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5th Annual PASS 400 Weekend - 9/12-13/09

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PASS SLM 300 Lap Board
SPORTSMAN 100 Lap Board
PASS MODS 50 Lap Board

Mike Rowe Nips
DJ Shaw for
Third PASS 300 Win
Scarborough ME - (9/14/09) Mike Rowe took advantage of leader Trevor Sanborn's misfortune just 10 laps from the checker to assume the top spot and hold off DJ Shaw for his third PASS 300 victory at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway Sunday afternoon. It was a triumphant return to the series for the Maine racing legend who earned the immaculate Scarborough Maine speed plant's Pro Series Championship title one week earlier.

After a meet and greet for the fans and driver introductions, Scott Chubbuck and home track hero Aaron Ricker led the thirty-two car field down to Chief Starter Rick Shepherd's green flag and a mid pack melee involving TJ Brackett, Bub Bilodeau , Richie Dearborn and a host of others brought out an immediate yellow. A multi-time Beech Ridge champion, Bilodeau's day was done just a half lap after it began. Chubbuck took over from the outside on the restart with Jay Fogleman in tow and Ricker and Kelly Moore battling for third. Ricker raced back under Fogleman for second and DJ Shaw was on the move.. He passed Moore on lap six, Fogleman on seven and set sail after the front two. Ricker was racey on the outside and took the lead back from Chubbuck on lap 14, while Kelly Moore worked his way by Shaw for third and went after Chubbuck for second. Second was his on lap 18, and the veteran was ready to challenge the kid for the top spot. The lead was Moore's on lap 23, with Ricker, Chubbuck, DJ Shaw and Mike Rowe the top five on lap twenty five.

Adam Bates and Derek Ramstrom brought out caution number two; Ramstrom's day ended on the turn one rumble strips and Adam Bates retired after a run in the front stretch wall. Ryan Blaney, Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark and a host of others pitted; Cassius Clark was the only one in the bunch to take on tires. Ricker jumped out in front from the outside while Moore battled back on the bottom and DJ Shaw took over third from Chubbuck. The caution flew for a stray wheel from Ryan Blaney's racer, bringing an early end to the North Carolina high school sophomore's day. Meanwhile Moore was on the point for the restart and he kept Ricker behind him as the field began to string out. At the fifty lap mark it was Moore, Ricker, Shaw, Chubbuck, Mike Rowe, Trevor Sanborn, Ben Rowe, Fogleman, Steve Knowlton and David Oliver the top ten. Scott Alexander spun in turn four, bringing out a fourth caution. Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Seekonk Speedway regular Tom Scully Jr. and Travis Benjamin were among the cars on pit road at lap 55. Cassius Clark remounted his original set of rubber during the stop.

Moore remained in control until lap seventy when Ricker shot by on the bottom for the lead. But Moore came back to dog Ricker, taking back the spot on lap 87. Lap 100 came and went with no changes in the front five other than Shaw and Chubbuck swapping spots, and the fast guys working lap traffic. In fact the front group was less than a straight away from putting Johnny Clark back a lap at this point in the race. The caution at lap 111 took care of that issue; Mike Rowe, Cassius Clark and Alan Tardiff were some of the notables in the pits. Chubbuck took the top spot away from Moore on a lap 129 restart and DJ Shaw took third from Ricker with Trevor Sanborn riding in fifth. When the crossed flags were shown at lap 150 it was Chubbuck, Moore, Shaw, Ricker, Sanborn, Oliver, Johnny Clark, Donnie Whitten, Travis Benjamin and Mike Rowe in the top ten spots Seventeen cars remained on the lead lap at the half way mark.

As the field approached lap 200 Chubbuck was in front of Moore by half the front stretch, with the same distance back to Ricker in third. The Tamworth NH youngster reeled in Moore for second shortly thereafter. Mike Rowe had worked his way back into the front pack and Travis Benjamin sat fifth. With the top three still on track without a pit stop, Mike Rowe was looking like yet another PASS 300 was in his reach. Dave Oliver spun on top of turn three at lap 201, and the seventh caution provided the front runners the opportunity to pit that they all so desperately needed. Wholesale changes at the front resulted; Jay Fogleman assumed the lead with Steve Legendre second and Travis Benjamin third. Benjamin wasted no time getting by Legendre, and Mike Rowe wasted even less taking over second from Benjamin. DJ Shaw ran fourth with Trevor Sanborn fifth. Mike Rowe took over the lead on lap 210, and he and Fogleman pulled away from the rest of the field. Sanborn decided it was time to drop the hammer and the two-time PASS South winner gave chase. At lap 225 he had plenty of time to run down the front two; but did he have the car to do it? He was under Fogleman for second at lap 230, and only a lapped car and half the front stretch stood between him and Rowe. In five laps Sanborn was under Rowe looking for the lead; the veteran wasn't pressing too hard, and Sanborn rode in second and waited for his opportunity. With fifty to go it was Rowe, Sanborn, Fogleman, Shaw and Johnny Clark with Ben Rowe right behind and Travis Benjamin seventh.

