Dash Winner: Ben Rowe

Heat Winners: Derek Ramstrom, Lee Tissot, Cassius Clark

Last-Chance Race Winner: Zach Stroupe


Sat. - Aug. 4th
Lanier National Speedway
Braselton, GA

Corey Williams Wins PASS South “Saturday of Speed"

Youngster Beats Peltier For Third-Straight PASS South SLM Win

Corey Williams is having one of those seasons most drivers would love to taste just once in their career.  On June 9th, Williams scored his first Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South win at Orange County Speedway (NC).  Then he followed it up with a victory in the PASS South event at Peachstate Speedway (GA) on July 3rd, serving notice to the competition he is on top of his game on the track.

Heading into the PASS South Super Late Model “Saturday of Speed” at Lanier National Speedway (GA), Williams had momentum on his side.  After winning the Dash, Williams started from the pole position and drove on to victory for his third-straight win of the season.

It wasn’t an easy win for Williams, as many players factored into the race throughout the 150 laps.  After only leading for two laps, Williams was passed by Preston Peltier and Heath Hindman, forcing him to settle in third on the field.  This, however, was part of his race plan.

“We kind of had the same strategy that we have been running,” said Williams.  “We wanted to hang back and save the tires.  When we went to the back to save the tires, I started second guessing myself, wondering if that was the right move because we didn’t seem to have the car to win.”  

Full Story at PASS South HERE

Saturday, July 14th

Mike Rowe, 3rd; Winner Ben Rowe; & Trevor Sanborn, 2nd.

Ben Rowe Wins Thompson’s Full Fendered Frenzy 75
Point Leader Races With Rick Martin Early and Trevor Sanborn Late in Race
Connecticut Victory is a First in Three-Time Champion’s Career

NAPLES, ME (July 16, 2007) – Ben Rowe owns three PASS North championship trophies. He has won most of the biggest Super Late Model races throughout the Northeastern United States and Canadian Maritimes at least once. Anywhere that he goes nationally, he is a threat to win the race. 


In front of a record crowd at All-Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire, NASCAR NEXTEL Cup standout Kyle Busch and veteran short track campaigner Mike Rowe put on a show for the ages.  Busch took the lead from Mike Rowe on lap 179 and took the checkered flag first in the PASS North All-Star 200 event Saturday night, but after post-race evaluations the win was given to Rowe due to an unapproved tire change by Busch’s number-51 team.  

The Forbes Chev-Olds 200 - Scotia Speedway - 6/23

Cassius Clark Scores Convincing PASS North Victory at Scotia
Maine Driver Comes Back After Pit Stop To Pull Away From Field
in Forbes Chevrolet-Olds 200

Results and Photos HERE

Tuesday - July 3rd
Peachstate Speedway
Jefferson, GA

Corey Williams Wins “Firecracker 125” at Peachstate
Young Maine Native Scores Back-to-Back PASS South Victories

JEFFERSON, GA (July 3, 2007) – Grand finales are a common treat around the Independence Day holiday. As fireworks shows in town centers and backyards throughout the country come to a close, a gigantic display of sight and sound fills the night air to celebrate the country’s freedom.

Fittingly, a double-file restart with just two laps remaining on July 3rd at Peachstate Speedway (GA) set up for a grand finale of a different kind in the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South “Firecracker 125.” Corey Williams took the lead on lap 122 of the 125-lap race and held off a determined Preston Peltier on a final green-white-checkered restart for his second-straight PASS South victory after winning on June 9th at Orange County Speedway (NC).

Williams took the lead late from Peltier, who dominated after taking the lead on lap 95 before Williams, took the lead for the final time on lap 122. Williams had set fast time in qualifying for the race, but started eighth after suffering mechanical problems in the Dash race that were fixed in time for the feature,

Peltier pulled even with Williams on the white flag lap of the feature, but was unable to clear the Boothbay, Maine native for the victory and settled for second. Ryan Crane dominated the middle portion of the event and finished third. Kevin Perry and Jason Hogan rounded out the top-five.

