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Sessions Impresses in Unity PASS Win

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Left: Larry Gelinas, 3rd.     Center: Sam Sessions, 1st.    Right: Ben Rowe, 2nd

Sessions Impresses in Unity PASS Win

Sam Sessions took advantage of Kenny Wrights' misfortune to grab the race lead on lap 38 of the Pro All Stars 150 at Unity Raceway and went on to lead the remaining 112 laps to record his second consecutive PASS victory. Session's Typar/ Custom Metal Fabrication Monte Carlo performed flawlessly, building a half-track advantage over Ben Rowe and Ralph Nason at the checkers.

Rowe earned his eighth consecutive Sunoco Race Fuel fast time award earlier in the day, recording a lap of 14.699 seconds to edge Sessions for the top spot, followed by Kenny Wright, Ralph Nason and Louie Mechalides. The top five were separated by just .110 seconds and it was clear that they would all be players in the 150 green flag lap feature event.

Chuck LaChance drew the number one spot for the Pole Dash but Rowe worked his way under both LaChance and number two starter Wright to earn the pole position. Wright came home second with Nason third, Mechalides fourth and Scott Chubbuck fifth on the feature grid.

At the green Rowe got the jump with Wright and Nason hot on his heels in second and third. Nason snuck under Wright on lap eight and came up to challenge Rowe for the top spot The two staged a ten lap battle for the lead and when Rowe slipped a little high in turn two Nason was there to fill the gap. The pair made contact and when they had gathered up their cars Rowe was back to sixth, Nason was still second and Kenny Wright was now on the point.

Wright looked strong and was seeking a repeat PASS win at Unity while Mechalides had worked his way up to third, Sessions fourth and Chubbuck fifth. Wright continued to control the field on lap thirty as Sessions moved around Mechalides for third and was in pursuit of Nason for second. A lap thirty -four caution (one of only two for the evening) set up a restart with all of the top players nose to tail.

The inside row had the edge as Nason slipped back to fourth and Sessions and Rowe advanced to second and third. Wright was still on top but his hopes to repeat at Unity went away with a deflating tire. Wright slipped up the race track allowing Sessions by on the low side for the lead with Rowe and Nason in tow.

Sessions began to build upon his lead, slowly edging away from the duo battling for the second and third spots. Rowe and Nason put on a great race for the appreciative Unity crowd, battling for the remaining laps as Sessions motored away.

At the checkers it was Sessions, Rowe and Nason with Scott Chubbuck fourth, Louie Mechalides a solid fifth and Larry Gelinas sixth. Dave Gorveatt had a seventh place run; Johhny Clark came home eighth with Gary Smith ninth and Unity regular Jeff Burgess tenth.

True Value Heat Race wins went to Johnny Clark and Wayne Helliwell while Johnny Clark earned the Northern Race Tires Rookie Challenge award.

The PASS travels to Star Speedway this Saturday night, with time trials set for 3:30 PM and racing at 4:30.

Official Results - 7/27/02
Unity Raceway - Unity, ME

1-0-Sam Sessions 13-38-Chuck LaChance
2-00-Ben Rowe 14-4-Steve Nelson
3-10-Ralph Nason 15-53-Bill Rodgers
4-15-Scott Chubbuck 16-02-Kenny Wright
5-29-Louie Mechalides 17-24-Wayne Helliwel
6-37-Larry Gelinas 18-8x-Poncho Darveau
7-77-Dave Gorveatt 19-8-Cassius Clark
8-54c-Johnny Clark 20-08-Matt Lee
9-75-Gary Smith 21-85-Doug Averill
10-34-Jeff Burgess 22-84-Scott Mulkern
11-33-Richie Dearborn 23-04x-Dean Fuller
12-2-Russ Hersey 24-45-Doug White
Sunoco Fuels Time Trials
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800-DSC_5254.jpg (56283 bytes) 800-DSC_5245.jpg (56468 bytes) 800-DSC_5257.jpg (67085 bytes)  
Redraw for Dash
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TrueValue Heats & Dash
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Heat 1 - Clark #54
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Heat 2 - Helliwell # 24
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Dash - Rowe #00
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