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An International Super Late Model Tour with events in New England & Canada

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Pullen Heavy Industries 300 at Beech Ridge 9/25

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The Lap Sponsors for all Feature Races HERE

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Mike Rowe and SP2 Motorsports win the PHI 300

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Official Results
Pullen Heavy Industries 300
Beech Ridge - Sun. Sept. 25th
. Car # Driver Hometown
1 24 Mike Rowe Turner, ME
2 00 Ben Rowe Turner, ME
3 13 Rollie MacDonald Pictou, NS
4 8 Cassius Clark   Farmington, ME   
5 8t Alan Tardiff Lyman, ME
6 33 Richie Dearborn Hollis, ME
7 25 Brad Leighton Center Harbor, NH
8 53 Alan Wilson Hebron, ME
9 75 Gary Smith Bangor, ME
10 28t Kirk Thibeau Fort Fairfield, ME
11 60 Tim Brackett Buckfield, ME
12 53x Bill Rodgers Old Orchard Beach, ME
13 40 Dan McKeage Gorham, ME
14 27p Bubba Pelton Scarborough, ME
15 14 Rick Martin Westport, MA
16 2 Steve Carrier Saco, ME
17 4 Bobby Babb Scarborough, ME
18 97 John Fleming Halifax, NS
19 72 Scott Robbins Dixfield, ME
20 08 Donnie Lashua Canaan, NH
21 69 Bub Bilodeau Standish, ME
22 38 Chuck Lachance Cushing, ME
23 83 Donnie Whitten Wells, ME
24 15 Paul White Wiscasset, ME
25 29s Trevor Sanborn Parsonsfield, ME
26 17x J. R. Baril Haverhill, MA
27 154 Michael Pickens Birkenhead, Auckland,
New Zealand
28 71 Gary Drew Otisfield, ME
29 47 Corey Williams Boothbay, ME
30 29 Scott Chubbuck Brunswick, ME
31 54 Johnny Clark Hallowell, ME
32 15x Steve Berry Gorham, ME


Alexandre Gingras Quebec City, QUE
34 77 Brockie Gerry Fryeburg, ME
35 88t Jeff Taylor Norridgewock, ME
36 88 David Bath Arundel, ME
37 4r Tony Ricci Westbrook, ME
Lap Leaders   
Laps 1 - 23 =       #00   
Laps 24 - 75 =     #24   
Laps 76 - 77 =     #13   
Laps 78 - 95 =     #53X   
Laps 96 - 146 =   #13   
Laps 147 - 152 = #25   
Laps 153 - 165 = #24   
Laps 166 - 169 = #25
Laps 170 - 300 = #24
Total Laps Led
#00 =   23
#24 =   196
#13 =   53
#53x = 18
#25 =   10
      Pullen  Heavy Industries 300 Had Many Stories

(Naples. ME – September 25, 2005) Four days of racing action at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway over the weekend ended with a tighter points race heading into the season finale at Star Speedway on Saturday night October 1st.

After 197 laps of heats, concis, C Mains, B Mains, and two features on Saturday for 211 cars in five divisions, and a night’s rest in the 200 plus campers that filled the parking area, the competitors and fans were back for more action at noon on Sunday.

The action got under way with the IBG Pass Series B Main. Young Michael Pickens of Auckland, New Zealand was one of the good stories of the day. He started in the top five and quickly moved to the front.

Now, you have to know that this was Michael’s fourth day in an asphalt car ever. He races dirt midgets back home and is in the States running a USAC midget at Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway. He met the current PASS champion Johnny Clark at the Roush “Gong Show”, and they worked out a deal for Michael to drive Johnny’s backup car this weekend. After Thursday’s practice, he was not sure about these asphalt cars, but after some more seat time in Friday’s practice he was getting more comfortable.

It all paid off as he won the 35 lap B Main and was in the show after an exciting last lap that saw Corey Williams pass Cassius Clark on the outside to take the last spot in the 300 lapper, which relegated Cassius to a PASS provisional. Pickens watched it all in his mirror. Not bad for someone with less than 100 laps in any kind of asphalt car on one of the trickier tracks around.

Continuing the international theme, Rollie MacDonald of Pictou, Nova Scotia, the current Maritime Carquest Series champion at age 62, was also having trouble getting the hang of the track in his first visit to Beech Ridge, but more on Rollie’s weekend later.

Ben Rowe and Trevor Sanborn brought the 37 car field to the green in the IBG PASS Pullen 300 while 15 others had to go home. Ben went out quickly with Sanborn jumping in front of Bill Rodgers as the front pack singled up. A tangle on lap seven sent Donnie Whitten’s #83 to the pits for a flat right front and the #4R of Tony Ricci off on the flatbed.