Adam Ricker and Dave Oliver brought out caution number eight with a little dust up off turn one, setting up a side by side restart for Rowe and Sanborn. Shaw was now third with Jay Fogleman fourth and Johnny Clark fifth. Sanborn had the opportunity he waited so long for and he took advantage, taking over the lead from Rowe on lap 272. Ben Rowe was now by Johnny Clark for third.

With 20 to go Sanborn was opening up a slight advantage on Rowe. The pair worked lap traffic and the tables were turned with Rowe now looking for his shot at Sanborn. It wasn't necessary, as the 29 slowed with 10 to go, coasting into the pits with an expired motor. For the second straight year Sanborn's bid for the PASS 300 victory fell short. Rowe was back out front and Shaw had the bit in his teeth, hoping to catch the 24. He made it right to Rowe's bumper with three to go, and had a fender under the leader when the furled white and checker were shown. The pair split around a lapped car as the checkers flew and Rowe beat Shaw across the line by .142 seconds.

Ben Rowe gained a few points on PASS North point leader Johnny Clark as the series heads for its 2009 series finale at North Woodstock New Hampshire's White Mountain Motorsports Park on Friday September 18th. Racing goes green at 6:00 PM. Rowe also strengthened his lead in the PASS National Championship standings, where he has one win and Sunday's third place run at the half-way point in the four race series.
Official PASS 300 Results
1) 24 - Mike Rowe - Turner ME
2) 60 - DJ Shaw - Ctr. Conway NH
3) 4N - Ben Rowe - Turner ME
4) 54 - Johnny Clark Hallowell ME
5)4S - Jay Fogleman - Durham NC
6) 47 - Kelly Moore - Scarborough ME
7) 85 - Nick Ribbe - Kingston, MA
8) 14 - Matt Frahm - Salem NH
9) 17 - Travis Benjamin - Morrill ME
10) 62 - Mark Gibson - Winston-Salem NC
11) 33 - Richie Dearborn - Hollis NH
12) 22 - Aaron Ricker - Tamworth NH
13) 21 - David Oliver - Standish ME
14) 4X - Rich Eaton - Seabrook NH
15) 10 - Steve Knowlton - Dover NH
16) 20 - Steve Legendre - St. Johnsbury VT
17) 8 - Cassius Clark - Farmington ME
18) 53 - Alan Wilson - Hebron ME
19) 0 - Bill Whorff Jr. - Bath ME
20) 77 - Scott Chubbuck - Brunswick ME
21) 2X - Tom Scully Jr. - Westport MA
22) 12 - John Dabrowski - W. Bridgewater MA
23) 29 - Trevor Sanborn - Parsonsfield ME
24) 7 - Donnie Whitten - Biddeford ME
25) 28 - Dave Davis - Milton, VT
26) 88 - Alan Tradiff - Lyman ME
27) 17A - Scott Alexander - Orrington ME
28) 51 - TJ Brackett - Buckfield ME
29) 10S - Ryan Blaney - High Point NC
30) 98 - Adam Bates - Warner NH
31) 35 - Derek Ramstrom - Worcester MA
32) 9 - Bub Bilodeau - Standish ME

PASS 400 Weekend
Sunday Features
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough ME - 9/13

PASS 300

PASS 300: DJ Shaw, 2nd; Winner Mike Rowe; and Ben Rowe, 3rd

Martin and McDaniel Both Winners on PASS 300 Sunday
The PASS Sportsman and Mod series each play a big role in PASS 400 weekend, and Sunday's extra distance features showed why both divisions have grown to be fan favorites.

First up was 100 laps for the PASS Sportsman Series and with $2,000.00 to the winner it was guaranteed to be a wild one. Dan Mckeage and Richie Morse led the 32 car field to the green. The pair ran side by side for the first five stanzas with Morse taking the advantage at the start/finish line and Mckeage filling the hole on the bottom. Carey Martin held the third spot but he was under siege from Nate Leavitt. Martin took second away from Mckeage shortly after and left Mckeage and Leavitt to battle for third. The caution first flew on lap 16 for a minor incursion, just as Martin powered around Morse for the lead. The caution flew one lap later, turning the tables on Martin, but when the field went green Martin managed to hold the lead on the bottom; Morse dropped into second and Lyman Mckeage came up to challenge Morse. Lyman had the better car at lap 25, taking second from Morse who was now feeling the heat from both Scott Dorr and Nate Leavitt. Dorr took over the third spot on lap 29 and went looking for McKeage and Martin.