The PASS South Super Late Models will return to action on Saturday August 4th for the “Saturday of Speed” event at Lanier National Speedway in Braselton, GA.
Corey Williams Wins PASS South “Orange Blossom Special”
Youngster Doesn’t Let Mother Nature Or PASS South Points Leader Ryan Lawler Stop Him
CONCORD, NC (June 9, 2007) – Corey Williams outlasted Mother Nature and PASS South points leader Ryan Lawler to earn his first-career PASS South win on Saturday night, winning the several-hour rain-delayed Orange Blossom Special at Orange County Speedway.

Williams was the dominant car all day long at Orange County, winning the pole and leading the most laps. However, it was Preston Peltier that looked like he was going to be the man to beat, grabbing the lead with just over 35 laps to go and pulling away from the field. However, a cut tire and a meeting with the outside wall cut short Peltier’s night and handed the lead back to Williams.

Lawler, who won the first two PASS South races of the season, made a hard charge through the field after cutting a tire late in the race and used timely caution flags to finish second and battle for the lead late in the race.

Dean Clattenburg, Grant Enfinger and Tim Nooner rounded out the top-five finishers.


Sat. May 26th - White Mountain
Super Late Models:

Ben Rowe (Left) - 2nd  
Mike Row - Winner

Dave Dion (Left) - 3rd  
Mike Row - Winner

WMMP Race Results and Photos HERE

Sun. May 6th - Speedway 95

Super Late Models: L to R - Ben Rowe #4, 2nd; Cassius Clark #8  DQ'd; and Johnny Clark #54, 1st.

Speedway 95 Race Results &
Photo Galleries HERE

Sat. May 6th - Beech Ridge

Super Late Models: L to R - Jeremie Whorff #00, 2nd; Winner Joey Porciello #04; and Mike Rowe #2, 3rd.

Beech Ridge Race Results
& Photo Galleries HERE

PASS “Ironman” Ben Rowe Gets Ready for Another Season

Family is Key to Success for This Three-Time PASS North Champion

NAPLES, ME (April 27, 2007) – On May 20, 2001, Ben Rowe was part of the first-ever Pro All Stars Series event. The race took place at Lee USA Speedway in Southern New Hampshire. Rowe won his heat race that day, but ran into trouble during the feature and finished 23rd.

Since than, the Maine driver has more than made up for that 23rd-place finish. He won the PASS North Super Late Model title in 2002, 2003 and 2005. He has also won numerous races during that timeframe. Most impressive, though, might be Rowe’s “Ironman” status with the tour. Rowe has been in the starting field for every PASS North race in the tour’s history.

Rowe will return to the PASS North series in 2007, driving the #4 Richard Moody Racing entry. In addition to his PASS North duties, Rowe plans a very busy year at the racetrack. He is even eyeing a run at the PASS South championship and is off to a good start there, finishing second in the season-opening Easter Bunny 150.

“We’ve got a bunch of different cars,” said Rowe. “Who knows? We might run both series – PASS North and PASS South. We’ve talked about it. It’s a neat deal to be able to have options. We really enjoy going to new tracks and towing around. Rick has really given us that opportunity. If he wants to go and the crew wants to go, so be it, we’ll be there.”

During the PASS North off-season, Rowe and his team visited a number of tracks down South to fill their time off. They raced everywhere from Virginia to Florida to Alabama and were contenders in each event.

“I really, really enjoy going down South and running with those guys,” said Rowe. “That’s what we’ve been doing since we stopped racing up here last year. I respect those guys that you see on TV. Those are the names that you hear week in and week out. For us to go to Florida or Alabama to race with them means quite a bit to me.”

Rowe is proud to represent New England in those races. He’s also proud of the growth that he has witnessed in PASS North.