On lap 17, Mike Rowe had moved to second from his fifth-place starting spot, and on lap 23 took the lead from son Benjie. On lap 48, Benjie got high in turn four and went around in the marbles bringing out the yellow.

Rollie MacDonald in the #13 was slicing through the file from his 16th place on the grid, and on lap 58 was up to fourth, and on lap 66 went by Bill Rodger’s #53X for second and was closing on Mike Rowe. From lap 66 to 74 the two veterans went side by side until MacDonald took the lead much to the delight of the many Maritime fans in attendance.

On lap 76, Alan Wilson’s #53 was pushed off the turn three banking bringing out the caution, and Mike Rowe gave up second to pit early like he did in the Oxford 250 for tires and fuel. On the restart, the #27 of Alexandre Gingras of Quebec City came to a stop in turn two bringing out another yellow, and on the restart Bill Rodgers took the lead and pocketed some of the $50 per lap in lap leader money.

At the 100 lap mark, it was MacDonald back to the lead with Brad Leighton in the #25 up to second, followed by Richie Dearborn’s #33, Bill Rodgers, Paul White’s #15, Alan Tardif in the #8T, Gary Smith’s #75, Kirk Thibeau in the 28T, Cassius Clark in the #8, and Johnny Clark in the #54. However, things came undone on lap 108 as the #54 slowed in turn two with rear end troubles which sent him behind the wall for the day.

At the halfway mark, it was Leighton, Mike Rowe back up to second, Paul White in the #15, in another great run, to third, Alan Wilson’s #53, Ben Rowe, Tardif, Dearborn, Smith, Rodgers, and Sanborn.

Mike Rowe went by Leighton for the lead on lap 160, and five laps later Michael Picken’s weekend on the asphalt came to an end with a blown motor in the Curb Records #154. Leighton returned the favor and took the lead back on the restart.

At the 200 lap mark, it was still Rowe, Sr followed by Rowe, Jr, Cassius Clark, Leighton, Tardif, Rollie MacDonald coming back to the front after his pit stop, Wilson, Smith, Dearborn, and Thibeau.

MacDonald was up to fourth on lap 256 and to third past Cassius on lap 260. Leighton finally pitted for tires and was making his way back to the front and was up to seventh by lap 275.

With ten to go, it was Mike Rowe followed by Ben, with MacDonald all over his bumper and Cassius looking for a way around MacDonald. And Tardif, Dearborn, Leighton, and Wilson were just waiting for a mistake.

At the line, the unofficial finish was Mike Rowe for the $15,000 plus a bunch of $50 laps, Ben Rowe, MacDonald, Cassius, and Tardif followed by Leighton and Wilson on the lead lap.

With the finale Saturday night at Star Speedway in Epping, NH, Ben Rowe is looking for another championship as he has an unofficial 30 point lead on his dad, with Cassius third just four behind Mike, and Johnny dropping 52 points behind Ben after he dropped out early and finished 31st.
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Seavey's Appliances Outlaw Late Models

3600-DSC_3555.jpg (50765 bytes)

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Official Results
Seavey's Appliances Outlaw Late Models 75
Beech Ridge - Sun. Sept. 25th
. Car # Driver Hometown
1 27p Bubba Pelton Scarborough, ME
2 70 Jeff Morgan Saco, ME
3 20 Matt Peppin Webster, NH
4 66 Ralph Nason Unity, ME
5 41 Peter Oakes Boothbay, ME
6 44 Jimmy Rosenfield Middleboro, MA
7 3 Tom Scully Sr. Westport, MA
8 54 Ryan Deane Winterport, ME
9 36 Jay Sands Seabrook, NH
10 0 Chris Robbins Norton, MA
11 19 Duane Seekins Stockton Springs, ME
12 6 Jeff Crowley Groton, MA
13 38 Rodney Brooks Tomaston, ME
14 14 Katie Hagar Damariscotta, ME
15 37 Larry Gelinas Scarborough, ME
16 87 Chuck Colby Woolwich, ME
17 28 Buddy Levitt New Gloucester, ME
18 7 Curtis Gerry Waterboro, ME
19 27x Charlie Colby Woolwich, ME
20 2 Tom Scully Jr. West Warwick, RI
21 21 Dave Oliver Scarborough, ME
22 55 Kurt Hewins Leeds, ME

Lap Leader
Laps 1 - 75 =  #27p 

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Norway Savings Bank Limiteds

375-DSC_3614.jpg (62425 bytes)