Kyle Hart spun on lap 33 to bring the field back together once again. Martin was a match for Mckeage on the outside but Mckeage battled back to a dead heat on lap 36 and the lead when the pair crossed the stripe on lap 37. The race continued clean and green at the half-way mark with Mckeage by less than a car length over Martin, Dorr, Dan Mckeage, Mike Landry and Morse. The caution finally flew once again on lap fifty eight, and it was Mckeage's turn to try from the bottom. Martin led lap 58 on the outside but the lead was far from decided. Mckeage retook the top spot one lap later but Martin continued to challenge with Scott Dorr waiting patiently in third. Martin made the outside move stick on lap 65 and Door took second away from Mckeage with Landry fourth and Dan Mckeage fifth. The front four had a healthy margin over the field. But Nate Leavitt and Bobby Nadeau went for a spinner on lap 75, setting up another restart. Martin powered up the inside to keep Dorr in second, but Mike Landry took the second spot away from Dorr five laps later. Dan Mckeage and Frank Ware came together on the back stretch, and the pair got into the back stretch wall.

Now it was Landry's turn to take on Martin, and despite Martin's efforts to move the 40 up the race track, Landry battled back on the outside to lead lap 87. Landry cleared Martin but he was never far away, and Donnie Morse had worked his way past Dorr for third. The final caution flew on lap 93, giving Martin another shot at the top spot. He took advantage and took back the point on the race's final restart. Landry never had an opportunity to try the top and Martin crossed the line first, scoring his first Beech Ridge victory in many years. Donnie Morse came home third with Scott Dorr fourth and Nate Leavitt fifth.

PASS Mods were up next and Sumner Sessions jumped out front early but Scott McDaniel took over the top spot on lap 3. Greg Ellis chased the front pair in third and Steve Bennett Jr. was a ways back in fourth. McDaniel was in another zip code by lap 11, leaving Sessions and Ellis almost a straightaway behind. Point leader Andy Shaw was up to fourth by lap 14, Then third on lap 15 and setting his sights on the front two. Shaw was by Sessions on lap 20 but he had a long way to go to chase down the leader. The race stayed caution free from Green to checker and McDaniel never looked back, beating Shaw to the flag by over a straightaway with Scott Grant third, John Brill fourth and Sumner Sessions fifth.

PASS MODS: Andy Shaw, 2nd; Winner Scott McDaniel; and Scott Grant, 3rd.
Finish - PASS Mod 50 - Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - 9/13/09

1) 14 Scott McDaniel Livermore ME  2) 27 Scott Grant Waterboro ME
3) 77 Jon Brill Bridgton ME 4) 50 Sumner Sessions Norway ME 5) 33 Bill Dixon N Waterboro ME
6) 56 Dan Somes Belgrade ME 7) 4 Wayne Whitten JR Arundel ME 8) 12 Steve Bennett Jr. Buckfield ME
9) 53 Leo Oliviera Raynham MA 10) 56x Rich Ferreira Raynham MA 11) 29 Greg Ellis Hermon ME
12) 03 Gary Norris W Gardiner ME 13) 85 Glen Bradbury Hollis Ctr ME 14) 2 Bub Bilodeau Standish ME
DQ - 66 Andy Shaw Ctr Conway NH

PASS SPORTSMAN: Mike Landry, 2nd; Winner Carey Martin; and Donny Morse, 3rd.
Finish - PASS Sportsman 100 - Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - 9/13/09

1) 18 Carey Martin Brownfield ME 2) 40 Mike Landry Oakland ME 3) 10 Donnie Morse Portland ME
4) 160 Scott Dorr Portland ME 5) 36L Nate Leavitt 6) 34 Richie Morse Waterford ME
7) 63 Ross Morse Buxton ME 8) 11 Marcel Chauvette Waterboro ME 9) 09 Frankie Eldridge Stratham NH
10) 61 R.J. Austin Norridgewock ME 11) 60 Kyle Hart Ctr. Conway NH
12) 09 Frankie Eldridge Stratham NH 13) 61 R.J. Austin Norridgewock ME
14) 60 Kyle Hart Ctr. Conway NH 15) 2 Robert Emery Limington ME
16) 4 Allan Moeller Dresden ME 17) 22 Steve Bennett Sr. Buckfield ME
18) 8 Clyde Hennessey Windham ME 19) 3 Dalton Gagnon Lyman ME 20) 38 Dan Mckeage Gorham ME 21) 58 Lyman Mckeage Gorham ME 22) 80 Dana Reed Shapleigh ME 23) 02F David Fowler Jr.
24) 20 Frank Wear Scarborough ME 25) 7 Shane Tatro Levant ME 26) 35 Bobby Nadeau Hollis ME
27) 5 David Vaughn Naples ME 28) 7 Dave Charest Westbrook ME 29) 78 JT Thurlow Scarborough ME
30) 19S Duane Seekins Stockton Springs ME 31) 55 Chris Smith Scarborough ME
32) 36 Shane Green South Paris ME