“We’re going to some really good tracks up here and it’s continuing to grow. We get more and more cars. It should be a good year.”

Racing is a family affair for Ben Rowe. He grew up watching his father, 2006 PASS South champion Mike Rowe, at tracks around the Northeast. He also raced alongside his brother Tommy for many years. Now, he gets to head to the track with the support of his wife and his two young sons, who rarely miss a race.

“My wife is a big part of this,” said Rowe. “She drags the kids everywhere. If I didn’t have a wife like her, I couldn’t do this. That goes for the guys on the team and Rick’s wife, too. In order for us to do this week in and week out and spend four or five days a week at the shop, the families really have to put up with a lot. We have a good time going out of state. That makes it a fun deal to have everyone there.

“It’s all one big family. My Dad and I work together during the week [at Rowe and Sons Trucking] and race against each other on the weekends.”

The PASS North Super Late Model season will kick off with a doubleheader weekend in early May. On Saturday, the tour will open their year at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) on May 5th before heading to Speedway 95 for a Sunday afternoon show on May 6th.

Cassius Clark and Team Stick Together For a Run at PASS North Title

< The Chapman car ran #3 at the Hickory PASS South
event on April 7th, 2007

#8 Team Won Five Races Up North in 2006, Could 2007 Bring a Championship?

NAPLES, ME (April 20, 2007) – As the off-season for the Pro All Star Series Super Late Models wound down, last year’s top winner on the tour was not quite sure what 2007 held in store for him. Cassius Clark drove the Ed Chapman-owned #8 to five PASS North victories last season and then backed that up by taking the checkered flag in the inaugural Mason-Dixon Meltdown at South Boston Speedway (VA).

To start out 2007, the team travelled to Hickory Motor Speedway (NC) where they were contenders to win the Easter Bunny 150. Mechanical problems took away a chance at that, however.

Upon returning to their home base in Maine, the team was unsure on their plans for the season. Would Clark be driving for Chapman or for a new team that he could start up with his father and crew chief, former NASCAR Busch North Series winner, Bill Clark? Would it be a full schedule commitment or a partial schedule deal? Would they chase a PASS North championship or just go after victories?

Those questions were answered this week when the team sat down and mapped out their plans. After batting around different options, it was decided that Clark would return to the #8 team and go after the 2007 PASS North championship. The team plans a whole new approach to racing this season.

“We raced a lot of races last year and people got burned out,” explained Clark. “When you win races all of the time, things get pretty serious and it’s easy to lose track of why you’re out there. The main goal is to have fun with it, and that’s easy to forget. So we’re going to keep that in mind. If we don’t win, we’re going to just say, ‘better luck next time.’ It’s all about having fun going racing, and we’re going to do that this year.”

Chapman competed against Clark in the Legends car ranks and has owned his racecars since the young Maine driver started Super Late Model / Pro Stock racing.

“Ed has been a family friend of ours since I was really young,” said Clark. “We used to have boats together; I was friends with his son and he was the reason that I got into Pro Stock racing. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t have done everything that we’ve done.”

Before everyone decided to race together again this year, Clark and his father acquired another racecar that they could race on their own. It’s a car with a proven track record in Maine racing circles and it will now be added as a second car to the Chapman team.

“We’ve got Jeff Taylor’s car that he built for himself,” said Clark. “He won quite a few races and the championship last year at Oxford with it. That car is very similar to the car that we’ve been running. We went back and made some changes to my primary car for this year. We’ve done some different stuff to the front end and have been impressed with that. It was running well at Hickory when something happened. We learned a few things that went wrong at the debut, and I’m exciting about running that again.”

Now Clark feels that a championship could be in the cards for 2007.

“We’ve been at it for awhile. We’ve been in contention. Last year, we had some motor troubles, a few DNFs and those points taken away from us [as a penalty for rules infraction at Thompson]. The year before that we were close. They threw out your worst finish and if it hadn’t been for that, we would have been three points behind [2005 PASS North champion] Benji [Rowe]. We’ve got the consistency there and we’ve got the wins, so if we can turn the DNFs into decent finishes, we’ll be there at the end.”

