Tech Contact:
Jason Ricker
With some offseason testing on track and at the
dyno, we have decided that all motors will have a
max RPM of 6400 for the upcoming races at
Thompson and Loudon. This is to ensure equal
competition for all 3 motor packages.
ABC NextGen Body Dimensions
ABC Traditional Roof
Body Dimensions
Transponder Placement Sheet
All SUPER LATE MODEL teams that do
not have their own transponders must
contact PASS Tech:
Paul Johnson - (207) 318-3850
PASS Race Procedures
Update on "Bottle Cap Crate"
2024 SLM Engine Options
Dec, 27 - Naples, ME - Officials at the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) provided an update today on the new "Bottle Cap Crate" engine option that will be available for all PASS competitors for the 2024 season. The "Bottle Cap Crate" option was rolled out to competitors in early November and sales have been brisk.

PASS President Tom Mayberry commented about the new engine package option, "We are really. really happy with the initial round of orders for these motors. We have already had 15 or 16 teams order an engine, and we are getting calls and emails almost every day for more."

Each engine purchased through the PASS sealed engine program comes straight from GM to the PASS approved engine builder, LCM Racing Engines, for a dyno break-in and test. LCM sets the timing, performs a 4-hour break-in procedure, and then seals each motor with TWO PASS-specific seals registered with the sanctioning body. Teams simply provide their own fuel pump and distributor and then can pick up a race ready engine to drop into their cars and go.

"We felt like it was important to provide a good break-in procedure to verify that each engine is performing at its optimum level when it leaves the LCM Engine Shop," Said Mayberry. "LCM has agreed to do this at a discounted rate so we can keep the total cost to teams under $10k."

Teams running the "Bottle Cap Crate"  option will be afforded a 25 lb. weight break at every track on the PASS schedule, with additional breaks at Thompson and New Hampshire Motor Speedway TBD.
Mayberry went on to say there will be another order placed with GM within the next month or so to accommodate the ever growing interest for both the PASS tour and weekly competition at Oxford Plains Speedway.

The 602 "Bottle Cap"  crate motor option for PASS MODS was also rolled out less than a month ago and interest has been high there as well. "We had one driver order one right away, and we have had several more calls from drivers in need of a fresh motor who want to order very soon," said Mayberry. "PASS MODS race a little less than the SLM's so an engine may last a team a little longer. But as they wear out, it's a great way for them to get a sealed motor and get a weight break. It's the same engine they are already running, just with a seal so we know it has not been tampered with."

To place your order, please contact the Offices of PASS at (207) 693-6497 or before February 1st, or contact Tom and Mike Mayberry to get your name on this list, For technical questions please call Louie Mechalides at 978-265-2630

For technical information concerning all PASS divisions please contact


Series Contact:  Tom Mayberry - (207) 693-6497


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