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Saturday Night Action
Unofficial Results
Wildcat/Strictly 75 laps Feature PASS 400 Weekend - Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - 9/12/09

1) 84 David Vaughn Freeport ME 2) 09 Gary Babineau Windham ME 3) 35 Nathan Leavitt Buxton ME 4) 70 Dan Bean Alfred ME 5) 83 6) 73 Matt Hodgdon Scarborough ME 7) 777 Mike St Germain Auburn ME 8) 47 Brian Caswell Buxton ME 9) 40 Lyman McKeage Gorham ME 10) 7 Travis Dyer Gray ME 11) 81 Lewis Anderson Hollis ME 12) 93 Randy Snow Buxton ME 13) 92 Jimmy Burnham Windham ME 14) 61 Matt Gain Westbrook ME 15) 27 Nate Yeaton Lisbon Falls ME 16) 5w Chris Warming Hollis ME 17) 30 Linwood Varney Gorham ME 18) 3 Jesse Tolman Old Orchard Beach ME 19) 11 20) 62 Andy Ayers Shapleigh ME 21) 41 Steve Benicasa Buxton ME 22) 2 Adam Lovejoy Sanford ME 23) 69 Steve Coffin Buxton ME 24) 56
Unofficial Results
NELCAR Legends 50 lap Feature PASS 400 Weekend Beech Ridge Motor Speedway 9/12/09

1) 20 Max Zechem Preston CT 2) 38 Bobby Timmons III Windham ME 3) 399 Bob Weymouth Topsham ME 4) 647 Jacob Dorr Sanford ME 5) 56 Evan Beaulieu Durham ME 6) 10 Ed Getty Gray ME 7) 33 Alan Smith Lincoln ME 8) 48 Kendall Curit Windham ME 9) 72 Kevin Hutchens E Waterboro ME 10) 17 Terry Kirk Durham ME 11) 87 Anthony Pagliarulo Groveland 12) 19 Jim Manchester Gorham ME 13) 21 Chris Sargent Buxton ME 14) 5 Randy Brunelle Malone NY 15) 64 Chris Dgiluey Winchester MA 16) 22 Forest Boucher Buxton ME 17) 39 Doug Coombs Livermore ME 18) 70 Tylar Braunschweig Newfield ME 19) 15 Jim Maynard Jr S Deerfield MA 20) 83 Brandon Ingalls Windham ME
Unofficial Results
Roadrunner 30 lap Feature PASS 400 Weekend Beech Ridge Motor Speedway 9/12/09

1) 64 Brian Graffam Limerick ME 2) 84 Matt Dow Buxton ME 3) 21 David Turner Buxton ME 4) 21 David Turner Buxton ME 5) 29 Donnie Dinsmore Limington ME 6) 31 Shawn Brackett 7) 42 Nicole Timmons Buxton ME 8) 2 David Cameron Alfred ME 9) 32 Kyle Lewis 10) 35 Marc Hill Biddeford ME 11) 34 Spencer Morse Waterford ME 12) 24 Ray Letellier Buxton ME 13) 1 Ed Conley 14) x2 Adam Bates Westbrook ME 15) 00 Trevor Graffam Sanford ME

Unofficial Top Ten by Division - PASS 400 Weekend
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway - Scarborough ME - 9/10
Thursday Night Extravaganza
Action Aplenty as Thursday Night Extravaganza
Kicks Off PASS 400 weekend
Naples ME (9/11/2009) Over 100 mid-week racing warriors from throughout the region came together Thursday night to kick off PASS 400 Weekend at Scarborough Maine's Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, and the action was fast and furious in all four divisions. 50 lap features were the order of the evening, and the extra distance features gave these racers a change to stretch their legs and, in some cases, come from behind.

Adam Polvinen and Scott Farrington Started on the front row in the four cylinder feature, and Farrington got the jump on Polvinen for the early lead. Natasha Dyer and Kyle Hewins used the outside groove to work their way to the front and Dyer took over the point on lap six. Polvinen regained the second spot, and tried to make his move under Dyer on lap 11. The pair raced side by side for several laps until Polvinen edged by on the bottom with Hewins, Troy Jordan and Farrington following Polvinen by Dyer as well.