The team might also run a few PASS South races together if things go well.

“I think so; we’ll see how things go,” said Clark. “We’ll see if we can get some help with the money that it takes. If we start off with some good luck up here, we can do some of the southern races. We’re definitely going back to the Mason-Dixon Meltdown, and we’d like to go back to Hickory. We feel like that place owes us a shot at the win.”

The PASS North Super Late Model season will kick off with a doubleheader weekend in early May. On Saturday, the tour will open their year at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME) on May 5th before heading to Speedway 95 for a Sunday afternoon show on May 6th.

51's Northern Exposure by Mike Twist and Denise DuPont
See What Some Northeastern Drivers Are Up to in 2007


Mike Parks is the latest driver to announce his intentions to chase the PASS North schedule this season.  The driver of the #66 Super Late Model ran a limited schedule of races this past season and now is looking to go after the Rookie of the Year honors in 2007.

“We’ll run the first six and before the first Halifax race, we’ll regroup and see how the season has been going,” said Parks. So then we’ll see where to go from there. We plan on trying to do them all though.”

The schedule is a challenge for Parks, since he is also the race director at New Hampshire’s Twin State Speedway. However, Twin State races on Friday nights, so with a little bit of creative traveling, Parks should be able to accomplish the next best thing to being in two places at once.

“There will be some flights between Boston and Halifax in my future,” said Parks. “I’m doing the race director job at Twin State and that takes up my Friday nights. So the guys will go up a little early with the car and I'll fly up on Saturday morning. We've checked it out though and it will work."

Chris Kennison Sells 2006 Car to Kyle Busch, Preparing New Distance-built Entry for 2007 PASS North Series Schedule

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1000-DSC_1271.jpg (124904 bytes) 1000-DSC_1512.jpg (81210 bytes) 600_NLM2882.jpg (108170 bytes) 800-DSC_8209.jpg (105289 bytes) 800_NLM3474.jpg (116655 bytes)

OXFORD, Maine (Feb. 5, 2007) - One of NASCAR's hottest young stars has purchased a Maine-built Pro Stock car, and one of Maine's most promising short track drivers is taking his program to the next level.

Kyle Busch, driver of the Kellogg's Chevrolet for respected NASCAR stalwart Hendrick Motorsports, has recently purchased a 2006 Distance-built Pro Stock car from Oxford native Chris Kennison. Busch has plans to compete in selected Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South races in 2007 and a few races in Las Vegas when his schedule allows.

Kennison, who ran part-time in the now-absent Pro Stock division at Oxford Plains Speedway in 2004, then full-time in 2005 and 2006, has purchased a 2007 car from well known and respected car builder Jeff Taylor (Distance Racing), hired veteran crew chief Brian Burgess and is planning a full-time assault on the 2007 PASS North series schedule. 

The western Maine-based racer tested the waters of PASS last fall with strong results, running as high as second place in the prestigious PASS 300 at the famed Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.

Just before traveling to Fairfield to pick up his new car, Kennison sat down to talk about his recent sale to such a high-profile racer and his plans for the 2007 PASS season. The former motocross racer has also assembled a fine group of marketing partners for the upcoming season.

"The sale of the car came about through a friend of my new crew chief," says Kennison. "Seth Holbrook, who is Mike Rowe's crew chief on the PASS tour, is friends with Kyle and talks to him periodically. In one of Kyle's calls to Maine recently he asked Seth if he thought Distance could possibly build him a new car.

"As everybody involved in this sport knows, Jeff (Taylor) is incredibly busy up there at Distance and really couldn't set aside time to build him one in a timely fashion. So Kyle asked Seth if there was a nearly-new one out there somewhere he could buy, and Seth contacted Brian about the availability of my car. Seth called Kyle shortly after and gave him my price, he agreed to it, and I had his check within two days."

