Tech Contact:
Jason Ricker

SLM Tire Notice:  F50 tires for right
side will be used for Loudon and
Thunder Road.

For the 2023 season, the 7 day testing policy for the Super Late Models has been suspended.
All new PASS MODS cars will be
required to put laps on their tires
and must start rear of heat and
feature for the first event. 
Previous winners will not start
better than 11th.
5/9/23 Update: PASS MODS nose width
at widest point is 45 inches MAX -
previously 42 inches.
ABC NextGen Body Dimensions
ABC Traditional Roof
Body Dimensions
Transponder Placement Sheet
All SUPER LATE MODEL teams that do
not have their own transponders must
contact PASS Tech:
Paul Johnson - (207) 318-3850
PASS Race Procedures
Only one person can pick tires for one team only. No one individual can pick for multiple teams. If the person picking tires stacks up additional tires for another team or tires for when their team returns to pick the remaining tires they need to pick, there privileges with be revoked to pick tires.

When you call Northern Tire to order your tires, you must provide the name of the person picking your team's tires. If the person changes during the season, you must update Northern Tire.

Teams pick tires in the order of the entry form received.

Only four (4) tires can be picked per rotation.

Maximum time to pick tires will be 15 minutes or go to the end of the line.

After you pick your four (4) tires, you must leave the tire compound area until everyone else has picked. You can return in the rotation if additional tires are needed. A maximum of eight (8) tires can be registered for a four (4) tire event.

The four (4) tires you pick will be scanned and must be used on the car you picked for. No mixing or matching with other teams.

No durometer's are allowed in the tire compound.

Practice tires are no longer available at Northern Tire for pick-up. Lack of manpower and limited hours of operation on the property makes it difficult to control. Practice tires will be available at the track on Race Day only.

The four (4) tires you picked will be used for the heat and consi if needed, except for the 250 or other special event TBA. If you qualify in the consi, you can replace two (2) tires with race legal tires. This must be approved.

After a car completes the heat, if a tire is damaged and replaced, they MUST start the rear of the feature.


Series Contact:  Tom Mayberry - (207) 693-6497


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