A quick caution gave Hewins the outside pole on the restart, and he took advantage to take over the top spot. At the halfway mark it was Hewins, Polvinen, Jordan, Farrington and Dyer. A lap 27 caution brought the field back together and on the restart and Polvinen put his VW back out front, but Hewins came back to challenge on the outside. With ten to go it was still Polvinen on the bottom, Hewins still outside and Jordan right there in third. Jordan made his move under Hewins on lap 42 for second but Hewins quickly regained the spot. The caution flew on lap 43 for a minor fracas off turn four, setting up a seven lap shootout for the win. Hewins got the jump on the outside, with Polvinen hot on his heels. Jeff Hebert worked his way up to third and Jordan now fourth. At the stripe it was Hewins in victory lane, Polvinen second and Hebert third.

The truck feature rolled off second with Chad Binette and Brian Beaulieu on the front row. Binette got out front early and Tony Field took the second spot away from Beaulieu. Binette started to work lapped traffic on lap 14 and continued to drive away from the pack. At the half way mark Binette was out in front by a straightaway over Field and Kevin Oliver. The first caution flew on lap 34, tightening up the field but Binette was on a rail. He held the top spot on the restart and the top two left the rest behind. At the checker it was Binette by a straightaway over Field, followed by Beaulieu, who was later disqualified in tech. Beaulieu's DQ gave Oliver the third spot .

50 laps for the JV/305s was next and Archer Bernard led the twenty nine car field to green followed by Paul Ureneck , Renn Noble, John Lord and Tom Lovejoy. A quick caution set up a restart that saw Noble successfully make it three wide, just before a melee on the front stretch that cost Ureneck his spot in the front of the field and spoiled Bernard's night.

Noble lined up with John Lord on the restart, the front two battling with Lovejoy and Scott Dery. Noble kept the top spot until lap six when Tom Lovejoy took over. Lovejoy looked strong, motoring away from Jason Curtis, Dennis Hall, John Lord and Scott Dery. The field caught up to Lovejoy on several more cautions but he held sway on every one. At the half way it was Lovejoy, Hall, Dery, Curtis and Noble. Lap 39 saw caution number six fly, setting up a wild restart. Lovejoy pitted from the lead with problems , and it was now Scott Dery's turn at the point with Curtis second, Noble third with Lord now back in fourth. When the green flew Curtis took over the top spot with Dery and Lord in tow. Curtis held on for the win but Paul Ureneck raced all the way from the back of the field to take second on the white flag lap over Dery and, Hall and John Lord.

The Varsity/Outlaw /Mad Bomber cars wrapped up the night with Josh Childs on the point and Larry Emerson to his outside. Emerson took the early lead but Childs spun all alone out of his second spot to bring out the caution. After a rash of yellows Larry Emerson kept the point but Matt Dow came up to challenge Emerson and came away with the lead on lap 18. Emerson rode second with Steve Moon third Kenny Robbins fourth and Jim Davis fifth. Josh Childs was putting on a show from the rear, running sixth at the half way mark. Childs got into Robbins on lap 29 and Robbins spun, giving Childs the fifth spot.

Up front Matt Dow was looking like he had the field covered, with Emerson still second and Moon in a battle with Davis for third. Caution flew at lap 37 and the front five lined up for the restart with no lapped cars in between. Emerson took the lead from Dow on top and Jim Davis looked low on Dow for second. Their battle gave Emerson a little breathing room, with Dow winning the skirmish for second. Childs got around Robbins for fourth spot just as the caution flew. At the green Emerson and Dow battled side by side with five to go, but Phil Knowlton's car erupted in flames to bring out a red flag. The blaze was quickly extinguished, setting up a four lap shoot out for the win. Emerson held off Dow on the restart but Dow and Robbins got wide off turn four, handing second to Josh Childs and third to Jim Davis. Robbins and Steve Moon finished in the fourth and fifth spots.
Four Cylinders - 50 Lap Feature
1) 54 Kyle Hewins Leeds ME 2) Adam Polvinen Oxford ME 3) 86 Jeff Hebert Auburn ME 4) 59 Cory Beaulieu W. Paris ME 5) 521 Scott Farrington Minot ME 6) 32 Natasha Dyer Arrowsic ME 7) 83 Brady Romano Livermore Falls ME 8) 11 Jeff Walker Saco 9) 09 Chris Peters N. Waterboro ME 10) 93 Jamie Leavitt Minot ME
Race Trucks - 50 Lap Feature
1) 96 Chad Binette Buxton ME 2) 1 Tony Field Buxton ME 3) 28 Kevin Oliver Gray ME 4) 4) 3 Duane Booth Wells ME 5) 69 Ryan Farrar Sumner ME 6) 88 Chaz Briggs Westbrook ME 7) 02 Chad Emery Buxton ME 8) 68 Opie Allard Harpswell ME 9) 22 Jeff Schmidt Mechanic Falls ME 10) 17 Ross Spurling New Gloucester ME
JV/305s - 50 Lap Feature
1) 5 Jason Curtis Hollis ME 2) 8 Paul Ureneck Portland ME 3) 16 Scott Dery Hollis ME 4) 11 Dennis Hall Scarborough ME 5) 21 John Lord Scarborough ME 6) 19 Ryan Tenny Scarborough ME 7) 64 Renn Noble Kennebbunk ME 8) 22 Tom Lovejoy Kennebunk ME 9) 25 Bob Hogan Wells ME 10) 88 Steve Swendsen Gorham ME
Varsity/Outlaws - 50 Lap Feature
1) 139 Larry Emerson Durham ME 2) 3 Josh Childs Oxford ME 3) 17 Jim Davis Gray ME 4) 36 Kenny Robbins Canton ME 5) 19 Steve Moon Gray ME 6) 84 Matt Dow Buxton ME 7) 00 Guy Childs Sr. Turner ME 8) 16 Brian Picard Gorham ME 9) 04 Zach Bowie Poland ME 10) 26 Corey Morgan Lewiston ME
Camping Policies PASS 400 Weekend
September 10-September 13, 2009
If you have any questions regarding policies please contact Dan Walker (207) 671-4447
Thank you for choosing to camp here at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for the PASS 400 weekend. The campers who have joined us for the past events have been very instrumental in making the policies that will be in place again this year. Please read the following guidelines to help make your weekend an enjoyable experience and to maintain the integrity of the Beech Ridge Motor Speedway grounds and it�s close residential neighbors.