For now, Kennison and Burgess have stripped the body off the car Busch purchased and will take it to Taylor's shop where a new one will be mounted. The car will then be stored at the Kennison race shop until Busch decides on exactly when he will have it delivered to North Carolina.

Busch has driven Distance-built Pro Stock cars on three separate occasions, twice for the now-defunct SP2 team at Oxford and once last fall in Derek Ramstrom's car at South Boston, Virginia, in the inaugural Mason Dixon Meltdown. Of particular interest is the fact that Hamke cars are built not far from where Busch lives; in fact several other brands of chassis were readily available to him in a moment's notice. Yet he specifically chose a Maine-built Pro Stock from Distance Racing.

I thought a word from the chassis-building guru himself was in order. How did it feel to know one of NASCAR’s hottest stars wanted one of HIS cars to race on the side? And how many PASS North races will we see him (Taylor) compete in during 2007?

"It's pretty cool, I guess," says the forever-humble nine-time OPS champion. "He (Busch) probably could have had any chassis he wanted, even a complete car furnished for him. The fact he bought one of ours says a lot about our work and makes me very proud. We've got a lot of great customers up here who have done well, Mike and Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Corey Williams and many others. In fact, Ben almost won last month's Speedfest 200 in Lakeland, Fla., then got hit from behind late in the show."

It goes without saying that Taylor's cars have won a ton of races, thanks in part to quality workmanship, dedicated teamwork and skilled drivers.

As for his plans behind the wheel in 2007, you might be surprised.

"As of right now, we have no plans to race at all. I'm just so busy here at the shop (20 new cars on order), plus things have changed within my family so there really isn't the time to go race anymore. I'm going to stick with building cars for our great customers, and hope they enjoy a successful season with them."

Customers like Kennison, for example, who talks about his 2007 plans with a great deal of excitement yet also a sense of reality and cautious enthusiasm. A quick study, Kennison has figured out the three keys to success in motorsports; good equipment, experienced people and team chemistry.

"Right now, our plan is to run the full PASS North schedule," he explained. "That is what Brain (Burgess) and I have discussed, and that's what we'll do unless something really big comes up and bites us. We're excited about the opener at Beech Ridge (April 21) after running so strong there last fall. I think Brian is a little nervous about taking me to Speedway 95, only because I have no experience there. But we'll be alright once I get the place figured out."

The 15-race 2007 PASS North schedule presents a challenge to every team, offering a variety of tracks with different lengths and configurations to keep both drivers and crew chiefs on their toes. For Kennison, that challenge means being prepared each and ever week. The addition of Burgess to his team increases his chances for success in a big way.

"Brian has the knowledge and talents to take my program to new heights. He has his own shock dyno, everybody is always after him to do their shocks - plus his overall chassis knowledge is second-to-none here in the northeast. I'm thrilled to have him here, and hope to utilize his skills throughout the season. With a little luck, that will translate into some good finishes."

And no successful race team would be where they are without the help of marketing partners/sponsors to make it all happen. Kennison Competition has enjoyed the support of Thule trailers and accessories since it came into existence in 2004, as well as Kennison Real Estate. Chris added Cole-Man's Concrete of Oxford, Maine, to his program last fall.

Also on board is Old Port Press out of Portland, and new this winter is United Sports, a snowmobile, clothing and trailer retailer/distributor in North Turner, Maine. United Sports also has a large snowmobile museum as part of its complex that must be seen to be appreciated.

And so, with his program in order and plans coming together, Kennison hovers a few feet off the ground this winter, thinking about the possibilities in the months ahead.

"I try not to get too excited, but we do have a lot to look forward to this year. Brian is ready for the challenge, and so am I. Our realistic goal is to finish somewhere in the top 10 on a consistent basis, and I believe we can do that. It's going to be an interesting summer."

At the Big E in Springfield, Mass.