- Car #


- Car #


1 10 Donnie Morse 20 18 Carey Martin
2 4 Derek Kneeland 21 43 Robert Green
3 36 Terry Merrill 22 77 Sally Gherardi
4 8 Dennis Spencer 23 6x Billy Jackson
5 60 Scott Dorr 24 0x Shane Green
6 40 Michael Landry 25 1r Tom Ricker
7 9x Billy Thompson 26 24 Marty Adams
8 2 Robert Emery Jr. 27 86 Rob Herrich
9 16 Don Colpritt Jr. 28 15 Joey Doyon
10 1 Chris Smith 29 27 Jason Larrabee
11 63 Tom Oliver 30 35 Bobby Nadeau
12 8x Clyde Hennessey 31 5 Chris Warming
13 01 Marty Emerson 32 12x Wayne Whitten
14 38 Beaver Norton 33 14 Russell Morse
15 21 David Oliver 34 57 Ron Smith
16 36x Nathan Leavitt 35 23 Robbie Dorr
17 111 Erlon Knight 36 88 Andy Field
18 0 Dustin Reynolds 37 40x Mike Mitchell
19 71 Reg Leeman 38 54 Stephen Fogg
Lap Leaders   
Laps 1 - 17    =   #63 
Laps 18 - 100 =   #10  
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TAT/Link-Belt Excavators

600-DSC_3567.jpg (76931 bytes)

PASS Mods Points Standings HERE

Car # Driver Hometown
1 72 Chad Dow Fairfield, ME
2 15 Wayne Allard Stetson, ME
3 6 Troy Morse Bridgton, ME
4 9 Mark Lucas Harpswell, ME
5 8 Jason Talyor Searsmont, ME
6 34 Richie Morse Waterford, ME
7 99 Dana Grover Waterford, ME
8 5 Chris Staples Brunswick, ME
9 14 Chris Seavey Windham, ME

550-DSC_3246.jpg (47161 bytes)

Car # Driver Hometown
1 6 Troy Morse Bridgton, ME
2 15 Wayne Allard Stetson, ME
3 8 Jason Talyor Searsmont, ME
4 34 Richie Morse Waterford, ME
5 9 Mark Lucas Harpswell, ME
6 99 Dana Grover Waterford, ME
7 14 Chris Seavey Windham, ME
8 5 Chris Staples Brunswick, ME
9 72 Chad Dow Fairfield, ME
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lap board home page header.jpg (10676 bytes)        
Main Street Auto Wildcats

550-DSC_3432.jpg (85302 bytes)

- Car #


- Car #


1 47 Brain Caswell 19 21 Larry Emerson
2 112 Skip Tripp 20 36 Nathan Leavitt
3 97 Jeff Moon 21 96 Jason Webster
4 12x Ronnie Corbell Jr. 22 5x Jason Gaboury
5 08 David Tripp 23 39 Gerald Freve
6 58 Russell Morse 24 90 Richard Randall Jr.
7 41 Steve Benincasa 25 118 Josh May
8 19x Ben Tinker 26 83 Shawn Gilpatrick
9 56 Michael Short 27 66 David Weir
10 1 Mike Moody 28 23 Zachery Emerson
11 19 Russell Thistelwood 29 24 David Grysk
12 14 Dave Brannon 30 17 Jim Davis
13 07 Rick Thompson 31 45 Cole Watson
14 37 Bill Nason Jr. 32 29 David Wiles
15 35 Bobby Nadeau 33 18 Randy Bernier
16 25 Gary Hatch 34 7 Bruce Webster
17 9 Jeremy Davis 35 29x Derek Pearson
18 91 Danny Smart - - -
Lap Leader 
Laps 1 - 75 =  #47   
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The Lap Sponsors for all Feature Races HERE

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Day Two at Beech Ridge – 181 Cars Now in the Pits

Pullen 400 Lap Sponsors Booklet in PDF Format

(Naples, ME – September 23) At the conclusion of the second practice day for the PASS Pullen 400 weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, ME, almost 100 more cars rolled into the pits to practice for the big weekend of racing bringing the total for the two practice days to 181.

Among the teams arriving of Friday, Alexandre Gingras made the run down from Quebec City, Kirk Thibeau from Ft Fairfield, ME, Gordie Ryan of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Dave Gorveatt of Charlottetown, PEI also made the long run. In addition, Paul White, Donnie Whitten, Tim Brackett, Gary Smith, Alan Wilson, Gary Drew, Steve Howard, David Pinkham, Steve Carrier, Trevor Sanborn, Travis Benjamin, Scott Robbins, Larry Gelinas, George Philbrick, John Phippen, Donnie Lashua, Garry Johnson, and Matt Eaton also signed in for the 300 green-flag lap PASS Pullen 300.