1. ALL campers and vehicles on the property must be state registered and licensed. The cost will be $40 Campers are not permitted on the property until 7:00am Thursday September 10th. NO EXCEPTIONS Campers must be off grounds by 12noon Monday Sept 14th.

2. You will receive upon registration two stickers, one for the camper and an additional one for a two vehicle. Both stickers must be displayed at all times on the vehicles in the designated areas. These areas will be designated to you upon registration. Camping spaces will be a maximum of 18 feet wide and tow vehicle, awning and slide outs must fit into this space. No non-stickered vehicles may be left at camp sites or you may be towed. EMERGENCY ACCESS ROADS MUST BE KEPT OPEN AT ALL TIMES.

3. Camping at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is very limited and will be on a first come first serve basis. Please remember that this year there can be no saving spots as spots will be filled as campers arrive. If you want to camp together then please arrive together to avoid any problems.

4. All campers will be parked with the hitch facing out or motor homes with the front facing out in case of emergency as per request of the local Fire Dept.

5. Beech Ridge Motor Speedway does not have hook-ups or dumping facilities. Please do not allow any dumping of gray water or any leaking of any type of fluids on the grounds.

6. Camp fires will be determined by conditions at the time of the event. Small self contained fires are usually permitted unless conditions are deemed to be unsafe. NO FIRE SHOULD BE LEFT UNATTENDED FOR ANY REASON AT ANY TIME. All fires should be put out with water before leaving the area. Only clean wood should be used for fires. Burning of unauthorized materials could result in losing your camping privileges.

7. Pets must remain on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pet. Pets are not allowed in any racing grounds other then camping and parking lots unless it is an authorized service animal.


If you have any questions regarding policies please contact Dan Walker (207) 671-4447
PASS Haulers and Transport Drivers Memo
The PASS 400 weekend is a very busy weekend and the 4 days of track activity provide many challenges to the operations staff. As you may know a part of PASS 400 weekend is the Thursday night show for the mid week competitors.

Thursday is also the day that campers begin to arrive at the speedway for the weekend and have to be checked in and parked. The competitors for the Thursday night show begin arriving at the speedway by late morning and they also have to be staged down the pit access road. In past years there have been instances where the PASS competitors, Wildcats and Sport Series teams participating in the weekend show have arrived at the track on Thursday to get their trucks parked down the pit access road.

This year we need your cooperation to make the transition from the Thursday night show into the weekend show smoother. You still can arrive at the track with your hauler on Thursday but you must park in the grandstand side parking lot down by gate #1 which is where the speedway General Offices are. There upon arrival, you will be issued a number that will help us to line you up after the Thursday show to proceed to the pit access road. However we ask that you please do not arrive at the track any earlier than 6:00pm so that the Thursday night show can begin with a little less traffic congestion.

At the completion of the Thursday show a member of the security staff will be in the parking lot lining up the haulers by the number issued. When traffic and spectators have cleared safely, we will move the haulers to the pit area access road where you may leave them in line overnight. If you are not at your haulers when your number is called you will lose your position and have to fall in at the back of the line.

Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you all have a safe and successful weekend.

