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For Tech Questions: Scott Reed

207-625-3230 between 6 and 9pm

2008 Outlaw Late Model Series
Rules and Specifications

Clarification Amendments

1. Engine - The following are the MAXIMUM engine displacement listed by manufacturer:

     Chevrolet: 350 C.I.   -  Ford: 351 C.I.  -  Chrysler/ Dodge: 360 C.I.

     Maximum cylinder overbore shall be .060 for all manufacturers.

2. No Carbon fiber or titanium parts allowed.

General Race Procedure, Safety Provisions, Chassis Definitions and Building rules are as specified in the Pro All Stars Series Pro stock rules as posted by PASS.

PASS reserves the right to modify rules in interest of fair and equitable competition.

PASS officials have final determination of legality and intent of all parts

Rules unique to this series are as specified below.


Location: #1 spark plug aligned to ball joint centerline. Engine to be centered in chassis +/- 1”(inch). Crankshaft height shall be no less than 10”(inches) from center to ground height.

Oiling System: Wet sump supplied oil systems only. Pump must be located in pan or an external belt driven single stage pump supplied from wet pan source only.
No additional pressurized oil lines except to oil cooler permitted. No external oil tanks or accu-sump type systems allowed.

Cylinder Heads: Stock cast iron production cylinder castings only. All cylinder heads specifications as posted within PASS pro stock provisions apply.

Crankshaft: Steel production design only. Aftermarket crankshafts allowed, yet must be similar to construction and appearance to O.E.M. design. Maximum Stroke shall be Chevrolet:3.500”, Ford:3.515”, Chrysler:3.500”.

Steel connecting rods only. No stainless, Aluminum or Titanium rods permitted.

Camshaft & Lifters: Any lift solid or hydraulic type steel camshaft allowed. No roller cams or lifters permitted.

Pistons: Minimum 3 ring Flat top pistons only. 2 or 4 valve relief permitted. No portion of piston may protrude above top of block surface edge.

Intake: Any standard production typical design aftermarket intake permitted. Only current production design intakes permitted. No modifications with the exception of up to ½” port matching allowed.

Carb Spacer: One solid material spacer, maximum height of 1” permitted. No wedge shape spacers allowed. Spacer must retain exact parallel shape throughout. No beveling, tapering, flaring or radiusing permitted. May not be stepped or undercut. Maximum gasket thickness shall be .075, one located at top and bottom of spacer surface.

Holley 4412 2 barrel carb only except on crate engine options.
Holley 600 or 650 4 barrel on factory fast burn engine options.
Holley 600,650 or 750 4 barrel on factory ZZ4 engine option.

All carbs must meet typical PASS specs., as well meet all tech gauges and specified requirements.

Exhaust: (added for 2008)

a. All cars must have mufflers in "as produced condition". Howe #3002, 3006, or H-3018 are to be used. Other Manufacturer built mufflers must be approved before competition and meet sound level specifications.
b. Cars not adhering to this rule or excessively loud cars may not be allowed to compete or may be assessed a weight penalty.
c. Exhaust must extend behind driver. The exhaust must exit under the car . A minimum of 6 inches is required between door panel and location of exhaust dump point. Must be turned down.
d. Maximum allowable noise decibel to be 100db. Due to increasing noise ordinances at many facilities in which the series competes at, PASS officials will be required to enforce noise levels as posted. Facility ordinances will determine as to whether enforcement will be limited to teams being fined or restricted from competition due to violation of maximum db. noise limitations.


Transmission: No Jericho or Bert type transmissions permitted. Minimum 2 forward working gears and reverse. Ratio’s as specified in PASS pro stock rules.

Clutch: Minimum 5.5 “ permitted.

Rear End: Differential or carrier to be solid spool or ‘plugged’ only.


Shocks: Retail cost not to exceed $350.00. Only exception will be the Penske ‘Red’ #7500 series shock. Any other shock that exceeds the monetary amount must be approved by PASS. No base valves permitted. Pressure not to exceed 300 psi. No external tanks permitted.

Springs: Coil over springs may not exceed 2 5/8 i.d. No Barrel type springs permitted. No progressive springs permitted. No coil over eliminator type assemblies permitted. Big spring type chassis require a minimum 5” i.d. spring in proper position.

Tread width: 66” wide maximum.


Steel head, Flat top engine 2 brl. engine option.                        2800 lb. 57% left
GM 88958604 Fast burn 400 Spec engine untouched.               2700 lb. 58% left
GM ZZ4 crate engine option untouched.                                       2700 lb. 58% left

Cam change option on Fast burn or ZZ4 engine option.            ADD 50 lbs.
Straight rail chassis.                                                                         ADD 25 lbs.
0”-2” engine set back.                                                                     ADD 25 lbs.

All competing body options must remain within parameters of each option in regards to spoiler height and specifications. Weights will be the same within all body options.

Left side percentage not to exceed posted amount before, during or after event. Fuel may be added for total weight consideration. No allowance in regard to left side percentage.

Total weight before race with driver.

PASS reserves the right to revise weight distribution amongst different options in the interest of parity and fair competition.

Outlaw Body Specs and Maximum Parameters

After market nosepiece required with 8" backset maximum, measured 15” off ground anywhere across nose. Center of front wheel forward to front of nose 45" maximum overhang.