A number of notables including Beech Ridge Champion Bobby Babb are scheduled to arrive on Saturday morning when the show gets into high gear with drawing for heat races in all divisions, the consis, the “C” Mains and “B” Mains for the Wildcats (Strictlys) and the Limiteds (Street Stocks). The Saturday show will also have the first of the two TAT Link Belt PASS Modified features and will finish off the busy day of racing with the Main Street AutoWildcat (Strictlys) 75 lap feature.

And you see all this racing in one day for only $15 for adults, $5 for kids 6 to 12, and $2 for kids five and under. And then we come back on Sunday for the PASS Pullen 300 lapper, the Seavey’s Outlaw Late Model 75, the Norway Savings Bank Limited 100, and the second TAT Link Belt PASS modified feature. On Sunday, adults are $30, Kids 6 to 12 are $10, and kids five and under are $4.

lap board home page header.jpg (10676 bytes)
83 Cars at Beech Ridge for Practice
for PASS Pullen 400 Weekend

(Naples, ME – September 22, 2005) You could have had quite a race at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway today with the teams that showed up for the first practice for this weekend’s PASS Pullen 400 Weekend.

With 83 cars signed in by early afternoon, and that’s without more than half of the already registered Beech Ridge Wildcats and Sport Series cars (Limited/Streeters), it looks like the pits will be full with over 200 cars by Saturday morning.

The first car in line to enter this morning was the Pioneer Coal car of Donald Chisholm of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and right behind him was the two car team of local favorites Mike Rowe and Brad Leighton. John Flemming of Halifax, NS and the legendary Rollie MacDonald, this year’s winner of the Carquest Series in the Maritimes, also made the long trip for a crack at the $15,000 to win.

Among the other top Super Late Model/Pro stock drivers in attendance were Steve Berry, Jr, Scott Mulkern, Corey Williams, Alan Tardif, Dan McKeage, Jeff Taylor, Bill Rodgers, David Bath, Chuck Lachance, Scott Chubbuck, Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Brockie Gerry, J. R. Baril, Bub Bilodeau, last week’s winner at White Mountain Richie Dearborn, and several others.

Johnny Clark was one of the late arriving drivers because he was busy preparing two cars. The 2004 PASS championship #54 and the #154 of the new long distance champion Michael Pickens of Auckland, New Zealand. Michael and Johnny met when they were both invited to participate in the Roush Racing “Gong Show” several months ago to win a ride in the Craftsman Truck Series.

Michael would probably be at Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway this weekend running his dirt midget in the USAC Four Crown Show if Johnny didn’t offer him a chance at his first ride on asphalt. He said that he was really looking forward to his first pavement race experience and just to be part of an event like the PASS Pullen 300 lap race was quite something.
     Camper Rules For PASS Pullen 400 WEEKEND At Beech Ridge

(Naples, ME – September 19, 2005) There will be Race Weekend Camping at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for the PASS Pullen 400 Weekend on September 24th – 25th.

Campers will be allowed in on
Thursday Morning at 8AM – not before.

All campers must stop at the camper registration area opposite the front gate of the speedway to pay the $20 fee (no checks) and to fill out their registration form and obtain parking credentials.
The camping fee is to cover the cost of security and clean up.

All campers must be self-contained, and dumping of gray water is absolutely prohibited.

       PULLEN 400 WEEKEND VIP Hospitality Tent Reservations

A limited number of reservations are available for the PASS Pullen 400 Weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway on September 23rd – 24th in a special VIP Hospitality Tent in turn three with panoramic views of the entire track and the pit area. These are three-day reservations (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and include full pit privileges, access to tables and chairs in the tent – the chairs can be moved outside -- plus food and beverage service in the tent on Saturday and Sunday. Alcohol is prohibited in the pits and tent by local law.

You can order one or as many tickets as you like for $150.00 each. To place your credit card order or to make a reservation, call 207-780-8147 or 207 693-6497. leave your phone number and we will call you back. Do not leave any credit card information on an answering machine.  These numbers are not a secured site. Reservations must be paid in full in cash or check when you check in at the VIP Window at the pit entrance. Credit cards cannot be accepted at the track.