Leavitt Super Late Model Chassis
to 2009 PASS National Champion
Beech Ridge 9/13 is 2nd Event
in National Series
Naples ME - The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) National Championship is back for 2009, and the four race series will see the top super late model shoes from Florida to Canada compete for the title.

The National Championship schedule will once again feature three PASS South events and one hosted by PASS North. Cassius Clark took the 2008 title north to Farmington Maine after a season long battle with John Stancill for the crown.

The series kicks off at Hickory (NC) Motor Speedway Saturday April 11th with the fourth annual Easter Bunny 150 and heads north on September 12th and 13th for the PASS 300 weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough Maine. Kenly North Carolina's Southern National Raceway Park will host round three on Saturday September 26th, and the 2009 PASS National Champion will be crowned at "The Meltdown" at South Boston (VA) Speedway on Saturday October 17th.

PASS has upped the stakes for the National title, thanks to the generosity of Leavitt Racing Components. The 2009 series titlist will receive a Leavitt Racing Components super late model chassis for their efforts. The new Leavitt chassis has created a lot of buzz in the short track racing world, and the top gun in the PASS National Championship series will have one in his garage this fall.

Well known as manufacturers of high quality chassis and chassis components for all forms of circle track racing, Leavitt Racing Components has expanded their product line to include Fuel Safe Fuel Cells, Earl's Performance plumbing products and Woodward Precision steering components. In addition Leavitt Racing Components manufacturers an extensive line of shop tools and fixtures that are second to none.

Check out Leavitt Racing Components' E-Store 24/7 at www.leavittracingonline.com or call them at 1.800.943.4149. Their showroom and manufacturing facility is located at 174 Gasoline Alley in the Lakeside Industrial Park, Mooresville North Carolina.
Beech Ridge a Pivotal Race for PASS North &
National Championship Title Contenders
NAPLES ME (9/1/2009) The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) returns to Scarborough Maine�s Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for the fifth annual PASS 400 weekend on September 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th , and the four day short track extravaganza will go a long way toward determining both the 2009 PASS North and PASS National super late model Champions

With just two events remaining on the PASS North schedule, Johnny Clark has a solid lead in the point standings. The defending champ currently enjoys a 40 point margin over Ben Rowe (2370-2330) in the title chase, with Adam Bates at 2310, Derek Ramstrom at 2290 and Kelly Moore in fifth with 2277. With two points available per finishing position and a minimum of 32 cars scheduled to take the grid in the seasons longest race, an upfront finish by Rowe combined with a bad day for Clark could easily tighten the standings. But so far in 2009, Clark has the Beech Ridge advantage with second and seventh place finishes compared to Rowe's pair of ninth place runs. Both drivers have ten top 10 finishes in eleven starts, so it's a tossup in that category. But Clark is the defending PASS 300 race winner, so he knows the extra distance setup and strategy that could carry him to a second consecutive $10,000.00 payday.

Adam Bates has had a virtual stranglehold on Beech Ridge victory lane of late. Bates has two wins, two second place runs and a fourth in his last five Beech Ridge starts, and despite a grinding wreck at Thompson International Speedway that completely destroyed his only super late model, he�s managed to regroup and battle back from adversity to remain near the top of the point standings.

There have been seven different winners in the last seven PASS North super late model races, and the last two have been first time wins scored by Randy Turner (Unity ME) and Tom Scully Jr. (Seekonk MA). There are plenty of talented drivers that haven't crossed the stripe first in 2009, and there's no doubt that another first time winner could emerge in the 300.

The PASS National Championship four race mini-series hasn't been on track since May when Ben Rowe scored at Hickory Motor Speedway, but Beech Ridge is round two of the series, where Rowe leads by a scant two point margin over Jeff Fultz. Ryan Blaney is third, followed by Texan Trey Mitchell and South Carolina's Hal Goodson. It's all but impossible to miss one of the four races and remain in contention for the title, so you can expect all of the front runners to be on hand for the PASS 300, including Cassius Clark, the defending National Series Champion. Clark sits 21st in the National standings after a bad result at Hickory in the spring, but he will be looking to pull himself up in the title chase at Beech Ridge. Johnny Clark is seventh in the National standings and may make a run at the title if the team fares well in round two. The National Championship Series continues at Southern National Raceway Park in Lucama North Carolina on Saturday September 26th and wraps up at South Boston (VA) Speedway on Saturday October 17th with the Mason-Dixon Meltdown.

PASS 400 weekend kicks off on Thursday September 10 with a wild night of racing for the Beetle Bugs/Runnin' Rebels,Trucks, Mad Bomber/Outlaw type cars and Beech Ridge 305s. Racing goes green at 6:00 PM. Friday is a practice day for all weekend divisions. Saturday it's qualifying races for the PASS Mods, Sportsman and Super Late Models as well as heats and features for the Road Runners (30 laps),the Nelcar Legends (50 laps) and the Wildcats/Strictlys in a big 75 lap showdown.