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Sunoco Returns as Official Fuel of PASS

Sanctioning Body and Fuel Supplier
Continue Long-Term Relationship

CONCORD, NC (March 6, 2007) – Sunoco has a national advertising campaign promoting their involvement with NASCAR that tells motorists how they can use the same brand of fuel that stars like Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne use. Short track fans can take that one step further, with the announcement that Sunoco Race Fuel will return as the official fuel of the Pro All Stars Series in 2007, fans can also use the same fuel found in cars driven by racers like PASS champs Johnny Clark and Mike Rowe, plus former champ Ben Rowe and up-and-coming stars such as Ryan Lawler and Cassius Clark.
The PASS North and South Super Late Model tours, as well as the PASS Outlaw series, will mandate the use of a Sunoco spec fuel this year. Teams can choose from Sunoco standard or premium racing fuels, which are both distributed by New England Racing Fuels, owned by owned by NASCAR on FOX television broadcaster Mike Joy and John Holland.

“Sunoco and New England Racing Fuels have been with PASS since the very beginning,” said PASS founder Tom Mayberry. “We appreciate their involvement and look forward to continuing our relationship with them. I feel strongly that selecting a “spec” fuel for the Pro All Stars Series is an important step in controlling costs and maintaining a level playing field for our competitors. John and Mike have supported racers and racing in the Northeast for many years, and they share our concerns regarding cost control. We really appreciate their support.”

“It’s been a good relationship between Sunoco and PASS since day one,” said Holland. “I can remember the day that I met Tom Mayberry. We were at Lee (Speedway, NH) during a Busch North practice session. We sat down, and Tom told me what he planned to do. He seemed honest and realistic right away, so we came to an agreement. I don’t even remember what our first deal was now. PASS has grown from there, and we’ve enjoyed a good relationship.

“We’re excited to be back, and Sunoco is excited about it too. They have a long history in motorsports and are the leaders in the race fuel market.”

Calling Sunoco a leader in motorsports is not an exaggeration. In fact, it is almost more of an understatement. Sunoco is the official fuel of NASCAR, the SCCA and more than 40 other sanctioning bodies throughout the United States. They are also the fuel supplier for more than 400 racetracks in the U.S., including all but two short tracks in New England.

As the spec fuel of PASS, all competitors will be required to practice and compete with either the Sunoco Race Fuel Standard or Supreme products at all PASS Super Late Model and Outlaw events. Competitors in the PASS Modified and Sportsman ranks have the options of either using Sunoco Race Fuels or pump gas. No exotic and expensive blends of fuels are allowed.

The PASS South season will get started on April 7th with the running of the Second Annual Easter Bunny 150 at Hickory Motor Speedway (NC). The PASS North and PASS Outlaw divisions spring into action two weekends later on April 21st at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway (ME).

For more information on the PASS South Series, contact Jeremy Troiano at (704) 455–2051 and for technical and rules information on all of the PASS tours, please contact Scott Reed at (207) 625-3230.

300-19th_Expo_logo450.jpg (23780 bytes)

January 5 – 7, 2007
Friday: 5 PM to 10 PM
Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM
Sunday: 10AM to 3 PM

Augusta Civic Center
Augusta, ME


Tom Mayberry Named Promoter of the Year
300-tommy-DSC_1509.jpg (25755 bytes) (Augusta, ME – January 5, 2007) Tom Mayberry of Naples, ME, President of PASS Racing, Inc was named 2006 promoter of the year after balloting by the members of the New England motorsports press corps at the Northeast Motorsports EXPO at the Augusta Civic Center on Friday night January 5, 2007.

At the presentation, Tom was told that he was the overwhelming winner of the balloting because he has done an exceptional job of promoting PASS racing – including the PASS North Super Late Model Series, the PASS Outlaw Late Model Series, the PASS South Super Late Model Series, and the PASS Modified Series.