PHI 400 Rules, Entry Forms, & Minor Forms for the Pits

Guaranteed Starting Positions Earned for PHI 400 Limiteds and Wildcats

.entry forms and rules.jpg (13087 bytes)

PASS Series Pro Stocks                                   Wildcat/Strictly Street
              PASS Rules Pages                            &
RULES for Wildcat/Strictly Street

Outlaw Late Model
RULES for Outlaw Late Model Open

Sport Series/Limited Sportsman
& RULES for Limited Sportsman/Sport Series/Super Street Open

Tire Rules for Pro Stocks and Outlaws

Minor Form in PDF Format: Front & Back
Print two-sided or staple as two pages.  If not completed by the parent in front of registration personnel with the appropriate birth certificate, parent's i.d. etc., they must be notarized before being turned in. The notary should
sign as the witness and seal it appropriately.

Final Guaranteed Starters for PASS Pullen 400 Weekend

(Naples, ME – September 13, 2005) Mike Mitchell at Seekonk and Joey Doyon at Speedway 95 earned the final two guaranteed starting spots in the PASS Pullen 400 Weekend $5000 to win Norway Savings Bank Street Stock/Limited 100 lap race on Saturday and Sunday September 24th – 25th.

Mike Mitchell of Lincoln, RI worked his way to front on the outside of the 25 car field at Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, MA to take the checkers Saturday night and claim his guaranteed starting spot and his free tire from Northern Race Tire.

On Sunday afternoon at the E. J. Prescott PASS 150 at Speedway 95, Joey Doyon of Winterport, ME took the win in the Super Street feature. Like Mitchell down south, Doyon claimed the final guaranteed starting spot and the free tire from Northern Race Tire. However, both Mitchell and Doyon must try to qualify for the race but will have the guaranteed spot to fall back on if they need it.

Derek Pearson in the #29 claimed the final guaranteed starting spot in the $1000 to win Main Street Auto Wildcat/Strictly 75 lapper with his win in the Strictly Stock feature at Speedway 95 on Sunday afternoon.
Dehney and Larrabee Latest Two Pullen 400 Weekend Qualifiers

(Naples, ME – September 8, 2005) On Saturday night September 3rd , Chuck Dehney took the checkers in the second of the Super Street Twin 20s at Star Speedway and guaranteed himself a starting spot in the $5000 to win Street Stock (Limiteds) 100 lapper at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, ME as part of the PASS Pullen 400 Weekend on September 24th – 25th.

At the same time, Jason Larrabee brought his # 27 home first in the Sport Series feature at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway guaranteeing him a starting spot in the $5000 to win race at his home track.

In addition to the trophy presented at the tracks Saturday night, Dehney and Larrabee will receive one free tire from Northern Tire for the race. They must attempt to qualify but will have the guaranteed starting spot to fall back on.

The final two qualifiers for street stock type cars for the PASS Pullen 400 Weekend will be at Seekonk on Saturday night September 10th and at Speedway 95 in Bangor, ME on Sunday afternoon September 11th.
First Four Qualifiers in the Books for PASS Pullen 400 Weekend

(Naples, ME – August 29, 2005) On Saturday night at Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, ME, the Limiteds and Strictlys raced for guaranteed starting spots in the $5000 to win Limited (Street Stocks) race and the $1000 to win Strictly race as part of the PASS Pullen 400 Weekend at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, Scarborough, ME on September 24th and 25th. At the same time, the Wildcats at Beech Ridge were having their qualifier for the big show.

At Oxford, Jerry Harrison of Freeport, ME brought the Ken & Roxie Farley #48 home first and claimed the guaranteed starting spot for the Limiteds. The winner of the Strictly “A” feature was Skip Trip of Sabattus, ME in the RPM Racing Engines #12, and the winner of the Strictly “B” Feature was Kim Trip of Oxford in the #42. Both winners in the Strictlys now have guaranteed starting spots in the $1000 to win race on September 24th and 25th. In fact, Skip Trip was at Beech Ridge Sunday afternoon for the open practice along with over 40 other cars. I would guess that he’s serious about his one.

At Beech Ridge on Saturday night, five Wildcats (Strictlys) came across the finish line pointing in different directions, and Russ Morse of Old Orchard Beach, ME was declared the winner after it was all sorted out. He now is the only Wildcat from Beech Ridge who knows he’s in the show for the $1000 to win in September.

This Saturday night, September 3rd, Beech Ridge will be hosting the qualifier for the Sport Series cars (Limiteds/Street Stocks), and if it’s anything like the Wildcat finish last Saturday night, it will be fun to see.

Saturday night is also the qualifier for the $5000 to win show for Star Speedway and the Super Streets. We’ll see if it’s point’s leader Ron Buldoc, or Jimmy Renfrew, Bobby Gahan, Check Denhey, Lee Weldy, Mitch Wendell or someone else from a very strong field that claims the guaranteed spot.

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Series Contact:  Tommy Mayberry - (207) 693-6497

email: passracing@adelphia.net

















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