Sunday is filled with PASS feature racing; a "B" feature for the PASS Super Late Models followed by 100 laps for the PASS Sportsman and a 50 lapper for the PASS Mods. Time and weather permitting, a driver meet and greet will follow while the Super Late Model teams set up the infield pit area for their longest (and richest) race of the year, the $10,000.00 to win PASS 300. Both Saturday and Sunday's racing gets the green flag at noon.

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is located at 70 Holmes Road in Scarborough Maine. The Speedway is on line at www.beechridge.com .

For more information including schedules, standings, and results for all PASS sanctioned touring series visit the series homes on the web at www.racewithpass.com or www.proallstarsseries.com . For marketing or media questions contact Norm Desjardins at 603-539-3368.Direct rules and other technical questions to Scott Reed at 207-625-3230.
PASS National Championship Series Heats Up
Starting with Beech Ridge on September 13th
Naples ME (8/24/2009) It's been four months since Ben Rowe captured the first round of the four race Pro All Stars Series (PASS) National Championship Series at Hickory (NC) Motor Speedway, but the series will heat up in earnest when the National Championship trail leads to Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on September 12 and 13th for the PASS 300.

There\s still three weeks before the series takes to the beautiful Scarborough Maine oval for their biggest event of the season, but the early entries are already rolling in.

The PASS South super late model contingent is already well represented. Teen sensation Ryan Blaney, three time 2009 PASS South winner Jay Fogleman, PASS South stalwarts Jeff and Jane Day's entry with Mark Gibson at the wheel and John Batten have already filed entries, and there's more to come from the south.

Bub Bilodeau has what it takes to race with PASS anytime, anywhere. Bilodeau is a multi-time Beech Ridge Pro Series champion, and he's the first home track regular to to file an entry for the 300 lap showdown. PASS North touring pro Richie Dearborn cut his racing teeth at the Ridge, and his was the first entry blank to arrive at the PASS office.

Adam Bates has been tough to beat at Beech Ridge; he's got two wins under his belt and ran a close second to 2008 PASS 300 race winner and series champ Johnny Clark. He'll be trying to better that by one spot but Clark will be back to try and make it two "300s" in a row.

There's a whole lot of racing on tap over the course of the weekend. On Saturday all divisions will qualify and the Wildcats, Road Runners and Legends will have their feature events. Sunday kicks off with the PASS 300 "B" main for the super late models. Then it's 100 laps for the PASS Sportsman division, a 50 lap shootout for the PASS Mods and the $10,000.00 to win PASS Super Late Model 300.

Entry blanks for the Wildcats, PASS Sportsman and PASS Super Late Models are available above.

The races go green at noon on both Saturday and Sunday.  Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is on line at www.beechridge.com
Dearborn Files First PASS 300 Entry
Naples ME (8/15/2009) The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) National Championship trail winds north to Scarborough Maine's Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on Saturday and Sunday September 12th and 13th, and Hollis Maine PASS North standout Richie Dearborn has filed the first PASS 300 entry.

Dearborn and his family-focused race team have supported the PASS North super late model series from day one. When PASS made its debut at Lee USA Speedway in 2001 Dearborn raced home third. Prior to 2009 he has recorded 3 wins (6th all time) 22 top five (7th all time) and 55 top ten (4th all time) finishes. His 2009 season has had its ups and down, but the team has persevered to record five top five and nine top ten finishes in the first ten PASS North events. That consistency has Dearborn in fourth place in the season long standings, seventy five points behind series point leader Johnny Clark. The PASS 300 will award both PASS North and National Championship points.

Dearborn and his Chadwick-BaRoss sponsored team will be seeking their first Beech Ridge PASS victory and the $10,000.00 winner's share of the purse when the speedway hosts round two of the PASS National Championship Series. The big weekend is still a month away, but already there are confirmed entries from Wisconsin (Tom Schuette) North Carolina (Jay Fogleman, Ryan Blaney, Mark Gibson) and a host of PASS North regulars from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont.

Ben Rowe leads the PASS National Standings by a scant two points over Jeff Fultz. Ryan Blaney, Trey Mitchell and Hal Goodson sit third through fifth.

The weekend will feature two days of non-stop racing. All series and divisions will qualify on Saturday and the Wildcats, Road Runners and Legends will have feature events. Sunday kicks off with the PASS 300 "B" main for the super late models. Then, its 100 laps for the PASS Sportsman division, a 50 lap showdown for the PASS Mods and the grand finale, the PASS Super Late Model 300.

The racing goes green at noon on both Saturday and Sunday.

Beech Ridge Motor Speedway is on line at www.beechridge.com
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