It was noted that from a meeting in the winter of 2001, Tom has built PASS into a premier touring series for super late model cars in both the north and the south with races from Nova Scotia to South Carolina with over 100 cars participating in the North Series and over 70 in the first year of the South Series. The PASS Outlaw Late Model series was started in 2006 and brought many pro stock cars out of the garage and back to New England tracks as over 70 cars participated in the Outlaw Late Model Series in 2006. The PASS Modified Series has a special place in Tom’s heart and will continue to be part of PASS racing as more cars join the series.
Cassius Clark Named Touring Series Driver of the Year

300-cassius-DSC_1627.jpg (33692 bytes)


300-DSC_1649.jpg (26352 bytes)

(Augusta, ME – January 5, 2007) Cassius Clark of Farmington, ME was named Touring Series Driver of the Year by the members of the New England Motorsports press corps at the Northeast Motorsports EXPO in Augusta, ME tonight.

In PASS competition in the PASS North Super Late Model Series, Cassius was either hot or not. He had five wins, four seconds, and three not so goods in twelve races. He was more hot than not and he finished seventh in points for the 2006 season.

While waiting for the PASS North Series to get under way, Cassius and the E J Prescott sponsored team made two trips down Route 95 to see how they stacked up against the best in the South in the inaugural PASS South Super Late Model Series Season. In the first PASS South race at legendary Hickory Motor Speedway in the Easter Bunny 150, Cassius put the #8 on the pole for the first pole award in PASS South history, and he won a heat race in his second attempt down south, but the gremlins got him in both races.

The Chapman Racing team came back north and won the first three PASS North races of the season and was off for 2006.

However, he was not through with trips south. On Thanksgiving weekend the entire crew went south again. This time to the Mason-Dixon Meltdown at South Boston Speedway, South Boston, VA to challenge 54 other super late model teams from Florida, Texas, Wisconsin and everywhere in between for a chance at the $12,500 first-place check. And, as you may have guessed, Cassius beat his buddy and fellow PASS competitor Johnny Clark to the checkers.

Cassius is the fourth PASS driver to chosen Touring Series Driver of the Year, joining last year’s winner Mike Rowe, the previous year’s winner Johnny Clark, and Ben Rowe who won in 2000.

2007 PASS Schedules & Autograph Session
at NE Motorsports Expo

In addition to the license form, the 2007 schedules for a total of 46 PASS sanctioned events including the PASS North Super Late Model Series, the PASS Outlaw Late Model Series, and the PASS Modified Series are available at the PASS booth at the Northeast Motorsports Expo. There was an announcement about the 2007 PASS Sportsman Series on Friday night the 5th.

There was an autograph session on Friday night from 7 to 9pm with: Mike Rowe, Jeremie Whorff,

Ben Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Bill Whorff Jr., Johnny Clark, Cassius Clark, and Derek Ramstrom.
Also stopping by the PASS booth were Chris Staples and Chris Kenneson.

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350-DSC_1660.jpg (38869 bytes)

1000-DSC_1942.jpg (206558 bytes) 600-DSC_1834.jpg (156734 bytes) 600-DSC_1681.jpg (109151 bytes) 600-DSC_1927.jpg (127158 bytes)
1000-DSC_1672.jpg (186448 bytes) 600-DSC_1688.jpg (129030 bytes) 1000-DSC_1967.jpg (163536 bytes) 500-DSC_1619.jpg (65717 bytes)
PASS Informational Meeting for
Limited Sportsman/Super Sportsman
at Northeast Motorsports EXPO in Augusta, ME

(Naples, ME – January 2, 2007) There was an informational meeting for Limited Sportsman/Super Sportsman race teams at 1:30 pm on Saturday January 6, 2007 in the Hancock Room at the Northeast Motorsports EXPO at the Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME regarding a PASS sanctioned six-race series in 2007.

Scott Reed and other PASS officials were on hand to discuss the series in a question-and-answer format. The 2007 schedule is now be available.
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