1. Bottom of rear bumper to the ground will be 12" maximum. Bumper must be straight and located at very rear of quarter panel. Bumper length 72".

2. Quarter panel rear overhang from center line of rear axle 46" maximum.

3. Quarter panel width at rear 72" maximum. Body width - maximum of 82" over center of front tires, maximum of 76" over the center of the rear axle.

4. Rear deck length 28" maximum, measured from the base of the spoiler to the edge of the back window, not to the mounting flange or added-on piece.

5. Top of spoiler to ground 40" maximum. Spoiler size - 6" x 72" maximum, spoiler will be clear, flat material with 1" maximum lip optional. Maximum of 3 spoiler supports made of round tube 3/4" maximum diameter.

6. Height of roof measured 10" back from top of windshield, 45" minimum with no more than a 2" drop. Minimum roof dimensions, 45" wide x 38" long. Top of windshield or front edge of roof to base of rear spoiler 102" maximum.

7. Full front windshield and full stock appearing rear window mandatory. All windshield and rear window contours will be flat or convex.

8. No body ledges over 4" maximum. No lips or verticals anywhere on body. No concave C pillars. Flat or convex only. Wheel flares can NOT extend out past the sidewall of the tire, and can NOT extend farther back than the rear of the tire!

9. Side windows opening 12" x 22" minimum with no moveable panels.

10. Minimum 3” ground to panel clearance mandatory.

11. Rear body MUST have a filler panel extending from the base of the rear spoiler down extending a minimum of 12” (inches). Rear filler panel must extend the distance between both quarter panels from side to side. Panel must be solid without holes or any form of air passages constructed into its entirety.

Frame Height

Minimum 3” measured with driver. NO LIFT! Before, during and after event.

Rear Spoiler

Spoiler must be constructed of clear Lexan material and not obstructed in any form.

No side boxing permitted. Maximum spoiler supports not to be constructed of any material in excess of ¾” DOM.

Spoiler heights: Measured from ground surface to top edge of spoiler.

ABC body 8.0” high X 60” length 43” to ground Maximum
99-Downforce 7.0” high X 60” length 42” to ground Maximum
Wedge/Outlaw 6” high X 72” length 40” to ground Maximum

Maximum spoiler height to be measured before, during and after race.

PASS reserves the right to modify rules in interest of fair and equitable competition.

PASS officials have final determination of legality and intent of all parts

2007 Outlaw Late Model Series
Tire Rules

1. The Official Tire for the 2007 PASS Outlaw season is Americian Racer, EC-11 left and EC-21 right. All tires must be purchased through Northern Race Tire. Tires may be ordered, by chalk size up until Wednesday @ 5:00 pm prior to that weeks race, by calling Northern Race Tires at 603-539-1566. Competitors will not be permitted to pick out their tires at the Northern Race Tire warehouse. Competitors can only picked out tires at the track on race day. The $ 132.00 price per tire is for mounted or loose, includes applicable state, provincial, or VAT taxes.

2. Each team is permitted to purchase a maximum of 6 registered new tires at the seasons first 2 events.

3. Any team that is new to the series thereafter is permitted to purchase a maximum of 4 registered tires at their first event of the season.

4. All teams are restricted to the purchase of 3 new registered tires for other events throughout the season. Each respective team is responsible for the use of one of the tires from the most previously competed in event at each race.
That tire must be registered at tire truck.

5. All teams are permitted to purchase 4 new registered tires for any Outlaw series races that are posted as combination North and Central series events.

6. If a team cuts or “flats” a new registered tire purchased the day of the event during practice or qualifying for given event that team may contact series technical director and replacement may be granted upon decision. This does not include previous week’s tire which is mandated. In that event said team will be required to utilize one of its other 3 tires used in the previous event.

7. Tires are not to be changed during event unless they are flat. Any team determined to have changed tires without cause will be penalized 2 laps per tire changed.

8. In the event a respective team fails to qualify or is removed from competition within 20 laps of the race inception, that team must contact series technical director to determine if those tires may be eligible for competition for next event attended. Otherwise all teams are mandated to purchase 3 tires per event.

9. Teams are permitted to purchase practice tires at their own discretion. Only registered tires are permitted during qualifying and featured events. Practice tires must be stamped practice.

10. All race day tires serial numbers will be recorded at the track truck. These tires must be used for qualifying and feature. After car is qualified, PASS officials will check serial numbers and mark tires. These tires must be be used for the feature race unless a different format is announced at the drivers meeting.

11. All race day tires must be either, (1) bolted on the race car, or (2) stacked at the rear of your trailor, outside, in clear view at all times. At no time will competitors be permitted to take your race tires inside your trailor during the race event, unless instructed to do so by a PASS series official.
PENALTY: $500 fine and tires become practice tires only.

12. All wheels must be clearly marked with car number on the outer face.

13. Durometer Rules: At the discretion of PASS.

Without question, any tampering with compound, branding, serial numbers or any alteration to any tires found in competition will be considered illegal! PASS officials have final determination without recourse.

15. Absolutely NO chemical treatment of tires permitted.
PENALTY: $1,000.00 fine. Team will be disqualified for all points and money won in the event. The team will loose half of your season points and any provisional starting positions for the remainder of the season.

16. All tires are subject to impound and testing at the discretion of PASS officials.

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